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  1. Fuses For Mk7

    Hi Jamie thanks for your reply. I tried to reply to the other replies yesterday but my computer kept breaking so i couldnt reply. Those fuses that you linked are the mainstream ones which i was talking about which i could find in halfords and they are the fuses that you need for behind the glovebox. However, the type of fuse which is under the bonnet is different and cant be brought in places such as Halfords. Maybe because it is a new type of fuse? But i found them finally on eBay here Low Profile Fuse. I just needed to know the name of them and found they are called 'Low Profile Mini Fuse.' So if anyone else needs a new fuse remeber that the fuses behind the glove box are these ones http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/MINI-BLADE-CAR-FUSE-ASSORTMENT-10-PIECE-GLOVE-BOX-PACK-/300440806113?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item45f3aae2e1"]Mini Fuses and the ones under the bonnet are these ones Low Profile Fuse.
  2. Fuses For Mk7

    Thanks for the reply but there are no other Ford places near me Does anyone else know where i could get the fuse from as i would appreciate it?
  3. Fuses For Mk7

    Hi One of the fuses has gone in my MK7 fiesta in the box underneath the bonnet, a 10amp. I went into halfords at the weekend and brought some of the mini spade fuses, but they were not the correct style. Went into ford parts today and they wanted to charge over £7 for one fuse and surely you must be able to get them cheaper online somewhere. Just wondering if anyone knows where to buy one of these fuses from for cheaper maybe online? Thanks
  4. Forza 3

    I have created a fiesta mountune track vinyl / decal pack which looks pretty good and have uploaded it to the storefront on forza 3 if you want to download it. For the keyword just put in mountune and mine is called 'Mountune new.'
  5. Detailing Q - Ford transport wax

    100 % NO Do not let them do it. they completely ruined my hot magenta fiesta, swirl marks all over it, it was sent back in, then came back out worse than it was before. After that we took it to the manager and he got it all sorted at the head garage, 4 weeks of wasted time which shouldnt of had to happen in the first place. From my experience just inspect it yourself and clean it yourself. If you do find any minor scratches take them out yourslef do not take it back to the garage they will just ruin the car even more.
  6. Parking Sesnors

    Just to let you all know i have ordered them from dolhin parking sensors. Great service they came next day in the post and at £54.99 they are a good price and also one the Auto Express award. Now i have just got to fit them hopefully it wont be to bad as they supplied the correct drill piece in the box as well. The mounting points to put them in are already in the bumpers of the MK7 so if drilled corrrect it should be ok asthe clips for the wries are also on the bumper as well.
  7. O/T New Laptop

    If you are a student you can get 14% off and a ipod touch for £20
  8. Waxing advice and i don't mean my legs

    Hi This is the order i would do it in Wash the car Clay the car Wash the car Polish the car ( If it is a new car you will only need about 2 layers but if it is older and has loads of swirl marks do up to 5 .) Wax the car ( 2 Coats should do and leave an hour in betweeen each coat) In terms of products For the clay kit get the meguiars kit which is very good as it includes everything you need. For washing the car - Dodo Juice born to be miled (Purple) although it is quite expensive For the polish Auto glym super resin, but if your car is a dark colour use the super resin black design rather than the red colour For the wax collnite 476 Best place to buy it from would be clean your car.co.uk Hope that helps and if you have anymore questions just ask
  9. Parking Sesnors

    To be honest i think it is one of those thing which if you ahev not tried before you would think is a waste of time and these were my thoughts before. But when we tried them they were really handy when parking in tight space or objects such as pillars behind you which you can not see in any of your mirrors. And for £49.99 its worth it which could save an accidental prang into a pillar which was in a blind spot.
  10. Parking Sesnors

    Thanks for your advice everyone. I have done some research and everyone seems to reccomend the dolphin ones for £49.99 so i am going to get those. I had a look at the rear bumper as well and behind all the fittigns are already in place to hold them.
  11. Parking Sesnors

    I have already got the car anyway, so i will get them fitted at the dealer then. Anyone know how much they will charge then or how easy it is to do yourself?
  12. Parking Sesnors

    I have got a MK7 fiesta which has not currently got parking sensors. When i had a mk7 fiesta courtesy car the it had rear parking sensors on and i really liked them. So i was thinking about getting some and just a few questions? Can you purhcase them afterwards and from where? If from Ford how much do they cost, and how much is fitting also? Can you purhcase a kit and install them yourself, and if so how easy is it? Thanks
  13. Keyless Entry and Start

    I have wrote the answers above in your quote in italic. To be honest it is a good device as you dont have to get your key out of your pocket all the time or rummage around in your bag, as once you are in close enough proximity you just press the button on the handle even if the key is in your pocket. It is secure as you have to be about 1m away from the car for someone else to open the door. So for example soemone can not open it when you ahve walked 5-10 meteres down the road. Yes it is £400 and a bit of a gimmick but some people will find it useful and others wont. But it has to be said it does make it far easier unlocking, locking and starting the car.
  14. 1.6 Petrol Engine

    No Problem. My thoughts were exactly the same as yours, thats why i just needed to check, and now both you and i know we have got a 1.6.
  15. 1.6 Petrol Engine

    I thought i was the one he was referring to from this thread, but im unsure, i created a thread about the paintwork and the engine identification on my car. http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index...?showtopic=5963