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  1. Hi Bannko,  could you possibly send me the details for activating sat nav on my sync 2 please

  2. @smartguy69 VCM is really not needed. The ELM will do the job nicely 🙂 and yes that is the change you have to do, very simple.
  3. @zeeashraf yes, as our colleague said above. The nav SDcards on ebay are now so cheap that it is not worth to fight with the process.
  4. @samevansinworthi idk why this Forum is editing the links for some users and then they do not work. I just PM'd you the key.
  5. @PlainVanilla here you can check the SW versions, how they were released, you should be fine updating straight to 3.10 but you can do firstly 3.08 and then 3.10. Up to you. To Traffic Alerts - it is called TMC (traffic message center) funcion that is provided via your radio (ACM module) not the SYNC2 itself. So yeah there could be a case that Ford has not added into your car radio with TMC support or radio did not catch any TMC signal. It is not very reliable. Sometimes you see on the sat nav for example some road work, and when you pass by there is nothing and free road., so not very responsive either.
  6. @Belldin i have for sale front loom for halos and 6xsensors, inside button for: start/stop and parking assistant and i can get you also the module. If interested just PM me.
  7. Thanks @Jonro2009 for an excellent explanation 😉
  8. @Deeks08 Hi Dan, you can buy one from Poland You just have to register there, contact the seller and ask if he can send to UK. The price is around 15Pounds.
  9. @Dazpunky Hi mate, you have to be more specific what exactly is not working, and after the procedure a master reset of the unit is required, have you done that?
  10. Hi Bannko,  could you possibly send me the details for activating sat nav on my sync 2 much appreciated, thanks in advance

  11. Just like to say bannko is amazing and down to earth.  Needed to install my nav into my focus and this man gave me the details and they work brilliant thank you so much mate 

    1. Bannko


      You are welcome pal 😉

  12. Hi Bannko, better late than never, just want to thank you so very much for your help and instruction in activating the sat nav in my Focus Zetec, there was a bit of a delay in the getting of the F8 SD card from Ebay, but now all installed and up and running, just need to have a trial trip out.


    Regards Beauman👍

    1. Bannko


      Glad you did it pal 😉 many safe miles. 

  13. Hi bannko just wondering if you still helping with the sat nav problems. If so could I have a step by step guide on how to do this please as my ford focus don't feel the same with out the gadgets.. 

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    2. Spackers91


      OK cool been like. It for nearly a hour lol 😂

    3. Spackers91


      Still waiting nothing happing either still the same is that normal 

    4. Spackers91


      Have you gotta unzip all files from. Sync my ride? 

  14. Lol not a problem mate 😄 i figured it out that you tried to write my nick. And PM'd you buddy.