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  1. ashy401

    Black smoke

    hi thanks for the fast reply. it was only left at idle. will the MAF be the same on both the 115 and 130 bhp version if so i can take it off my other mondeo and try it tomorrow.
  2. ashy401

    Black smoke

    hi i recently purchased a mondeo 130bhp mk3 estate 06 reg. the problem i have with it is every time i accelerate i get a cloud of black smoke behind me just before the turbo kick in than it clears. also if i slow down then accelerate in same gear i puts out loads of black smoke and takes a while for speed to increase then turbo kicks in and it clears. currently i have check the following cleaned and check inlet manifold, Egr valve, All air pipe from turbo to Egr valve, the injector code have been read with super and are the same as what is stated on each injector. turbo actuator arm moves freely to both extremes. yesterday i disconnected the MAF sensor and there was no change to idle. i am stuck for what to check next. any help will be appreciated. thanks
  3. ashy401

    Mk7 Festa Clutc Fitment

    hi does anyone have a pictures or documentation/ guide on clutch fitment. which way does the clutch friction plate fit