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  1. Mk6 Zetec S/ St Mk6 1.6

    Hi, the suspension on the standard ones are different ( I tried putting ST springs on the standard shocks and it bounced like mad) the zetec s petrol again is different but the diesel zetec s are the same ones as the ST. Hope that makes sense? My girlfriend used to have a diesel zetec s and had no end of trouble with the suspension so when I was ordering parts for it compared them to my ST and found that the parts were the same. Steve
  2. Hmmmm I do quite like that, looks better than the triple r one.
  3. Hi folks, trying to remove the metal trim from the steering wheel on my 2014 st so that I can wrap it gloss black, any ideas how to remove it? I've undone the three screws at the back of the wheel. The top two came out ok, bottom one is loose but won't come all the way out, think I'll need to wedge a flat screwdriver under it while I turn it with the torx key. The cruise control and audio controls seem to be attached to it as well any ideas what I need to do next? Thanks Steve
  4. Superchips Bluefin?

    Hmmmm well dunno where they are getting that information from, I bought mine on ebay, used for £45 and bluefin charged me £115 to reset it to my last st last december/January time. Then I reset it again this January to my new st for £225.
  5. Superchips Bluefin?

    You won't need one specially for your model, any 2nd hand handset will do as it will need to be reprogrammed to your car before you can use it. Once the handset has been plugged into a certain car it is locked down to that particular car.
  6. My Guide To Remove Chrome Grille 2012 Onwards

    Wow guys I thought this was supposed to be a place where people came to be helpful, not belittle someone for posting something to say "this is how I done it and it worked for me" Which brings me to the point, where exactly is your highly detailed guide on how to do it? Hopefully with many points including pictures and a list of tools to use?
  7. St Is Getting More Power Next Week!!

    Ok Glynn thats great thanks. Starting to get a bit annoyed with AS, they are being no help at all. All they want is to give me a refund instead of coming up with a solution when I'm trying to tell them what the problem is.
  8. St Is Getting More Power Next Week!!

    Morning GlynnZS, sorry to bring all this up again, Still not got to the bottom of the light comming on. I dont suppose you still have your original airbox lying around? I took the kit back off the other night and was trying to compare the two MAF housings and what i noticed was the sensor looks like it is sitting slightly off to one side and lower down inside the pipe that it does on the original. Also the diameter of the new housing is much smaller that the original ( to the point you can put the new part inside the old one and see quite a bit of a gap and move it around a lot. Would you be able to send me pictures of your's if you still have it and compare them both to see what you find? Ive tried everything i can think of now and its not making a differnce too it, It has got me convinced it is a problem with the sensor housing now. Thanks very much Steve
  9. Mk6 Fiesta Air Filter Help!

    I used to have a 1.4 flame and all i done was take the hose going to the throttle body and cut it in half the put the filter on it. bit of a bodge job but it worked for me.
  10. St Is Getting More Power Next Week!!

    So AS have came up with the best solution they could and it has a few steps and gets a bit complex: Take everything off the car Put the standard air box back in Stick all the stage 2 gear back in its box Nip down to the post office Wait for refund Really disappointed as i liked the sound it gave the car, but all they could come up with was the sock. No well we will send you this bit out to try. So hopefully i can find another one that does work.
  11. St Is Getting More Power Next Week!!

    I've taken the map back off again and it's just the filter that's in now and the light is on all the time now, getting fed up with this :-( Might just send the kit back and drill holes in the air box, only really wanted it for the noise
  12. St Is Getting More Power Next Week!!

    Na not put any oil on it, im still convinced it's to do with the kit not the map. Might go get a cheap universal cone filter and see what happens, thats how annoyed im getting with it.
  13. St Is Getting More Power Next Week!!

    I'll phone the on Monday to and ask about that. It comes on after a couple of miles then usually the same again after it's been turned off. No the sensor is pretty solid when the light is on. Even tried taping around the sensor and housing to make sure there isn't any extra air getting in lol.
  14. St Is Getting More Power Next Week!!

    Yea it's running perfectly fine with just the map and airbox, spoke to AS on Wednesday and I don't think they are going to be much help at all. There only idea was put the sock on. If it wasn't dropping power when the light comes on I wouldn't mind but it defeats the purpose of it lol. Will need to wait nd speak to them again on Monday and see if they can come up with anything else.
  15. St Is Getting More Power Next Week!!

    I wish I had never started this now, can't get to the bottom of this !Removed! light coming on!! Took the remap off and ran with the induction kit on and it still done it, put the standard box back in and it was fine, AS sent out a k & n sock to see if that would make a difference, fitted it as soon as it arrived this morning. Took it a long run and just as I was starting to think it had sorted it it came back on again. I'm at my wits end with it now.