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  1. Paint Code

    Why do Ford paint codes need to be so complicated? Surely a simple numeric code relating to a specific colour would do it or aren't there enough numbers available? I want to get some touch up paint (small bottle with brush and a spray) for my daughter's Y reg silver fiesta, maybe from Halfords or similar, and I can't find what the descriptive colour is. eg moondust silver. The code on the VIN plate is 61 - can anyone help please or should I go to Ford and ask them for some paint? Thanks
  2. Replacement Stereo

    Hi Just trying to prepare before I start pulling out the existing unit but I want to replace my daughter's stereo (Traffic 3000 with cassette) in her Y Reg 1.2 Zetec (Mk4?) with a "standard" single DIN unit. I have sourced a fascia panel to suit but am wondering about the fixings for the replacement radio. Is anything special required or does the original casing allow what I would classify as a standard fixing? Also, am I likely to experience cable connection difficulties? (I don't know why I'm asking this because I always do!! :( ) Finally, does anyone have a manual for the Traffic 3000 to show the existing wiring should I have to resort to chocolate block connections? Thanks
  3. Leaking Air Con

    As of yet, I have not seen or smelt it - currently running the engine to try to recreate the problem.
  4. Leaking Air Con

    My daughter has advised that when her air con (Y Reg 1.2) has started leaking water into the car when it is on. I'm assuming it is the condensate and that the drain pipe has either become disconnected or is leaking some how. Before I start investigating, can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  5. Clutch Slipping??

    Hi New to this forum - I bought my daughter a 2001 LX Fiesta with 30k miles on the clock nearly 2 years ago for her to learn to drive on. Actually, this was in the final month or so just prior to her test and she has now gone on to pass her advanced test and so it wasn't hammered by a novice with poor clutch control. The car has now done 40k miles and she thinks something is wrong with the clutch as sometimes she finds it hard to put into gear when stationary and it apparently sometimes slips. I took it out yesterday and if I had been driving it normally I don't think I would have noticed anything other than maybe a slightly clunky gear selection whilst stationary. The only time when something was apparent was when changing to a high gear with lots of revs on and the revs took a bit of time to drop to the road speed. A high revs, drop the clutch, pull away just resulted in wheel spin. My feeling is that a clutch should not go in 40k miles of normal driving especially with a low powered car such as this. Do any of your Fiestas exhibit the same problem when changing into a high gear with lots of revs - I know this is not something you would normally do? Unfortunately, I don't have any other cars to try this on as my car is an Impreza and it a little unfair to expect any clutch to handle abuse of 320bhp even though it would have been designed for it and my wife has an automatic. Any opinions out there? Are there any adjustments you can make that may help the situation? Thanks