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  1. Anyone want bonnet lifters for their mk3?

    Yep, the dark ice designs. But i do not know, maybe there are some small differences between pfl and fl, if yours are OK.
  2. Anyone want bonnet lifters for their mk3?

    In my car the strut pushes on the pipe and is a little bit squeezed. I ma gonna put it like on the video below the plastic.
  3. Hi banko please could you send me information on how to add satnav to my sync 2 please. Just found this forum and think its amazing. All of the members seem very helpful with what weve read so far. Had our kuga 2 days now and love it.

  4. HOW TO: SYNC2 --> SYNC3 upgrade

    @mastachaz have you tried sync3 somewhere? It was definitely worth it. Sync2 is just an old, slow stupid system with big screen, good only for one thing, sat nav. Sync3 is completely different story mate. The Android Auto capabilities these days are awesome, of course with the unofficial apps from developers like CarStream that allows you to browse tge internet watch youtube and movies from internal memory. Or Android Auto Mirror that allows you to mirror the screen and if your phone is rooted you can also control the phone's screen from Sync3 meaning running almost any app from your phone on sync3.
  5. HOW TO: SYNC2 --> SYNC3 upgrade

    @1979Damian thanks mate, did my best to make it as clear as possible with all the hints ;)
  6. I also wanted the shark fin... Buz they are not goof quality. The one that Paintmodz sells is a Chinese one only painted with OEM colors and they do not fit 100% on an estate. I would rather recommend a shark fin from US company Visual garage, they have their own product. But shark fins are easy to put on they just cover the original black base.
  7. Update Sync 2 The Easy Way

