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  1. Good answer! I currently have a 2015 red edition, only looking to update to a 5 door as starting a family and need rear bench access! The st was the obvious choice! Do you have any options on your car? as I was looking at getting the rear view camera and style pack. The spec is already improved on my current car so looking forward to that, and the six spread gear box will be a treat. Got my test drive tomorrow (although only a 3 door) will be my first drive in a st. Glad I found another 5 door owner and will be following your thread closely, will most likely nick a few ideas too lol.
  2. Same colour as I'm getting too! Finally found someone with one lol, what's your review on the 5 door @Willy?
  3. Thank you. I'm looking to order one brand new tomorrow! Just couldn't find anyone else who had actually brought one, my dealership doesn't have one to test drive as they are so rare. Only seen the US spec 5dr and would like to hear from an owner if the uk spec model.
  4. Does anyone own a 5 door fiesta st in the U.K.? Can't find one anywhere
  5. Thanks, I did wonder about the clips because one side they have a spike so wouldn't that put a hole in the seals? Have you tried removing any yourself?
  6. right I picked up my red edition last week and have brought some heko wind deflectors! I do want to put them on the car but have yet to do so, mainly because when I come to get a new car I will remove them, so Im asking if anyone knows how hard they are to remove and will they damage the window seal when you do remove them? Don't want to put them on and then struggle to get them off when the time comes
  7. Well I currently drive a vw scirocco so am used to the touch screen in that so the fiesta is a few steps down compared to that. Dealer told me yesterday the mk8 will defiantly be 2017, I made sure to ask that question cause didn't want a new one out next year, even though I plan to upgrade every 12 month from now on
  8. Thanks James!! The new tail lights are nice, are they defiantly LEDs? The dealer told me the pocket was in between the two front seats, that's why I didn't really understand but makes a lot more sense knowing that it's in the passenger footwell. I do have reverse sensors so that would explain the colour screen, is it just for parking sensors or does it make everything colour? Because the screen was the only thing to me that seems very dated, especially for fords, I glanced in the new Mondeo and the screen looked very modern, was shocked to see the pixelated blue on black in the red edition, would love to see a picture of the new screen?! Can't wait to pick up the car next week and will post some pictures of all the additions I've just mentioned.
  9. Hi I'm new to the forum so be nice lol, Just orderd my new red edition and will be picking it up on Monday/Tuesday!!!! Dealer told me it's the new "16" model and has drl's and new rear lights, along with a colour screen and a new net pocket!!(didn't get that one). Can anyone shed any light on this or even better have any pictures of the new changes? Cheers