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  1. @Notsopro hi pal. After activation it will stay in car forever but there is a way how to hide it from the screen if you would like to do it later. Is that ok for you?
  2. Haha you are welcome pal, many safe miles 😉
  3. @NZ ENZ OF THE WORLD hi mate, your sync2 is a sat nav unit as you have there the text saying "insert sd card" and the SDcard slot is hidden in your armrest, over there you will find second USB port 😉
  4. @samevansinworthi i have not played there with wire splinting but in general it is always recommended to disconnect the battery first 🙂 . But i guess you already solved the issue? @Jack C hi jack is just the brackets. Of course when you buy it from different model then Focus it requires a little bit more effort to configure it correctly. And i do not recommend to buy a US nav unit, as it has smaller disk space and you will have problems in the future to load there EU nav maps.
  5. @theroninhunter ok now it is clear 😉 And to answer your question, yes it is possible. I am runnig myself the Sync3 APIM from MK4 Focus. You just have to configure the module after change in order to work correctly. Then you can install the updates like 3.3 or even 3.4. The only downside is that i still cannot install the latest F8 maps because they are not available on the server for these versions. But i do like the modern look of the 3.4 version. It still has a few minor bugs but as it is not an official release but in general it is working fine 🙂
  6. @theroninhunter can you explain please what do you mean by SYNC3 v1 and Sync3 v2?
  7. @Zeret100 what Ford wanted to plug in? You bought a second nav unit and you want to change it?
  8. Hi i have seen all of your posts, i have a 65 plate kuga titanium with the sync2 i am as everyone else seems to be wanting to active the navigation, I have an SD card ready. i went to ford and they have no idea. and quoted £200 just to plug it in would love some assistance



  9. @Batesy unfortunately in you case you have to change the whole unit for the navigation one. You can search ebay. Or if you want the big screen you can check this thread, it is for Focus but the procedure applies also to Kuga.
  10. Well 2017 model it is def. a SYNC3 touchscreen or small non touch SYNC1. So @Batesy what screen is in your car? Without this info we cannot give you further hints.
  11. @Revi Do you have fog lights? Under the front driver's headlight (LHD) is the connector for the front loom. I guess in UK it will be located under the same headlight so you have to check the passenger's one 🙂 as you are RHD
  12. Really need the step by step instructions for how to get satnav in my sync2 ford kuga titanium.


    Any help would be appreciated.

  13. @_musty_ to be honest Sync2 is prehistoric haha. The system is in Ford US cars since 2011. It was just introduced in Europe very late,i think it was in Nov/Dec 2014.
  14. There are German or Russian Ford forums where you can find the update packages. Just try to Google the specific version you need and you should be able to find it 🙂
  15. @_musty_ read my email and the dealer visit won't be necessary haha 😄 and thx for your feedback.