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  1. Corkin

    Alloy wheels

    You can't see the picture? That wasn't the ones i was going to buy, just a picture of the alloys more so.
  2. Corkin

    Alloy wheels

    Hey, So i was looking a 2nd set of alloys for the winter to keep my Zetec S ones nice and clean, Came across a set of EcoSport ones on gumtree for £100, Was thinking of buying them and spraying them black to run around in the winter months, any opinions on how they would look on Mk 7.5 Fiesta Zetec S or has anyone seen a set on a fiesta (not likely im sure) Same as these:
  3. Corkin

    HELP Mechanic wanted please

    Tow it to a mechanic? Pretty sure they all can do this.
  4. Corkin

    Appearance modifications

    To a push bike or what?
  5. Corkin

    Another Little Addition

    Make a build thread and save making new threads every little detail.
  6. Corkin

    Fiesta ST Look

    Why does he have Fiesta ST in his Bio too. Honestly if the car is not an ST don't add an ST badge to it. If it's a zetec S or something then sure add the "S" badge but never a ST one.
  7. Corkin

    Best Bulbs/Light Setup

    Should i go for the full upgrade kit, seems like a good price for it to be honest.
  8. Buy the kit and get someone to fit it?
  9. Corkin

    Best Bulbs/Light Setup

    So i own a 63 plate ZS and wondering about upgrading the bulbs/lights to brighter and whiter bulbs. Wondering what people have in their cars? Seen people using cree for sidelights/fogs and kits for headlights?
  10. Corkin

    Fiesta 1.0 induction and map

    No, The induction kit won't make much of a difference if at all if you're looking for speed upgrade.
  11. Alright i'll be blunt, That black stripe is horrible, The two either side of the badge don't match, the right side comes in more than the left.
  12. Corkin

    New 17" Alloys

    I love the Team Dynamic Pro Race 3 alloys. I want them for my car and might get them eventually.
  13. Corkin

    Looking new alloys

    Want to set the fiesta on a new set of alloys, thinking black. Seen these and these Fiesta in question is my avatar. mk7.5 so they both seem to fit. Any other alloys people would recommend?
  14. Corkin

    My Black Fiesta Zetec S

    The red grill and mirrors are hideous. Personal opinion just keep all one color.
  15. Corkin

    Fiesta St3 (180ps) Insurance Help

    Honestly don't know what you expected for a ST3.