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  1. It was a good read you guys...glad that you both managed to make it work 🙂 your discussion will be def. useful for others. Any chance some of you have SYNC 2 currently in car?
  2. Yes, SD card is all you need 🙂 the nav is already there.
  3. @Jonesy2 as i wrote above, you can buy it but only if you decide to activate the navigation in your unit.
  4. Bannko

    2016 sat nav

    @DelR using a windows laptop is indeed needed for this to perform but i think it is easy enough even for a dummy and i will try to assist you the whole time 😉
  5. Yeah the brackets were between 10-14Euro, depends on the specific shape. And the ABS sensors approx 24Euro per one.
  6. I knew only one guy that also changed the BCM but i never asked if the standalone parking module would work. Just logically i thought that old BCM would not recognize FL parking module. If the FL parking module works as you are saying, than that is really cool.
  7. I am curious my self how it would end up the pfl module with sync3. @Tommo17 i said it above. You cannot use FL parking module on a PFL car unless you change also the BCM module from FL.
  8. The loom should be just fine even if it is for 6 sensors. If you plug there the 4 needed and you will activate the parking it should ignore the 2 free connectors and work without any issues. Your car is not build for 6 sensors so the car won't or rather should not search for the 2 additional one. But cannot confirm you that on 100% 🙂
  9. @Cmax_dk unfortunately idk. On 90% there is a different module. @Phil21185 @Tommo17 * ABS sensors easy to change BUT ! BUT they are mounted with one screw and that little fella use to get rusty over the time and that will be a problem to actually put the old ones down. Wasn't my case but a friend of mine really struggled to put the old one away. And your car is a pfl so you can also struggle with this or hopefully your's already the bright ABS sensors and not black. Yes PFL has only 4 sensors on the rear. The pfl module does handle only one type of parking if i am not mistaken and FL module handles two types. You can use also the FL module and 6 sensors but in that case you will have to change also BCM for the FL one. So if you do not plan to transform your car to the facelift guts i recommend to stay with the 4 rear sensors and pfl module. And as in the instructions, if you have all 3 connectors present it your boot 2 yellow and 1 black you are just fine and all will be P&P. * BLIS - don't think adding BLIS is that easy. They have a separate CAN and you still have to wire both of the modules to the BCM. It won't work just connecting them into the rear loom that has the extra BLIS connectors. Also activating this thing would be very difficult with Forscan. I used UCDS so it was pretty simple job. And this guide is of course mostly for those who are lucky enough and have the P&P preparation from factory so i cannot help you in further research but it would be cool if e.g. you @Tommo17 could later extend this guide if you manage to retrofit it into your car.
  10. @mike6688 yes, traffic announcements are received via your radio unit (ACM module ) and it must support the TMC (traffic message center) function. As your car was not factory equipped with sat nav it is normal that your radio is without that function. Anyway don't be sad, the traffic announcements in Sync2 are very poor and usually don't reflect current situation on the road. I have had only bad experience with them and started to ignore them. For traffic are always best online navigations unfortunately.
  11. @kmoore04uk in general the SDcard is not connected to the specific vehicle so you can try also in Kuga without causing any damage. But the SDcard holds only EU maps not the navigation itself. So if Sync2 in Kuga is a non nav unit (in the top right corner it says "system information" instead of "navigation") it won't work at all because simply, it is a non nav unit. But there is a way how to enable the sat nav in Sync2 and it requires a very very little bit of programming viab OBD port, so if you might wanna try just PM me. Cheers
  12. @matt77303 Hi Matt, in the attachment is the file with Forscan list of changes for SYNC3 APIM FORScan 2015-2018 - APIM (Sync3).pdf
  13. Hi Matt, I have somewhere a huge list of Forscan values for the APIM Sync3 and all the settings. On Monday i will be back from holyday and i will try to find it and attach it here. It will maybe help you to set it up correctly. Tom
  14. @Notsopro hi pal. After activation it will stay in car forever but there is a way how to hide it from the screen if you would like to do it later. Is that ok for you?
  15. Haha you are welcome pal, many safe miles 😉