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  1. Bannko

    HOW TO: SYNC2 --> SYNC3 upgrade

    Or also @Tezzamight help you with fitting?
  2. Bannko

    HOW TO: SYNC2 --> SYNC3 upgrade

    After a time i can also tell that the cheap Chinese GPS antenna is OK, but not that good so i might be looking for some original ford in the aerial base and try to connect it there.
  3. Bannko

    HOW TO: SYNC2 --> SYNC3 upgrade

    It is always problem to find one. I bought mine new from my ford dealer. If you don't mind the error message you can freely use your old one. As i said Androids are fine. But i cannot confirm you if the Apple phone in general will be recognized after connecting it. Or just the Apple Car Play will not work. Tom
  4. Bannko

    HOW TO: SYNC2 --> SYNC3 upgrade

    @RevDan i think i wrote it somewhere at the beginning. You can keep the old hub only in case you use Android phone. The connection will work, only you get a warning message each time you start SYNC3 about the hub. If you use Apple phone, you have to have this new HUB.
  5. Bannko

    F7 maps on Sync 2

    Speak of the devil:
  6. Bannko

    Front parking sensor on focus mk3

    I had only 4 rear parking sensors and have retrofired the full parking assistant . The retrofit process is the same for both, MK3 and MK3.5. Have added other 6 for the front and 2 additional for the back) changed PAM module, ABS sensors, interior switch and all works OK 🙂 so if somebody needs some help just ask. Easiest way to find out if you have additional wire for the front is to check the PAM module in your boot if it has 3 connectors pluged. 2 yellow and one black. Like on this photo:
  7. Bannko

    1.6 EcoBoost Remap 150->182PS

    Or also with Focccus you can simply see what firmware version in installed in PCM module. map change from 150 to 182 can easily be done with Russian diagnostic device UCDS but you must now the firmware version you can install as was mentioned above by JW1982.
  8. Bannko

    F7 maps on Sync 2

    F6 was released in May 2017. But still no info about F7 😞
  9. Great work Chris! 🙂 Btw thinking about selling my power folding mirrors 😄 if anyone interested PM me. I have plan to retrofit the blind spot monitor system so will be buying new mirrors for that.
  10. Hi Bannko

    New here and just got my new to me 2016 Kuga. Can yu send me the instructions to enable Nav.

    Thanks in advance, Charlie

  11. Bannko

    Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    @johnson293 unfortunately when it is the Sync1 non touchscreen, then a HW change is needed so you need to buy a new screen and you have to check also if you have the SD-card slot present somewhere on the sony panel. Not sure where it is hidden exactly.
  12. Hi Bannko,

    Could you send me the instructions to install sat nav on my sync 2 please.

    Thank you so much.


  13. HI Bannko

    Would you be able to send me the details of activating my Sat Nav on my Focus 2015 with Sync 2.

    Many thanks in advance




  14. Hello Banko it is still possible to send me the details on enableing sat nav on my 2016 Kuga with sync 2



  15. Bannko

    Update Sync 2 The Easy Way

    @m4dm4n will work mate 😉