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  1. I did that before I bought the car. Exhaust leak advisory 2017 and 2018 but not 2019 or the one they did for me this year before purchase. So I assumed the problem had been fixed, obviously it was either a different leak or was missed last year. I do have a newish rear section so that might have been that leak tbh.
  2. No they're a car dealers like on any high street, not a Ford main dealer. Well you could argue, and they would, that they knew nothing about the exhaust and like my mechanic and the exhaust specialist said "try to prove they knew"...... almost impossible and possibly expensive through the courts. So to me getting a brand new exhaust that should last at half price is better than expected I feel. If I said I wanted to see the purchase invoice that surely would show if it was genuine Ford?
  3. After a lot of tooing and froing I've got somewhere at last. I went to an independent tailor made exhaust specialist in Surrey who said he might be able to do something for me last week. He put the car on the ramp and immediately said "FFS Ford what have you done?" He showed me that indeed this car has two cats, why they went down this route he couldn't work out. He then said there's your problem and got me under the ramp to see. Somebody before had put Gungum around a leak in the exhaust before I bought the car, he confirmed my brief loss of power would be the moment it blew the Gungum seal. I asked if he could repair the exhaust and he said it couldn't be welded as it was too corroded, see photo, and that the cats would be a part he can't make and would need to be Ford parts. I told him I'd only had it 3 weeks and I said I bet the dealer had done that before selling it to me, he agreed but said trying to prove it would be hard. I immediately rang the dealer and said that I wanted it sorted or I'll return the car or take him to court and he said that he'd fit a new Ford part if I was prepared to go 50/50 for the part. Under the circumstances I thought that was more than I'd get from a car dealer so accepted. When I dropped it off today I said that is a Ford part isn't it and he said yes but it's supplied by a company called CTS. I've now got to somehow make sure I'm paying 50% for a genuine Ford part and not being fleeced Ford prices for a cheap pattern part. Do Ford sell parts through third party suppliers or can they only come from them direct?
  4. Just my luck, 9 year old car so would have been eligible! Surely the badges they sell now aren't the same quality as the originals? Terrible of Ford to produce such c##p in the first place.
  5. I've now joined "the club" with a knackered tailgate badge. First tried fishing line but it kept snapping after lifting the first quarter of the badge so I dripped a little white spirit around the edges of the badge and left it few days. Today I got the wife's hairdryer, I have no need for one, and on the hottest setting it took about five minutes to get the badge removed. I got a screwdriver behind the badge and gently pulled at it without leaning on the paintwork. I now know what it looks like underneath which presents a problem because I think I'll have to bite the bullet and buy another badly made Ford badge as I assume that these gel badges I've heard about need to be stuck directly over the damaged badge, and now it's in the bin. Does anybody know different or have any links to good quality badges online?
  6. They MOT'd it a week before sale. No advisories.
  7. I bought a 61 plate Focus (1.6 Ti-VCT) a few weeks back that at the time of purchase sounded perfect, after a 300 mile trip and a few commutes,I now have a slight blow from the flexi downpipe apparently so my dealer and my mechanic both say. My mechanic has told me the price for this part from Ford and pattern parts suppliers and its eyewatering because the car has two catalytic convertors. Ford also advise to fit four new sensors to the exhaust too, which they would wouldn't they? Grrrr. My mechanic, who I trust implicitly, said that in his experience he'd go with Ford as the pattern parts usually fail MOT's within a few years whereas the Ford parts are better made. Does anybody know anywhere that makes good pattern parts or perhaps can the flexi just be replaced or repaired in some way? As a second point I feel that the dealer should contribute to the repair at least but that could go either way as it wasn't blowing when I bought the car so did they know and conceal it somehow or is it just my bad luck in your opinion? Apparently the sale of goods act 2015 says that any car sold by a dealer can be returned for a full refund if a fault appears within 30 days that means the car is unfit for purpose, is this true? Dave.
  8. That looks neat. Does the headliner just unclip easily from the roof? Is there a gap at the side of the dashboard, between the door rubber and dash, to route the cable down to the fuse box?
  9. Yes I know that I meant is there room for the cable without distorting the headlining or stopping it clipping back in place?
  10. Is there room in the headliner for that then, and can you access it easily?
  11. I think the nextbase hardwire kit has a gizmo on it that stops the drain on the battery and only starts the cam when it feels a knock. So they say!!!
  12. HITTING lol not biting. That would make for some intertwined interesting footage!
  13. Tbh I was only going to do it if it was all there ready to go apart from the actual sensors in the bumper. Wanted to really add a dashcam but don't like the wires on view across the windscreen and into the 12v socket. Do any of you guys know if I could hard wire it to the fuse box. I know nextbase do a hardwire kit but don't know which fuse is a spare and would provide a permanent live for the dashcam to be left in the car to protect against people biting the car whilst parking.
  14. Ah that's me out then! Yes noticed I also didn't have folding mirrors so that makes sense now. Tbh for a Titanium spec I don't think Ford have gone overboard with the goodies. Thanks Tom.