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  1. SYNC2 was not standard even for a 2016.
  2. @Wezaa Yes, you need the retainers unfortunately. In my first post you find there link to online part catalog where you will find the part numbers so you can order a new one from your dealer but they also came unpainted. I bought a touch up paint in spray can and that did the job. And the Chinese ones are good for the rear. You can use them also for the front if you wanna do just the front 4 parking sensors but they have a different sensitivity how far the obstacle is.
  3. Hi Bannko

    Just purchased 2016 KUGA and want to activate the sat nav, would appreciate your expert instruction.


    Jake Ell

  4. Hey bud. Please could you send through the details on how to add sat nav pls?tia

  5. Last month i bought one ST spoiler for my friend for 100 quids and was ready to fit so i would not say all ebay second hand spoilers are bad.
  6. Morning Bannko, you seam to be the expert on this subject. How can you enable navigation on my sync2


    regards Tony

    1. Bannko


      @TonyMay PM'd you pal

  7. @Ogley2005 PM'd you pal further steps in regards to analyze the issue.
  8. @@ABann53 @MPM1966 PM'd you both 😉
  9. @McKelvie haha you are not the first one whose wife was disappointed due to missing sat nav. 🙂 will PM you any minute.
  10. Hi Bannko,  could you possibly send me the details for activating sat nav on my sync 2 please

  11. @smartguy69 VCM is really not needed. The ELM will do the job nicely 🙂 and yes that is the change you have to do, very simple.
  12. @zeeashraf yes, as our colleague said above. The nav SDcards on ebay are now so cheap that it is not worth to fight with the process.
  13. @samevansinworthi idk why this Forum is editing the links for some users and then they do not work. I just PM'd you the key.
  14. @PlainVanilla here you can check the SW versions, how they were released, you should be fine updating straight to 3.10 but you can do firstly 3.08 and then 3.10. Up to you. To Traffic Alerts - it is called TMC (traffic message center) funcion that is provided via your radio (ACM module) not the SYNC2 itself. So yeah there could be a case that Ford has not added into your car radio with TMC support or radio did not catch any TMC signal. It is not very reliable. Sometimes you see on the sat nav for example some road work, and when you pass by there is nothing and free road., so not very responsive either.