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  1. Hi Guys, Mine has now done 50500 MILES so time for a service. Can any of you share how much you paid for this? Cheers TTB
  2. tingtongbell

    Focus Zetec 2009 gear knob

    mine is a 55 5dr 1.6 Hatch zetec and not pull up reverse
  3. tingtongbell

    Tips for Using Touch Up Kit

    Bought a 3-pen Touch Up Kit from Halfords today which comes with only basic instrucitons. Just wondering if any members have had experiences using this kit and like to share some tips! Cheers
  4. tingtongbell

    Water leak In front of off side front wheel

    Hi Guys, Took it to the shop after lunch, they said it is probabaly condensation from Air-Con so nothing to worry about. Now, I learnt Focus hasnt got a drain pipe for air-con. Whellk8891, on mine the screen washer bottle is on the driver side behind the wheel arch. Cheers guys !
  5. Hi Guys, I am new here and bought myself a 2006 Focus 5drs zetec 1.6. 50k miles The car feels so far so good. However, I just noticed today a small puddle of liquid just ahead of the off side front wheel (me facing the bonnet) after a 15 mins drive. Moved the car forward right away to see if it is actually coming from mine, no puddle is forming. Drive home and unload my stuff then walked round the car again, there is a puddle of liquid same spot. Went out to inspect again within 20mins and the puddle is gone and even the wet patch on the ground. My observation is a small leak after a period of driving and leak is not continuous . Has some one experienced the same thing? Cheers Guys!