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  1. I wanted to share my recent experinence of a replacinig my 2008 galaxy handbrake as I couldnt find much guidance myself. I am not a mechanic but found the process fairly straighforward. The key is being able to get under the car. There are 2 stages; 1. removing the centre console between the front seats 2. getting under the car to access the bolts that secure the handbrake mechanism to the floor of the car Stage 1. Starting in the passenger and driver foot wells remove the plastic trims at floor level (there is a securing screw in the glove box on the passenger side). Working backwards towards the boots continue to remove the screws that the various pieces of trim. From above gently prise up the plastic cover between the hand break and lever. This will reveal 2 more screws that need to remove the tray under the handbrake handle. WIth are and attention and with all the screws removed the console comes out in 2 sections. You will be able to be able to clearly the hand brake mechanism. Finally remove the 2 bolts eaither at the very end of the console (you will need to approach this from the back seat foot well). Stage 2. It is essential the car is off the ground on a ramp. Once under the car remove the heat sheild and you will see the 3 nuts holding the handdbrake mechanism in place. Underdo these. Then release the handbrake cable tensioning device so that you can release the cables. The mechanism can them be lifted free and the new mechanism installed. Any questions please ask as I appreciate this a laymans guide.