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  1. Before you do anything big like taking the sump off etc.. Just take the oil filter out and have a look, if the nipple on the oil filter hasn't been located into the hole properly it can cause this... You would see straight away when you remove the filter
  2. any aftermarket exhausts will fit for the 1.0 ecoboost, it has a cutout at the bottom of the diffuser where it fits nicely
  3. its really common on these diesels it's the fuel filter
  4. AdamFleetwood

    Red Edition

    From when I first got it brand new to now! 😃
  5. It looks like that because it is an extra DRL 😝
  6. I know this sounds stupid but try collapsing the backrests of your rear seats down.. The seat latches sometimes bang on the bar that sits inside of them.
  7. I honestly think it's more to do with the filter, it's definitely the correct filter right? And it's definitely located properly and tightened down?
  8. Ford specifies 3.8 litres but they normally take around 4 - 4.2 litres
  9. Have you made sure you've located the nipple on the oil filter into the hole? And have you torqued the oil filter all the way down and to 25Nm?
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