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  1. What Mk Fiesta do you own?

    i need to be able to vote twice! ive got a mk5 and collecting my mk7 today!
  2. Perimeter Alarm

    might be worth parking elsewhere and walking a bit to get to it rather then have it outside your door and in eye shot of the neighbours
  3. dont think the KA she has would be eligible for the scrappage allowence, think the cut off date is july/august 1999 or something like that. my 2000 fiesta certainly doesnt :( air hostess is right in saying it might be difficult to get a good spec car of that reg with low milage for that cost, id go with the 1.25 zetec climate, as the engine is good enough and also is kind on your wallet, zetecs have added visual on the car that make it look better then the ones lower in the range and you get air con
  4. New car today!!

    probably too busy driving it around still!!
  5. Few snaps of ma Miss Titty......

    amazing pics, cant believe i missed these!
  6. [OT] What was your first car?

    same here! car ive been using is my brothers, mk 5 fiesta zetec 1.25, nice car...but its time for a change and a car of my own :o
  7. The First Tune

    Ill be tuning into whatever station i find and probably spend the first few minutes of my drive listening to westlife :(
  8. Morello Mk7 Fiesta being dropped...

    i was tempted to go for morello, but my dad has that colour focus, would just look weird having 2 ford exactly the same colour!!
  9. Valencia or Cologne

    where bouts can you look it up??
  10. how much did you pay?

    Im getting mine on the 1st of July (hopefully) 1.6 TDCI Titanium 5dr with X pack and advanced bluetooth in panther black, 13,499.....fairly happy with the deal, spent ages trying to find where i could get in cheapest......im having to go up to leicester to pick it up, im down nr london :(