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  1. Hi Bannko, I am very new on this platform and came across this platform for searching Sync 2 updates to activate navigation pack, and after reading many post realised that newer version is available, could you please share the link to download the latest version for sync 2. I am looking for UK updates. many thanks  in advance .

  2. @TheDocUK Hi Mate, My instructions are already useless 🙂 you can find a great walkthrough videos on Youtube already so you can watch the videos and do it yourself 🙂 and if you stuck at some point just let me know, write me a PM and i will try to help out. or Cheers, Tom
  3. pm you mate would love the famous instructions on ho to get the nav on sync 2.

  4. Hi pal. Looking for your famous instructions for installing nav onto sync 2 unit 2016 kuga 🤭

  5. Hi Bannko,complete novice,could you dm me with everything I need,to

    install sat nav on “16” reg kuga,also a step by step guide through

    it,much appreciated. Ian..(sync 2 with sd in centre console)



  6. Hi mate. Contacting you regarding activation of SatNav for my Ford Focus; you previously supplied me with a licence which all worked fine. However,  recently had to have SYNC module replaced along a new Serial number for it. And, obviously, the existing licence provided only works with the serial number of the old unit.

    Can you help please.

  7. Hi Bannko 

    im a newbie on the site, but it looks like your the person to ask about updating my sync 2 which has 4.32 so I can activate sat nav.

    any instructions would be gratefully appreciated. 👍🏼

    1. GezHenry


      Did you get any response from Bannko ?

    2. SeanH


      Did you get the sat nav sorted? In the same situation and I could do with some help 

  8. @Bannkocould you please send me info for sat nav in sync 2 please. Much appreciated 👍

  9. Hi bannko please could you send instructions for the sync 2 maps activation. Thanks 

    1. Paul_wells83


      Did you hear anything ? 

  10. Hello sorry to bother you, just bought a Ford Focus with sync2 but no sat nav installed it just says information system in the top right corner can you point me in the right direction of how to install this and the things I need to buy please ? 


  11. Hi Bannko

    I'm looking to update my Sync2 MyTouch on my new-to-me Mondeo Titanium Estate 2.0 Diesel 2015

    CCPU S/W Version - 4.32.14073_PRODUCT

    Nav App Ver  - 3.62.5

    Map DB Ver - F4

    Can you point me in the right direction please.



  12. Hi Bannko

    Sorry for adding to the long list of requests you receive but I'm looking for the instructions and links to the software patches required to add sat nav to the sync2 on my Kuga

    the software currently installed is 3.0815128.EA.10

    Thanks in advance for your help

    Kind regards


  13. Hi Bannko

    Looking at all of the requests below, I feel a bit cheeky asking but could you please PM me the instructions for upgrading the Sync2 in our, soon to be acquired, Kuga to include Nav. I seem to have read most of what needs to be done (and what I need to buy) but want to make sure from someone who has helped others.

    Thanks a lot


  14. @xs2man there is a BUTTON for that saying "write to BCM"
  15. Hi mate, here, for UK region download lang. pack 5 and after the installation do not forget to master reset the unit:
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