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  1. Yes they do ie appeal to different drivers, i used to kind of like to put my foot down a bit on county rds but now just can't arsed (age thing i guess : )). I also can't really be arsed racing from a-z so to speak, i do find the Golf suits the way i sit ect whereas the focus is not just as comfy but still ok. I'll keep one and sell one but god knows what..
  2. It's still a good car that's what said at the end but to me it's totally different to my Golf, I do like the solidness of the Golf though but hey ho
  3. Maybe skittish isn't the word to use as it steers good very precise, maybe too precise but kind of light and a bouncy in general don't get me wrong it's good to drive but I don't sit "in it" more "on it" they way the seats are and opening/closing the doors ect are quite light and tinny...this is compared to a mk4 Golf where the build is totally different. Yes the shocks, springs ect ect are all fine as it just literally went through mot yesterday but driving there and back I felt this after a few months with the Golf Still a good "wee car" though.
  4. When i think about it i don't think anything can be done unless the rack or rake and reach part of it can be fitted on the mk1 which i doubt. Or stick to the golf..
  5. Mainly because the steering wheel doesn't have reach only rake, yes i can move the seat forward but my legs/ knees are close to the dash (i stretch my legs). I'm more comfy in the golf (mk4) as it's for rake and reach, is the anything that can be done in the focus ie a rack from another model ect.
  6. Problem being it's an 05 and one of the last and online drop menus think it's a mk2 Example, buying a front brake caliper I put in the reg ect, says it doesn't fit so put in the reg of an 03 same engine...fits!, I did the same for 04 still fits but putting 05 it doesn't so think i'll need to put 04 when getting parts online to stop confusion.
  7. You're right about German stuff my old BM's were like that as were some Saabs I don't understand why this thing was holed just behind the light and all along the arch but no where else, yet the other side's fine anyway a new one's on now
  8. Focus mk1, not behind the wing and the door hinge it didn't, the rust was all along the arch and a hole behind the headlight where's the no padding. I've read a lot on various cars that this foam sponge stuff can and does cause rust as the water's got nowhere to go. Not much at all mentioned sound proofing.
  9. The spongy thing behind wings that supposed to help stop corrosion (aye right). I didn't put the one in the drivers back in earlier, I'll thoroughly clean the inside ect of the passenger one in the next day or 2 and if ok leave that one or too. Or is out best to put them back despite them doing more harm than good.
  10. On the other side is a plastic square raw plug type looking thing, I'll have another go shortly as I'm working outside and been raining. As said above I'll use the dremmel and hope for the best. I'll get Hammerite smooth for behind the liner, Ford ect should be ***** ashamed of themselves the way they DON'T underseal stuff properly but it's all down to money.
  11. I guess when you say "If I've got one" you mean a welder.... nope And as so far you're the only one answered, like me they've no idea either..
  12. So clean around with a wire brush thingy for the big drill as it'll have more force than the Dremmel….if that doesn't work i'm kinda stumpted