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  1. Bannko

    Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Pm'd you pal 😉
  2. Hi Bannko, I have 2015 kuga tit x with sync 2 which shows the information rather than navigation. I believe you can help with  this, could you help me.. 

  3. Bannko

    Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    @EoinFRS pm'd you pal
  4. Hello
    I need a Polish language packet for my sync2.
    Can someone point me to a download link?


    Wersja CCPU S/W: 3.08.15128.EA.10_PRODUCT

    Wersja oprogr. nawigacji : 4.66.5

    Wersja banku danych map: F5

    sirius ESN: NO SAT RADIO

    Informacja o banku danych Gracenote@: 5065, Library

  5. Unfortunaltely only under OS Linux. 😞 That is why it is easy under Android phones. The sdcard key from your F5 map would work but you have to somehow baypass the write protection if you would like to overwrite the F5 map files with the one from F7.
  6. @xs2man Hi Donald, well in regards to your question with the cluster option, i unfortunately cannot give you an answer of what would happen. As i don't have the lane keeping option in my car so i always have there the additional navigation. But as your sat nav is from factory i guess you should have it there. So try to check your settings. Anyway the change is reversible so you can try to activate the nav cluster option and test it your self. And if it would not work as expected you will just change the option to the one that was there before. 😉
  7. Bannko

    Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    @thereverendgreen lang pack 5 for the UK region, but in general it does not matter when there's EN language 🙂
  8. Bannko

    Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    @thereverendgreen well Ford is doing what he wants 😄 Check this wiki page if you want to know the exact order of the versions 🙂
  9. Bannko

    Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Yep, your version is old. You need to update to 3.08nor 3.10 version and then master reset
  10. Bannko

    Update Sync 2 The Easy Way

    PMd you a fix for that.
  11. @MangoFury Not a problem mate 😉 Btw The maps are provided by HERE company. And a lot of time happen that even in the newest maps some roads are missing. The simple solution to this is actually us, the community. If you find such a road you can report it directly to the HERE and they will maybe fix this in future update. Check the link: @Bally12345 Emailed you other instructions how to add the nav into cluster with Forscan. Focccus was primary developed only for MK3 Focus so there are more factors why it just don't work on MK3.5 like wifi ELM has a very slow speed connection and so on. But using WiFi ELM and editing car's settings is very dangerous. In case the connection will be lost just for a second during writing to car, then it is 90% change you will kill your car and it won't start. That means a lot of stress bringing it back to life, lol.
  12. Bannko

    Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Of course mate 😉 gonna PM you soon.
  13. @MangoFury you are correct mate. 😉 you also have prepared the Forscan so that is great will PM you more on detail what you have to do next. In the meantime you also have to update your sync because sat nav activation will not work on that 4.32 Please check this thread:
  14. Bannko

    Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    @Alano24 if your screen is devided into 4 regions and in the top right corner is a compass then it is sync2. When the screen is light blue not devided into 4 regions then it is sync3. If you put it into google you should then def. know the difference or if you want just pm me the photo from your car for confirmation 😉 But if the car was built before Okt. 2016 then it is on 99,9% sync2.
  15. Bannko

    Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    @Midlandred just in case i have to ask also you. Is your screen the 8"touchscreen? Thank you 🙂