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  1. Ford Sync Updates

    Thank you for clarifying. Such a shame and no way to seem to get an update for it.
  2. Ford Sync Updates

    So not even 1.0? I bought this car thinking it had sync as it's from June 2012. I can dial numbers with the speech button but have no other settings. What a shame as the ford website is misleading and shows that I have basic sync 1.0.
  3. Ford Sync Updates

    Sorry for the typo its a MK3 focus, its a 12 plate reg in June 2012, I have two ok buttons and pads on the steering wheel. On ford etis I have no APIM - SYNC Module showing as installed. I am wondering if they haven't installed the sync part. My car also doesn't read out text messages. These are what I have installed: DDM Driver Door Module (DDM) BV6N-14B531-BH AV6N-14C064-AG 08-02-17 12:12 PDM Passenger Door Module (PDM) BV6N-14B533-BH AV6N-14C108-AG 08-02-17 12:12 SASM Steering Wheel Rotation Sensor BV6T-3F818-AD BV6T-14C309-AD 08-02-17 12:12 ABS Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Module BV61-2C405-AJ BV61-14C036-AM 08-02-17 12:12 PCM Powertrain Control Module (PCM) BV61-12A650-NJ BV61-14C204-NJ 08-02-17 12:12 IPC Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) BM5T-10849-BMK BM5T-14C026-BBD 08-02-17 12:12 FCDIM Front Control/Display Interface Module (FCDIM) AM5T-18B955-CH AM5T-14D358-CJ 10-05-12 22:11 BCM Body Control Module (BCM) BV6N-14A073-FS BV6N-14C094-XA 08-02-17 12:12 ACM Audio Front Control Module (ACM) BM5T-18C815-XJ AM5T-14C044-HS 08-02-17 12:12 PSCM Power Steering Control Module (PSCM) BV6C-3C579-BF BV6T-14C217-AF 08-02-17 12:27 RFA Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) Module AV6N-19G481-AK AV6N-14C104-AL 08-02-17 12:12 SPRM Speech Recognition Module (SPRM) CS7T-14D212-AC CS7T-14D205-AC 10-05-12 22:11 HVAC Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Control Module BM5T-18C612-CJ AM5T-18D619-BN 08-02-17 12:12 HCM Headlamp Control Module (HCM) AM51-13K031-AG AM51-14C084-AG 08-02-17 12:12 PAM Parking Assist Control Module (PAM) BM5T-15K866-BP BM5T-14C090-BM 08-02-17 12:12 RCM Restraints Control Module (RCM) CM5T-14B321-CA AM5T-14C028-AF 08-02-17 12:12
  4. Ford Sync Updates

    I have a focus MK3 from 2012. I cannot work out what sync version I have. It doesnt have applink and I am pretty sure its 1.0. However when I try to update the software as per a previous post to 5.9 when I insert the USB it just says "no files found" I dont even have a settings option in my radio to view the software version either. Does this mean its already been done? I followed:
  5. Hey everyone I've bought a dash cam, it doesn't have an internal battery so it turns off after 15 mins if plugged into cig lighter. However I note that during start stop feature this circuit seems to stay on and isn't interrupted with the engine start stopping. I have tried hard wiring it into f61 (cig lighter) but this then causes it to turn off the dash cam but when in the socket it's fine? I've also tried f85 (heated seats) & f86 (restraints control module) but this does the same. So not sure what I can do as there only seems to be no interruption to power when plugging it in via the cable into the cig lighter socket but not when wired directly into the fuse f61. Anyone help at all?
  6. Mk3 remapped! 1.6 TDCI (115ps)

    Where did you buy yours from, I've found it for £450 http://www.dieseltuning.co.uk/shop/index.php?route=product/product&path=163_203_204_230&product_id=455
  7. Hey all, doing a lot of mileage and will be starting a new job soon that will increase my mileage further. I am thinking of getting a remap done on my MK3 diesel Focus to increase the fuel efficiency. I'm told there's 3 levels of map, 1. efficiency (that also refines and increases power slightly), 2. a mix of the power and efficiency, or 3. pure power. Having had option 3. map done on my Astra which then started to burn through clutches I am thinking of going for option 1 maybe? What do you think and can anyone recommend places to get it done?
  8. Anyone else noticed this if your using GPS and playing music that the phone will actually drain even though it shows its charging. This is when connected to the USB via the lightening cable. It will charge very slowly if maps is turned off. Maybe 20% in 3 hours.
  9. Weird start stop behaviour

    Anyone else had it where the start stop was active and turned the engine off but then you put your foot back on the clutch and back into gear and it comes up with "press brake and clutch to start engine" or similar. Had it a few times now and not sure if it's me doing something wrong as engine doesn't start making it look like I've stalled.
  10. AC Cleaning

    Where the pollen filter is located is where the evaporator is. This is what makes the smell. Get the evaporator cleaner with a spray or a pipe on it, take out the pollen filter then spray inside the hole but towards your gear stick as the evaporator is facing that way. Then leave for half an hour for it to do it's business. Then replace with new pollen filter and your good to go.
  11. Stereo upgrade recommendations for focus mk2

    Thanks for the ideas guys lots of them there. :)
  12. Stereo upgrade recommendations for focus mk2

    Yes please would be great.
  13. My partner looking for a replacement stereo for a mk2 focus. Current one is the Ford - 6000 CD - but it doesn't have blue tooth or aux. Budget upto £300 ish. Thank you.
  14. Car people put petrol in my diesel

    I've known people who've done this before and have never had a problem.
  15. Car people put petrol in my diesel

    It is looking fab after its paint treatment - new clutch too so it's like new. It's got additives in the tank and I've got more to put in over the next few full tanks but generally I run a tank once a month with additive anyway. Engine is also really quiet.