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  1. Yea that or loose crank sensor.
  2. Sounds like a lazy thermostat to me, doing everything a couple of minutes later than it should do.
  3. Check the fuel filter flow and return are on the right way, it still runs when on wrong,idles lumpy though garages just swap the filter and replace the pipes as they came off.. Would just check the fuse box in passenger footwell they get kicked by passengers, take out connectors and spray with electrical spray (not wd39) probably something else though.
  4. I prefer to go to garage for fuel filter change, when I got the focus uneven idling, asked mechanic to change filter, b4 I even left he said look pipes on the wrong way, ran perfect after that. If I had changed it would still be wrong 2 years later.
  5. With that sort of mileage it won't be run in so should improve, u casn speed things up by driving it like u stole it.
  6. Yes crank sensor cuts fuel or should I say tells the ECU to cut the fuel. That would still be my first check. Not many code readers will pull the fault up but RAC equipment does, you a member.
  7. Yes its a lot stronger engine and it should be with 6 litres of oil in it, virtually indestructible, 500,000 isn't impossible, watch for water leaks from thermostat housing and yes I would say time for cambelt.
  8. Thats hopeful, could be oil cooler problem, get someone to bi-pass it. Not known for head gaskets on the 1.8 tdci, if thats what it is.
  9. mk1 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Focus-MK1-Heater-Control-Switch-Cluster-with-White-Orange-Motifs-98-05-/121976873654 Sure that would do it.
  10. crank sensor or wire on passenger foot well fuse box might be worth checking first.
  11. Punto virgin ecu is only £60 now just fitted 1 to my sons. Runs like new (which isn't very good)
  12. top strut mount could be seized but doubtful.
  13. crank sensor loose or faulty. Other than that bad connection in footwell fuse box. fuel pumps on 1.8 are extremely rare.
  14. What is it with focus drivers and car full of takeaway !Removed!, have to clean my sons out every week.
  15. Hang on, are the front electric windows working?
  16. Think he means cabin fan, must have not put 1 of the fuses back properly or disturbed a wire.
  17. Is the coolant temp sensor ok, try unplugging it, fan should come on and EML. Do they have post cat sensors?
  18. Lambda sensor, (early stages) coolant temp sensor, vacuum leak, temp gauge showing normal?
  19. Take photo with phone to remember where everything goes unplug everything on the fuse box and take it out of the car. Spray everything the electrical cleaner ( not WD40) I slightly bent every connector as per RAC man, to much and the connectors won't go back on.
  20. the cheap ones don't last long maybe 1 year if your lucky, still not bad for the price.
  21. There will be a leak on the thermostat housing at the back where it connects to the engine.
  22. Do ECU's fail on focus? more likely wiring fault both coils won't fail at the same time.
  23. Yes lets, seem to be about £180 each.
  24. Exhaust temp sensor a quick search shows for the proper 1 its about £180 ouch
  25. Exhaust temp sensor was written on the job card didn't see it myself, just picked it up, seems to have a bit more acceleration, more like I expected so alls well for now.
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