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  1. @RayC3 this is more like a Forscan or the OBD issue and i can maybe redirect you directly to the Forscan forum I think there you will find some answer or you can ask the question also there, because i never experienced such an issue.
  2. @RayC3 most likely something wrong with the OBD reader ? When you start the Forscan and you see the log there, it tells you also the connection speed and if it is good or bad or very good. Also is your ELM with the USB plug or you have a Bluetooth one?
  3. Hi @BannkoI'm trying to activate the nav on my 2015 Titanium when I change the first 2 figures to 04 the process starts and then says it has been interrupted, any ideas please?

  4. @neilnotts i have replied to your personal message 😉
  5. Hi Bannko could you advise me how I could get sat nav on my 66 plate Kuga with sync 2 I’ve been to a few ford garages and they say it can’t be done I would appreciate your help kind regards mark 

    1. Bannko


      Pm'd you pal. 

    2. Leemanh


      Hi Bannko, I’m in the exact same situation as Focusmark1962 - can you PM me the details?


      thanks friend!

  6. @AJ Powell well assuming from your description your SYNC2 is a nav unit and maybe just a bad SD card was provided by the dealer. But to give you just a quick explanation. Above the compass you can see there 3 types of short message: 1. Information system - this means the SYNC2 is a non-nav unit 2. Insert NAV SD card - SYNC2 is a nav unit just a SDcard with nav maps is missing in the SD slot in your arm rest. 3. Navigation - navigation is up and running, you just tap on the compass and it will start. The nav SDcards for SYNC2 are mark with a capital letter F + number (no. represents version, the higher the newest map database). For example this is the latest correct SDcard for SYNC2. So if it was not an F-card that the dealer provided you, then it is completely normal that the SYNC2 did not recognized it. So let us know further details if possible 🙂 ----- @WireyWhenWet haha thanks pal for the kind words 😉
  7. I Have a 66 plate Kuga with Sync 2. It asks me to insert SD card for Nav but i don't have one. Do you know where I could purchase one and how much they are and also does it need anything doing first or is it just a case of popping the card in.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Bannko


      PM'd you.

  8. @AJ Powell as Stoney asked. Just let us know what SD you have there and what it says on the top right corner above the compass.
  9. Hi Bannko, I'm looking for some help with sat nav on my 2015 focus, I have the touch screen but no sat nav. Cheers

    1. Bannko


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  10. Hi Bannko.

    Just bought a kuga 2016 with SYNC2 but without Sat Nav.

    I've seen that you have a fix for this that you have kindly shared on numerous occasions.

    Please could you give me the info too?

    Thanks Pete

  11. @norm wilde the Insert SD card error means only two things - faulty SDcard or faulty media HUB where you put the SDcard. So if possible try maybe one more time some other SDcard and if the issue persist it would be probably the media HUB. You can also try to use some other SDcard, put some mp3 on it and try to play if the SYNC2 will be able to recognize the SDcard.
  12. @Tony C Kuga @APB1981 PM'd you both 😉
  13. Hi. @Bannko My searching has brought me here! Really hoping that there’s a chance you could provide me with information on how to add Sat Nav to my sync2 touch system on my 2015 C-Max. My current version is 3.08 and has information on the top right of the screen. I’m a complete novice so hoping it’s not too difficult. Thanks in advance. 

    1. Bannko


      @Marken PM'd you pal.

  14. @Tyleradams the system information means it is a NON sat nav unitmand buying just a SDcard won't help. But in Sync2 it is possible to activate the factory navigation, it requires a computer and an modified OBD reader to enable one option in your car. Will PM you more details.
  15. @Tyleradams hi pal. What text do you see above the compass: 1. System information, 2. Insert NAV SD card, 3. Navigation?