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  1. Steering Column Clonk

    Ok all thanks for all your help. I have stumbled across the answer !!! I altered the steering wheel rake angle upwards, drove a little, no Clonk !! then i returned the steering wheel back close to where it was originally and still no clonk. I normally drive with the wheel close to its lowest position, whether this had some affect i don't know? Perhaps something was under tension or compression at the upper end of the column? Again thanks to all who tried to help. Paul.
  2. Steering Column Clonk

    Hi Claxxon, The Clonk occurs occasionaly when turning, not every revolution. It doesn't seem to happen when traveling almost in a straight line with gentle turns and it doesn't happen when the engine is off and the car not moving, i have tried to move the wheel stationary and no clonk! To me it sounds like a pipe within a pipe sound? As i say, the car has had a very easy life of gentle driving and has only covered 23000 miles from new on a 57 plate, so i would be supprised if there was much wear. I guess no one has had this particular problem, so will be interesting to know whats causing it. Thanks Paul.
  3. Steering Column Clonk

    Hi All, Well garage reports everything ok? Can't find any problem, but do admit there is a slight clonk !!! So back to square one.
  4. Steering Column Clonk

    Thanks Pete for coming back, The car is over at the local garage for them to have a look. My Fusion has only done 23,000 miles. I am hoping it's nothing too serious. Will let you know if they find anything. Thanks Paul
  5. Steering Column Clonk

    Hi all, I have a clonk when turning the steering wheel,it feels like it might be the column moving slightly. More so when going to full lock, it doesn't appear to affect the steering whilst driving. I have had this for quite a while. Has anyone had this problem? and, or found what the fault was, and the cure? Thanks for any help in advance. Paul.
  6. Drop In Mpg

    Hi again, Mine is a 57 plate, The mpg was worked out via filling tank to the top each time, not using onboard computer. Paul
  7. Drop In Mpg

    Hi, Have you only had this problem over winter? the reason i ask is. I have the 1.4tdci which in the spring/summer/autumn it returns about 48-52 to the gallon. Once the cold of winter comes my mpg will easily drop to 42-44, the car takes longer to warm to working temperature. this tells me the cold weather means more fuel usage. This might be a guide as to why. If you still have doubts, you could always have it checked by a garage. Hope this helps. Paul.
  8. Drop In Mpg

  9. Seats

    Hi, I know the seats are the same as those used in the Fiesta, you may find a selection of seating if you look for seats for the Fiesta from specialist shops, or the internet. Best of luck, Paul.
  10. Car Runs Then Cuts Out.

    Could you give us a little more information please, Are we talking Diesel or Petrol? Has the fuel filter been changed in a service recently? Sounds like a problem possibly with Fuel getting to the combustion chamber?
  11. Cannot Turn On Dipped Beam

    It may be me, but have you tried pulling the left hand stalk towards you, as if you were going to flash someone? This may be the reason it is on main beam !! Hope this helps a little Paul
  12. Help With Clutch Problem

    As MrrNoName says the clutch is probably ok. My Fusion also has a clutch that engages near the top of the pedal movement, my car has only 20,000 miles and i do NOT ride the clutch, this is probably a trait of the car. Hope this helps a little. Paul.
  13. Hayes Manual Ford Fusion

    Hi all, Yes i believe this is right, i am sure i was told to use the Fiesta manual. Much of the running gear and engine parts are the same, and body work is similar. Paul.
  14. Water In Passenger Footwell - Update

    So pleased you have managed to find the leaks !!! and two as well !! Sounds like a quality problem they have had. With the car being so new, i would think they aught to carry out the repairs free of charge. It may also be worth looking to see if any corrosion has taken place, in fact this might be your fight with them, is there not a corrosion warranty? Best of luck with your car. Paul.
  15. Water In Passenger Footwell

    Hi Just a thought, have you used the Air-con recently? I have had problems in the past where the water collecting from the air conditioning system wasn't being vented outside the car, it was building up inside the foot wells and rising into the sound proofing material and making the car start to smell. Once i had a professional person look at it, they used a pipecleaner to clear the blockage allowing the water to drain correctly from the pipe. It might be worth a look, especially with such a new vehicle. My blockage was caused through going through mud which blocked the drain pipe. If this is found to be ok, then my thoughts would be towards a windscreen seal perhaps. Please let us know ho you get on. Paul.