    @dastus1 and if you want the SYNC3, i just wrote a guide for it yesterday, the principle is the same for each Ford vehicle with SYNC2.
  8. Aerial is the one that Ford recommends: https://www.ford-accessories.co.uk/infotainment/other-infotainment-accessories/sport-antenna/2049615?model=focus&year=2014 And the sun shades are from Poland: http://allegro.pl/zaslonki-6-szt-ford-focus-kombi-mk3-2010-i6353162878.html or if you want the Mondeo here: http://allegro.pl/zaslonki-ford-mondeo-mk5-liftback-lub-sedan-2013-i6260574854.html There is a contact email on the seller in the description and he is willing to send abroad. They are much cheaper then the ClimAir that Ford also recommends: https://www.ford-accessories.co.uk/comfort/comfort-products?model=focus&year=2014 Cheers
  9. Hi Together, so i did this upgrade in Nov 2017. There were already few vids on youtube available regarding this upgrade and also Ford has in the meantime released official guide for Forcus MK3 RS SYNC3 upgrade. The videos are great but as they are for US version there is a small difference and also the Ford's guide has tons of unnecessary steps and parts you have to buy. So i have decided like to put everything together and write for you the guide with my experience and tips what to do and how PS1: This guide can be applied to each Ford car with SYNC2 (not just Focus). Of courste the panel removal will be in each car different but the needed parts are always the same. PS2: If you have Focus MK3 preFL, upgraade radio/SYNC1 to SYNC2/3 is also possible and will fully work. You only have to have better knowledge with wires harness and pins as there will be a need to add additional pins into main connector. PARTS NEEDED: 1. SYNC3 (apim + screen) 2. GPS Antena (the one from SYNC2 is not compatible as it is a GPSM module) 3. Media HUB in armrest (optional, will explain below) 4. Power connector reduction (in case you will buy new HUB) 5. ELM327 diagnostic device (Forscan compatible) WHERE TO OBTAIN NEEDED PARTS + ADDITIONAL INFO 1. SYNC3 (apim + screen) Well here you have really plenty of options, depends on your budged. The factory navigation is good but if you want a cheaper option you can go for the nonNAV version and use the navigation apps from ANDROID or APPLE. a.) more expansive option and the best one: is to find a used EU navigation version from ebay, junkyard etc. Even better if you can somehow also obtain the VIN no. of the donor so you can later use it for the map updates. Price are approx. 500-600 Pounds My SYNC 3 is a EU nav version and has this part number: HJ5T-14G370-GNG b.) you can buy also a new one from factory, i have found this guy in Facebook Focus MK3 Owners Club group and he sells the sat nav version for 500 Pounds which is pretty good price: https://www.facebook.com/InCarNavi/ c.) If you have bigger budget you can already buy a whole ALL-IN-ONE upgrade kit, where you will have all needed parts and at least you do not have to bother with buying stuff separately. I know that you can buy those kits from US but they are overpriced also some Russian sites are selling the SYNC 3 kits but i do not know the prices. And i personally know one Polish guy who also sells those kits for Ford vehicles the price from him is i think about 640 Pounds. So if maybe someone will be interested you can PM me and i will forward you the contact info. d.) cheapiest option: to buy one from US and you will later install the EU update there to make it EU version. If you will buy a navigation version it will not work here in EU (US nav version has 32GB internal storage, EU nav version has 64GB storage) but there is a possibility to install there the cropped EU navigation without some unnecessary voices so it will fit the 32GB storage. In US they have a site where the scrape yards are selling car pars and you can find a SYNC 3 just for 100-200 Dollars. Or you can just search ebay. Very hard is just to find it as sellers are describing items like they want. The site is: http://car-part.com/ and the best way is to look for Ford models 2017+ and as a part choose: Radio/CD. From the descriptions it is hard to assume that they are selling SYNC 3 but if you will find something that might look like a SYNC3 8" touch screen just contact them. Just make sure they are selling APIM+screen not just the screen E.g.: 2. GPS Antena You need a new GPS antena for both, nonNAV and NAV version (emergency calls). You do not need the original Ford antenna for SYNC 3, just any cheap that has the blue connector. e.g.: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-RG174-GPS-Glonass-External-Navigation-antenna-3M-Fakra-C-connector/32808397482.html? or https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006AKVX2S/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 3. Media HUB in armrest The Finish no. for the proper Focus media hub is: 2026703 (price about 50 Pounds) New media hub is required only if you will use iPhone or Apple Car Play. On the old hub if you will use Android Auto you will only get an error message each time you start you car but it will work. But if you want do do it the proper way just buy the new HUB anyway This proper HUB has one USB nest and it loops to the front so you have also working the USB slot under climate control. You can buy it at your dealer, or any web store that sells Ford parts or just search e-bay. For my upgrade i did not use the proper Focus USB HUB. I have the one with the 2 USB slots that does not supports the one in the front, badly i did not have better info while buying needed parts, but what ever. This is the pic. of mine media HUB: 4. Power connector reduction (in case you will buy new HUB) The Finish no.: 2209060 (unfortunately the price now is about 209 Pounds) Again, you can buy it at your dealer, or any web store that sells Ford parts or just search e-bay. Luckily for you this original Ford part is not mentioned in any other guide. BENEFIT OF BUYING THIS PART: it comes with a SYNC3 LICENSE. What it means is, that when you will bring it to your dealer, he is able to add the info of SYNC 3 upgrade to your car on Ford ETIS site and you will have the SYNC 3 in your car like officially. But i guess like 99% dealers have no idea that such a thing exists, lol. OR Buying just cheaper aftermarket reduction from US company: https://www.4dtech.com/sync-3-retrofit-usb-hub-wiring-adapter-gen-2b/ OR If you know ho to cut wires, you can use this Ford's pigtail (info from 2GFusions.net) CU2Z-14S411-AA (WPT-1239) - installation of this harness will be described below. 5. ELM327 OBD diagnostic device This one you will need to configure the the SYNC 3 for your car. As an example i will say this: You have a rear parking sensors and you can see them working on SYNC 2 screen. If you will upgrade to SYNC 3, you will have no visual aid on the screen as the SYNC 3 does not know that you have the rear parking sensors so you must configure it, the same goes to parking camera etc. Just buy one from here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR12.TRC2.A0.H0.XELM327+Forscan.TRS0&_nkw=ELM327+Forscan&_sacat=0 INSTALLATION PROCESS: Saving data from SYNC 2 using Forscan and ELM327 cable: Well before the removal process you have to save the as build data configuration from SYNC2 (APIM Module) in order to load them again into your SYNC3. Firstly check this video that show were to download and how to set up the Forscan program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deJiXehdN6Q For some deeper explanation how the configuration works in FOrscan you can check the official forum: http://forscan.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1932 Secondly the saving and loading function from the APIM module. I do not have the screenshots for you guys but you can check this youtube video. The guy shows it already on the SYNC3 installed but you have to save the data first from your SYNC2 actually. And then after the HW change, load it again into your newly installed SYNC3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gF1VLpr0Mvs&t=317s TOOLS NEEDED for removal: T25 Torx Flathead screwdriver Plastic removal tools are very helpful (you can get them cheap on Aliexpress/ebay) Installation time: approx 1h As a base guide (when you have all parts gathered) use this video, it is a must to watch as my steps and info below will be just an addition and tips to it. Also note that the removal process of the dash parts on this video looks very simple and almost each part can be easily removed. THE REALITY is different, it will be maybe 3x harder to remove everything in your car and you will constantly have a feeling that you gonna brake something, lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2V8PFLSHwD0 Installation TIPS: Video position: 0:50. Removal of the trim around the shifter. I had a serious problem to remove it exactly like on the video so i did it by removing it from the other side. Video position: 1:35. Removal of the plastic cover below the radio. Well this was the hardest part for me. I really could not pull it like on the video and i almost broke it. Luckily i had also few pictures of the Ford's official manual that saved me. So i really recommend here to use Ford's step with the screwdriver. Pic below: Video position: 3:45. Removal of the trim panel of the shifter. This step is almost like on the video but i want to just show you the difference with the stick for the manual transmission. Because i firstly tried to remove also the silver frame. Video position: 4:20. What to do with the climate panel. Well i did not want to bother later to connect everything together so i just disconnected the switch for the "start/stop,parking,heated steering wheel" and left the panel aside with other wires connected. Video position: 6:30. Removal of the dash bezel around the display. Well this part holds like it is glued but you just need to do a quick strong pull. It will be 10x harder then on the video, lol. And again i just left it hanging. Video position: 8:35. Removing the brackets from SYNC2. This part you can skip. Not needed for the EU specs. Video position: 12:00. Placing GPS antenna into the dash board. he i just want to give you a detail where exatcly it is placed as it is not seen very well in the video. Video position: 18:00. Removing the old USB hub. Do not do it like on the video. I used the video instruction then struggled with pulling it out causing a small damage to the plastic parts with the screwdriver. Also the wires in my Focus were lot shorter so the manipulation was very complicated even for a small hands. Instead i recommend you again to use official Ford's instruction. You will add a few minutes to it but you will have a nice space for manipulation. Installation of the pigtail for the new USB hub: - this is only in case you decided to connect the USB hub with the pigtail and not with the p&p adapters described above. Installation of WPT1239 Harness (Utilizing Pins 1 and 4): Pin 1 is going to Pin 1 on Existing Media Hub Harness - Yellow/Blue Wire Pin 4 is going to Pin 10 on Existing Media Hub Harness - White/Blue Wire Pins 2 and 3 are NOT used and should be taped off, Pin 4 is the one closest to connector release tab Power wires spliced into existing connector wires, soldered, and ready to be taped up: Using FORSCAN and ELM327/UCDS to configure your freshly installed SYNC 3 for your car. Again at the end you have to load the configuration from SYNC2 into SYNC3. The process is mentioned already above. Well that's it. With that video and my tips you should be able to do it much faster then me i know that this guide will maybe need some adjustments but in case you will face any problems feel free to write here and ask anything.
  10. Anyone want bonnet lifters for their mk3?

