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  1. Hi mate, here, for UK region download lang. pack 5 and after the installation do not forget to master reset the unit:
  2. Hi Bannko, could you please send me the details on how to upgrade Sync2 with Sat Nav?  Thank you. 🙂 

  3. @Chuggy actually the 3.08 and 3.10 are newer versions then 4.32 - Ford just changed the versioning later. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MyFord_Touch#Versions
  4. @Stephen Polglase ask in this related thread 🙂
  5. @philly_f pm'd you mate. And each Sync2 has the navigation bit under system information. By default it is just a compass nothing more.
  6. I am using UCDS only so cannot confirm on that one but most likely it came with the latest Forscan update and they simplified the user interface for some options.
  7. Hi Bannko,


    Been reading through the sites Sat Nav info, great work on the Sat Nav activation topic. I'm guessing you might be sick of PM'ing instructions on how to do it but if you're not would you mind sending them on to me so I can get the Sat Nav for my daughters face lift 2014 Focus titanium up and running? She is a blond and needs all the help she can get 😉


    Many thanks,



  8. @Ant1987 it is easy enough to do it yourself I guess. Will PM you.
  9. Hi Deano, for me it was almost plug and play thing as i had the connectors an wiring all in place. So cannot answer you that. But i have few wiring schemes for it and i know that CAN has to go straight to the BCM module to a specific connector. If you want to check this pass me your email and i will send you the schemas. Tom
  10. @Daniele kuga II 2014 i guess you already retrofitted the SYNC2. Well only two things probably are causing this. Wrongly connected wires or faulty GPSM module?
  11. hi matey

    same old story here i have a 2016 focus titanium x and no satnav only the compass

    ccpu s/w 3.08.15128.ea in the sdcard slot it does have a F7 europe card in it but comes up with information in top right of screen. could you tell me what i need to get to update it and install please


    kevin (bigkev20)


    1. bigkev20


      hi again i managed to update to 3.10 after following your instructions.

      just need to know what to do next i know your busy chap when you get 5 mins could you drop us a message please.



  12. hi bannko help if poss,just purchased 2016 kuga,cant get sat nav on ford says it wasnt fitted,but it has sd card in slot,but top right corner it say insert sd card but not reading,so not sure if it has or hasnt,

  13. Hi  Bannko

    I have bought a 2015 ford focus with sync 2 it has the compass on the corner and I have read about enabling the sat nav, could you pm me a guide as you have done for others. I would appreciate it. 

    Thanks bbim

  14. @adamski90 of course mate 😄
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