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  1. That's a weird one I wouldn't ha e thought that wouldnt have mattered as long as they worked ,I'm having the same trouble but I just changed a rear flex cos it was leaking ,going to try forscan bleed
  2. Is that the rear caliper ,I'm sure cossie fronts are twin pot and rs2000 are Definetly singles ,some better pics might help
  3. Nice one mate iv been looking at the top thanks
  4. My last st passed with no cat and an egr delete ,as long as it passes the emissions
  5. Mk3 glovebox light not working ,,should it have a button to turn it on I can't find any thing but I don't see it being on all the time ,so am I missing a switch/button and does anybody know where it is
  6. Hello everybody I'm having trouble finding a egr delete kit it's blanked at the moment this is a 07 2.2 euro 4 egr at the front if anybody has a link I'm not seeing I'd be grateful for it thanks
  7. Try ,veng barrets or imperial or try a wanted ad on gumtree or a rs site
  8. Did you do anything before it didn't start
  9. Try cracking the injector pipe after priming ,1 at a time while someone else turns it over till the airs out
  10. Thanks m8 I've a mk4 07 2.0 tdci titanium x
  11. Hi guys I've a few questions if anybody can help ,my windows go down on the 1touch but don't go back up with 1 touch Is there a way like I did with my mk3 to fold the mirrors in when I press the lock button I fitted a relay on my mk3 wondered if I could do the same any help will be appreciated
  12. If my diagnostic guy dosent get anywhere ill do the forscsn approach ill prob need it to recode the injectorsc if i need to
  13. Hi guys I'm new here and have bought a non running mk 4 titanium x tdci ,I was told injectors but as usual most people say that so ,here goes I cleaned the inlet ,egr,and throttle body they were very gunged up but not blocked as such ,checked the actuator on the turbo and it looked to be working and free but not using the ignition to see if it was moving and it seemed fine SO I went for a start. I first just tryed but nope. So got the easy start out. "Something that I don't usually use" got it started won't rev up and dies unless I give it gas and I have a lot of smoke from the turbo area at the back of the engine but being myself I can't tell where exactly its coming from DPF blocked perhaps So iv got someone coming to plug in his diagnostic machine I was just wondering if there's something that might stop the revving like a blocked something or a maf sensor or something like that , believe it or not I am a mechanic but iv always been petrol not diesel I'm under no illusions that anybody that's not a computer can help but hey , you don't ask you don't know ! ,1 thing I did notice was there's no glow plug light when I turn it on,, I did do a self test on the dash and it gave me 10 fault codes but I have no idea from when or what Thanks for any help I can get cheeRS
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