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  1. when i erase the code p0113, i can start the car go for ride of 10 20 or 30 miles without the light coming back on, it is only when i start car again to come home the light come back on, anyone got any ideas for me to try out
  2. Hi i have changed genuine ford ecoboost air charge temperature sensor but still engine light is coming on with same error code (P0113) is there anything else i can check
  3. my code reader show the error intake air temperature sensor 1 circuit high., is this easily fixed
  4. Hi F0CUE mine is different to your picture i will post picture of mine, my Focus is late 2015 ecoboost 1.5 and 182, i wonder if anyone else as the same setup
  5. i am getting error code P0113 IAT sensor i can erase code but after a couple of day it returns, anyone can help to locate it on a focus 1.5 petrol ecoboost
  6. i bought a code reader and it came up with error code P0113 i erase the error, can anything be done if error comes back
  7. 2015 ford focus 1500 service light started coming on and off at random intervals. i have tried resetting it sometimes it works and others not, as anyone any ideas what it could be
  8. my bonnet lock is still acting up,i have had the lock off it seems to be working OK, I tried locking it using screwdriver as the bonnet latch that worked alright, put bonnet down but will not open, anybody got any suggestions
  9. I have a 2006 ford focus titanium 2000cc with bonnet not opening, is it possible to get at locking mechanism from underneath the car
  10. can this done DIY or is it a specialist job
  11. Thanks for your reply I have checked invoice and it looks like P2008 and not what i thought
  12. I have had my 2006 focus 2 litre petrol tested came back with PZ008 fault code, the person what tested says it is on intake manifold and said it would be quite expensive to repair, anyone else have any experience of the fault
  13. I have ford focus 2.0 titanium (2006) which I have had from new it as done 45.000 miles, last week engine light came on took it to a garage they reset the codes light went off, but within 10 minutes it was back on, car seems to be running perfect, as anyone any suggestions