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  1. Just found someone that's done it...
  2. I've been looking at second hand cars.
  3. Thinking of buying a Fiesta and adding parking sensors. Seen several YouTube videos and it looks easy enough to install basic sensors but.. On some Fords when parking sensors are triggered you get a pop-up indication on the display showing which corner is triggering and range data. Can the Fiesta do this? If so I assume I would need a parking sensor module with CAN bus interface and find a way to connect it up and do some configuration with Forescan? I'm guessing there isnt a convenient connector to plug into the CAN bus on a car which doesn't have factory sensors but I'm up for hacking the loom if anyone knows where to find the bus at the back of a Fiesta? If it matters I'm looking at a 2017 on.
  4. Thanks. I found this article from 2014 which has some background info on the spec... https://www.lubesngreases.com/magazine/fords-oil-spec-surprise/
  5. Any recommendations for which make of oil to use? Several claim to meet the Ford spec. Ford website appears to recommed Castrol for every car they make at the moment. I have 2017 1.0 Ecoboost with low mileage but unknown oil in it.
  6. I'm having problems getting Android Auto working over Bluetooth on a 2018 S-Max. Everything works while the phone is connected to one of the USB sockets but I can't get it working over Bluetooth. Using Bluetooth the phone connects to the car but the Android Auto home screen appears on the phone instead of the cars screen. Q: Is Android Auto meant to work over Bluetooth on the Xmax? Edit: Ok so answering by own question... Bluetooth isn't meant to work because it doesn't have enough bandwidth.
  7. I wonder if this works on a UK SMax. I think the MVP Pro is "only" £150 ish? Perhaps Im wrong.
  8. Double ouch. Can you do it if you have a box of tricks to plug into the CAN/ODP port on the car? Any of those cost less than £350? If I ever buy a new Ford again I'm going to haggle for 4 fobs as part of the deal. It can't cost them anything like £350 a go so should be possible to get a good price that way.
  9. Got a new 2018 S-Max which came with two Intelligent Access Keys (only). When we last had a Ford it was possible to program extra keys yourself as long as you still had two working keys/fobs. Once you had less than two keys you had to go to the dealer and pay a fortune for a replacement. Is this still the case? As the new car only comes with two I'd like to make at least one spare fob before we loose one or have it fail on us. Anyone able to recommend a source for fobs? Ebay has lots of Mondeo 5 button fobs but nothing that looks identical to the 3-button fob supplied with the S-Max. Will 5-button Mondeo fobs work? Thanks
  10. I'd like to check the Oxygen sensor heater fuse on our Mk6, 06 plate Fiesta (petrol). Google says it's fuse 17 in the engine compartment fuse box but I'm struggling to find the fuse box. There are two boxes at the back of the battery.... 1) One is approximately a cube in shape and is mounted on a bracket that goes across the top of the battery. I removed the top and it has appears to just have relays in it. 2) The other is between box 1 and the battery. Its roughly square and about 1" thick and has the red lead from the battery going into it. I moved box 1) aside and took the cover off box 2) but again could only see a few relays. Photos of this box on ebay only show the side I can see. Are there more fuses on the side facing the battery? Is that where they have hidden a whole bunch of fuses? If so how do you get at them? Bit reluctant to take the battery out as not sure where/if I have the code for the Radio. I guess I could do it using jump leads to keep the car powered.
  11. Thanks for the replies. Have got it booked into local garage. Due for a service anyway.
  12. 2006 petrol fiesta. Alternator light is on but alternator seems ok as I puts out 14.3V at idle. Voltage doesn't seem to vary much with load or rpm. Has been driven like this for perhaps 100 miles so pretty sure alternator is ok. Have heard it could be Issue with "sensor" wires on the alternator corroding. Is there a wiring diagram available anywhere so I can buz out the loom? Have also read that it could be a temperature sensor issue? The ambient temperature display on the dash is displaying --- but it's been like that for a few years so unlikely to be causing this problem? Is it easy to replace the sensor? Would it be worth me getting the Haynes manual to help sort this? Does it have wiring diagram? Would a Diagnostic port check be likely show the cause? Thanks for any advice.
  13. Reject the car?.. http://www.carbuyer.co.uk/tips-and-advice/your-new-car-rights Selected Quotes: Assuming the car you’ve bought was purchased after October 2015, if it goes wrong within the first 30 days of ownership, you can simply reject it out of hand for a full refund. If a fault develops after those 30 days but within the first six months, the dealer gets one chance to fix it. If they fail to do this, you’re entitled to a full refund, or a partial refund after the use you’ve had of the car has been taken into account. If you reject a car If you do decide to reject a car, this must be done within six months of taking delivery. Rejecting a car is a very matter-of-fact business: you take your car, together with both sets of keys and all documentation to the dealer, along with a letter setting out your reasons for rejecting the car. Be as specific and objective as you can be and remember to keep a copy of this letter for yourself. The dealer may refuse to accept your rejection and if this happens you should go straight to the manufacturer, which may be able to negotiate with the dealer on your behalf.
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