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    hope... a Fiesta automatic
  1. What is your opinion about your AUTOMATIC Fiesta (new model)? Do you find it underpowered? Are the brakes light to action, I mean, do they require little pedal pressure? Here, in Spain, I have not been able to test an automatic Fiesta, so your opinion is very valuable for me.
  2. New Fiesta Automatic Gearbox

    You said it: Manual boxes, Powershift and DSG require the handbrake (and some skill) in a ramp, but if we have available an auto box that does that work easily for us why must we buy the other ones. I own a BMW 325i six cylinder 220HP with the standard torque converter ZF autobox, and find it to be very fast to change gears and a delight to drive in city, road, mountain or whatever. But you are right about the superior efficiency of the Powershift which is important when dealing with the scarce HP and torque of the Fiesta 1.4 engine. We can't have everything...
  3. Pick Up Tomorrow

    Amy, this story must be the funiest I have ever read in a Forum. This morning I told my wife about it when picking our car in the garage and she laughed so loud that I felt ashamed. Well, you have done a nice report about your mum... can we have now a report about your car?
  4. New Fiesta Automatic Gearbox

    "New" doesn't always mean "better". You have often prised your car's driveability, and you can bet that a big part of that enjoyment is due to the "old fashioned" toque converter auto box.
  5. New Fiesta Automatic Gearbox

    Sorry but I don't agree. In normal city driving the "old fashioned" torque converter has important advantages over the new dual clutch automatics like the DSG, or its copy Powershift. The torque converter boxes hold your car in a ramp which is very nice, specially when parking backwards in a ramp, and are much more progresive and the gas easier to dose when parking. They are less efficient and a bit slower than the dual clutch ones but its advantages overweight them in my opinion.
  6. New Fiesta Automatic Gearbox

    I have been trying to find out what kind of automatic box has the new fiesta... but nobody new it! not even in Ford, it seemed to be a big mistery. Some body said it was an automated manual which, for me, is jerky and unconvenient as it doesn't hold the car in a ramp. Others said it was a CVT, the one with belts and pulleys... And others said it was the old standard torque converter and planetary gears, that holds the car in a ramp and is smooth and well tried. Yesterday I found it! Amy had the good idea of posting her new car's features and there it was: 4F27E. That is the torque converter variety, the "good" one. If you search for it in Google you will get all the details.
  7. New Fiesta 1.4 auto

    I am waiting eagerly for your first report. Please, let it be a long detailed one.
  8. Picture of my Fezzi

    Amy, I hope that your 12 function adaptor fits your Driving License restrictions. I don't know how strict are the UK traffic authorities about this things.
  9. I would like to know who of you have got the IVD option: You know, ESP -stability system-, TCS -traction control-, and EBA -emergency braking aid-. In my opinion all this should be standard in such a modern car. And, by the way, can you tell me about the brakes sensitivity, I mean the pressure in the brake pedal required to stop the car. Can you compare it to other cars that you know?
  10. Amy, can you tell me what kind of adaptation do you require to drive your car? I had polio and have to drive with my left "good" leg , I mean less bad than the other, and my arm's strenght is reduced. Even so, I manage perfectly to drive my 218 hp BMW. This car has very sensitive brakes that require little effort in the pedal and what BMW call "Active Steering" that turns the wheels with little steering wheel movement.
  11. I have been doing some research about the Durashift autoboxes used along the time in different Fiesta models. Durashift CVT: Continiously Variable Transmission by means of belts and pulleys. Durashift EST: A manual box with electric motors that take care of the clutch and gear changes controled by a computer. Durashift Automatic: The classical auto box with hydrauldic torque converter. It seems that the new Fiesta uses the Durashift Automatic, which in my opinion is good news as it is much more convenient, specially in city driving.
  12. Your testimony is very interesting. After a long search it is the first time that I find actual owners of automatic Fiestas that tell their experiences with this transmission. The smoothness you find in your car is typical of the good old hydrauldic torque converter, while most owners of manual automated boxes (Durashift automatic), normally say that their gear changes are abrupt and slow.
  13. Yes, the AUTO has been available some time ago, so what's the reason for the article about the "New Durashift automatic transmission" ? Is it a new automatic different from the previous one? And by the way, how is your transmission?
  14. Sorry I refered to POWERSHIFT! Now I am really confused and don't know if there will be the conventional box with hydrauldic torque converter and 4 gears (as I read some time ago), OR the Durashift with a regular clutch and gear box box driven and controled by a computer (harsh and unconvenient in many ways) but more efficient and cheap. If it is the last one... I won't buy the new Fiesta. I edit... or may be there will co-exist both automatics as now happens with the Opel Corsa.
  15. I understand that the New Fiesta automatic has a regular torque coverter and 4 gears, and the Durashift was reserved for some diesel Focus. Have you got another information?