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  1. bradders


    Hi, I've never had any problems with the rears but the front don't last long in comparison! I have tried expensive and cheaper ones but the difference in mileage isn't fantastic. I've done 5000 miles already in my new one so will keep an eye on them, update to follow!!
  2. bradders

    How Long Have You Owned A Ford?

    My second car was a B reg Fiesta XR2, I got it when I was 18. 18 years ago, jesus is it that long!! LOL I'm on my 9th Ford now, varying from an Orion, Escort x2, Focus x2, and 3x Mondeos. I have driven other cars but love my Fords, wouldn't feel right buying any other car. When I bought my new one a mate said I could of bought an old Porsche for that! No thanks....
  3. bradders

    What insurance company are you with?

    I'm with Directline as well. Nearly fell over when I had a quote from Ford insure when I bought my previous car, I can't believe they can exist with the price I was quoted. Even the sales man said 'humour them', I only used them for the cover to drive out of the showroom. They were nearly double the price I finally paid and the cover was better than their's.
  4. bradders

    hello kuga owners

    Make that 4! Well my wife has one, does that count? She loves it, its the best car she has had and can't keep her out of it. I'm sure she took a new job further away from home so she could drive it more.LOL I do like to drive it, when I'm allowed!!! We have had a problem with the air con since we bought it and they are still trying to sort it but apart from that is great. Would recommend one to any one!
  5. Hi Mark My old one ate tyres, only on the front though! The rears last a lot longer, lucky to get 12,000 miles on the front set I had fitted in January but wear over all the tyre, I have had no problems with them wearing unevenly. May need your tracking looking at as recommended on prevous post. Will have to wait and see how long they last on my new one!!! Enjoy!!!
  6. bradders

    Mondeo TDCi

    Hi Paul I'm on my fourth Ford Tdci and wouldn't dream of going back to petrol, the modeo I have now still does about 40-45mpg or about 550miles for £60.00, dependant on where I'm driving ie motorway or if I put my foot down!!! I have not had any problems with them as long as their serviced etc. Good luck in finding one! Cheers Brad
  7. bradders

    Another Newbie

    Looks good! My wife had a Focus mk1 and loved it, great car. I bought a mk2 ghia 55 plate when my company car went back but couldn't get on with it, I don't think I liked the alloys so every time I went to get in it I saw the alloys and just had a downer on it, and it ws smaller than my company mondeo. Chopped it in and got a mondeo, not looked back. Probably would of been cheaper to by some new alloys though! LOL. Take it easy!!
  8. bradders

    Hi Everyone!

    Don't know why I haven't joined before I have had a Ford since my second car back in 1990 when I bought a B reg Fiesta XR2, been hooked ever since. Got my new Mondeo Estate Titanium X Sport last week, absolutely love it!!! Discussing our previous cars with my wife last week we realised we have had most models to date, she is driving a Kuga at the moment and adores it, she had a Fiesta ST previously but I can't get her out of the Kuga. We must be getting old!!! All have been so reliable wouldn't dream of driving anything else! Hope you all enjoy yours....