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  1. You can certainly pull the fuse but pretty sure some of the devices that the thieves use will self power the port anyway. Moving and/or locking it away are much better alternatives.
  2. Afraid its all been used now as this was over a year ago, its not expensive to buy but sure does come in handy.
  3. I have the same camera but I couldn't find any of the ready cut 3M pads so I ended up buying a bunch (12 I think) of the different shapes and I cut them to size myself. I did 2 cameras, front and rear, think I still had 6/7 of them left over.
  4. I saw a video recently where they tested 3 Peugeot 308 estates on a wet track with 3 different types of tyres: brand new premium brand, worn down to 1.8mm premium brand and brand new budget brand. The results were surprising, brand new premium brand stopped in the shortest distance, followed by worn down premium brand and brand new budget tyres took the furthest distance to stop. Keep this in mind when thinking about budget brand tyres and in the OP sake if you decide to go for them change your driving style accordingly and be careful.
  5. I had one with the old 1.6L Ti-VCT for 3 years (63 plate) I never had any issues with it, there happened to be a recall with the TCM which I had done but it was never noticeable for me. I can't speak for the Ecoboost powershift, but I like my Ecoboost Focus and loved my Powershift Fiesta. Just check to see if it needs a recall or/if it's been done but I personally never had any trouble with the box itself. Any more questions feel free to ask.
  6. Have a look in the detailing your ford section on here there is alot of advice there. +1 for Nilfisk, I bought one and I'm extremely happy with it, if you plan on using snow foam I'd get the lance from here and just make sure you choose the right attachment. It's the cheapest I've seen one and very very good. https://www.directhoses.net/collections/foaming-equipment/products/snow-foam-lance
  7. All that came out at 2pm and I've been busy since half 1, typical. Looking at it though I was very surprised to hear about 1.5 3 cylinder, and they can squeeze out 200-ish bhp from that? Pretty Impressive, I think the car itself looks amazing too.
  8. Coming from a fiesta to a focus I find it a tad big too parking has been more difficult and I cant squeeze through some gaps anymore. As for practicality I don't notice that much difference between them, actually had more room in the fiesta under the boot floor due to not having a spare wheel unlike now. By far my biggest gripe is this 5 speed box, its very rare it won't pop out of reverse which gets very annoying.
  9. ST 5 door is the perfect car they've created, the new fiesta is really growing on me I'm starting to like it more and more. Can only imagine what the waiting list will be like though.
  10. I actually like that its going for a more stealth/subtle look, but I also like the civic type R so I guess I'm a hypocrite.
  11. Are you sure it was in the average (top right) not the current mpg (bottom left) as whenever you come off the throttle and coast so to speak it will show up as 99.9mpg.
  12. This should be posted in the Fiesta Section not here, but it sounds very similar to when my battery died, more than likely the culprit.
  13. I do like that while having a browse at the roads around me I found this little gem on google maps, according to street view (which is 5 years out of date) 1/2 to 3/4 seems to be 40mph with speed cameras (although I can't see any) but the last section is NSL, think I may have a venture over on Sunday and see what it's like now.
  14. I bought some and it has helped with water so far, need to wait for it to freeze to find out with ice, but all good so far.
  15. That sucks to hear mate, If it was an 'experimental' map they should of told you at least before applying it. Hopefully Ford will sort it out but anyone that's on here won't be going there for a remap. In future, try to stick to maps that you know for sure have been tried and tested, but they may of told you that at the time.