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  1. ScottC_Foci

    My Mk3.5 Zetec S Has Finally Arrived!

    Still no marks on my alloys even with the wife driving had it since start of April
  2. ScottC_Foci

    My Mk3.5 Zetec S Has Finally Arrived!

    Woooo nice!! like my ZS as well! Went for the 1.5 which is quick but did really want the 1.0 for no tax etc. They look so good right, I think the rear bumper is better on these than the ST
  3. Just to warn you the cheap ones will fail if you have a crash... Ended up in a 30mph shunt because an idiot pulled out, had camera running only to discover in the process of the crash it corrupted the micro sd card was left with Unrepairable 300mb avi file. Luckily didn't need it as it was easily settled. I would spend a up to the £80-£100 mark in future get what you pay for with these things.
  4. ScottC_Foci

    Wind Deflectors

    I don't bother anymore with these just cause you grief with one touch Windows and global closing, shame because they look good
  5. Hey blue oval fans, I'm Scott from Chatham drive a focus mk3.5 Zetec-s in black, 1.5 ecoboost. Couple of pictures in the gallery!
  6. ScottC_Foci

    Any Meets In Kent? (medway/maidstone)

    New to the forum!! just wanted to know if there was any meets in Kent around the Medway/Maidstone area from this forum?
  7. ScottC_Foci

    Scott's Focus Zetec-S

    This is my 15 plate Zetec-S 150PS, Its pretty much loaded with the Sync2 headunit along with the convenience pack and appearance pack 2 with the 18" alloys. Its has the Park Assist and houses the 1.5 EcoBoost Lump with a 6 speed.