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  1. Hi Bannko

    I understand your the man to ask!!

    I have just purchased a 16 plate Ford Kuga Titanium X with Sync 2. No Sat Nav Installed only a compass icon instead! Would it be possible,  on how to install and activate the Sat Nav??. I believe I need software 3.10 as I currently have 3.08. I also purchased an OBD11 Diagnostic Interface.

    Any further info required just let me know

    Many Thanks


  2. @Duality in general it does not matter which one you install when it has the language you need. The language packs are for EU not only UK.
  3. @Chas.c are you still running the 3.08 SW version? In case that yes, just do a fresh update to a 3.10 and don't forget to master reset the unit after that. For UK region download lang pack no.5 and update the unit.
  4. As we already discussed via PM, but i will write it also here as a general advice. It is good when someone is running an older version of SYNC2 mostly the versions starting with 4.xx to update to a 3.08 or even to the latest 3.10.
  5. @Jodz I am not able to edit my old guide anymore and maybe write there some more points so it will be better if you read the whole thread to have most updated info.
  6. @AaronCochrane of course pal. Just PM'd you.
  7. @Nadjib You can go straight to 3.10 😉 And the decryption key for lang pack 5 is: 2evt2tQmfe8deCfyHZgsfCkkkB77lp5r5o_yra9Y31A
  8. Hi Bannko, could you please PM me regarding sync 2 3.10 language pack install i need a decryption key to access it. thank you 

  9. Hi Tom

       Do you know of a way to activate moving trajectory lines on the Kuga reversing camera ( sync 2 )

    Regards Dave

  10. Hi Mate,

    just purchased a 66 plate C Max Titanium X with sync 2. No satnav. could you let me know whats needed to be able to install / activate it please

    Thanks a lot


  11. Hi pal,

    if you could kindly PM me the details on installing satnav onto my sync2 it would be much appreciated.

    cheers mate.


    1. Bannko


      Just PMd you pal 😉

  12. Hi Bannko, I see you help a lot of people out activating their satnavs. Could you help me with mine?

  13. Who knows, just you must be sure that after previous updates you have always loaded the generated XML file from the USB stick to the Ford website. Because only after this step the servers know what version are you running and what version should they propose you later when available.
  14. Just letting you know guys that the F9 maps are available officially on Ford server...25GB. A friend of mine just confirmed me that after entering his VIN no. he was provided with the update (for a regular older SYNC3 with sw version 3.0)
  15. Can you please help me setup sat nav on my sync2 for 2016 kuga

    1. Bannko


      Pm'd you pal.