    @Phil21185 I have those DarkIceDesigns on my MK3.5, i can recommend them :) you do not have to create a guide because the gas struts already comes with the manual :) so who ever buys it, will have the step by step paper. The installation took about 10-15min. The only problem i see that there is a small collision with the washer fluid pipe. It can be visible on one of my photo in my thread. It is ok you can leave it like that but i would personally recommend before the installation, try to hide the washer pipe somewhere under the plastic there. And here they are on my car
  11. Thank you very much guys ;)
  12. Did not have time recently to put here the updates, so here they all things done still within y 2017: 1. So changed the long 40cm antenna with the short one,m that Ford recommends. Yeah the radio signal in underground is a bit ***** or non but i listen to mp3s anyway hehe :) 2. RS airbox installed, a plug & play job: 3. Hood gas struts, really comfortable now and looks dope :) 4. Custom made DP 2.75" + sport cat: 5. And the ST brakes with 320mm rotors and new half ceramic pads: 6. Some carbon fiber Ford badge overlays for front back and steering wheel :) 7. Aaaand the best play toy is Ford SYNC 3 on the board so the upgrade from SYNC 2 (My Ford Touch) was successful :) Plans for this year 2018 are: 1. to finish the rest of the exhaust 2. custom tune, with the new exhaust hopefully reaching 220HP and 360Nm 3. Retrofiring heated steering wheel and reversing camer :)
  13. Update Sync 2 The Easy Way

    @mik99 1. No Polish language in SYNC2 2. Should work, but cannot confirm you that. ;)
  14. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    @tonforty of course mate ;)
  15. 1.5 Ecoboost modifications

    Hi iantt, do you think that a change of the front heat exchanger for a better one will not help? Or actually the most important is the IC core inside the engine? Cheers for your opinion.