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  1. New Ford Focus 2015 Sat Nav Fault

    hi c_davies the problem is still ongoing my complaint is being dealt with by ford executive complaints but still no fix. they are now blaming the mapping from tom-tom,this seems a bit strange as my son has a tom-tomunit and can obtain the addresses my unit wont find or acknowledge,seems as though i am being fobbed off but i have told them i will not close my complaint until it is fully resolved. will keep updating as and when anything develops
  2. Hi Everyone Newbie Here

    hi zetec shefflass
  3. this is the email UKCRC1@ford.com name of md is andy barratt i have emailed them regarding my sat nav issue as dealership appears to be fobbing off and blaming delay on ford. i would contact directly
  4. New Ford Focus 2015 Sat Nav Fault

    hi i have the same issue on a 15 plate focus titanium x i had the replacement sd card which my dealer said would fix the issue but guess what it didn't so another booking to hook up to ford technicians who have said they don't know whats causing this issue this is now over 4 months in the year where i have not been able to use the sat nav (back to my Garmin) so today i called in to my dealer and asked if any update no still nothing so i have emailed the new CEO Andy barratt asking for his response because to me my car was sold with a known issue so therefore i believe it is not fit for purpose and am going to be contacting consumer direct for guidance if no reply from ford's CEO my dealer say it is ford who can authorise a replacement unit but lets see what happens.