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  1. lucas26


    It is 1.8tdci zetec
  2. lucas26


    Hi,i have a ford mondeo mk4 2009 and i don't know if it has a dpf or not.can someone help me with some info?
  3. lucas26


    It is a mondeo mk4 2009
  4. Hi,today when i was going to work the yellow triangle with the engine malfunction appear and engine loose power.switchet the engine off and after was ok but the engine light come on with the code u0140.the car lose power and does not accelerate like normal.does anyone knowes what could be the problem with it?
  5. lucas26

    Ford mondeo mk4

    But this is why i don't understand,no problem starting what so ever mine,the battery light comes on only when the temp outside is below 4degrees .
  6. lucas26

    Ford mondeo mk4

    Bought the car a year ago and had the ford batt on it,not sure if i need to change it
  7. lucas26

    Ford mondeo mk4

    It comes on when the outside temp light comes on.
  8. lucas26

    Ford mondeo mk4

    It's the battery light for sure
  9. Hi,i have an issue with my car mornings when i start it the battery light comes on for some reason only when the temp outside is below a common problem or i need to have a look into it.thanks