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  1. That's ok mate. The spring is very fine and flimsy so I'm assuming although it's there for a reason it's not anything that will hinder the cable working properly. I wondered if it's just there to hold the sheath in place up to the screw cap? I undid the cap again and pushed the spring inside but as soon as I screwed it up again it popped out. Might just take a chance.
  2. Weekend now so would like to assemble the screw cap, spring and rubber sheath properly so I can get back on the road again. Any ideas gents how they go together? Don't want to chance wife going out in it and the spring being in the wrong place causes a breakdown. Thanks.
  3. Anyone know where that spring should be? Don't want to take the car out until I know I've assembled it properly. Cheers.
  4. Went out this morning and found the culprit even though it's really hard to see and access with the battery above. The cable nearest to the front of the car has jumped out of the bracket that holds it so the cable was just flopping about. Once I screwed it back to the bracket the gears released again. The only issue I still have is the little galvanised spring you can see protruding from under the screw top onto the rubber sheathing. It doesn't look strong enough to be a major issue but obviously it shouldn't be sticking out like that. Does anybody know where it should be, I assume under the body of the screw top?
  5. Oh yes what a ***** idiot I am. I'm thinking about my Taxi and the gearbox being behind the engine but it's RWD. Lol. No hope for me! So I should be able to view them under the battery tray? Do these cables ever seize up inside the plastic sheathing causing this problem?
  6. So tracing back along them towards the back of the car they should join the gearbox at the top or to the side? I can't imagine I'm m going to be able to see them that far down without a mirror.
  7. Just had a look from above and I can't locate where they are. I'm guessing they're somewhere to the right of this heat shield but could be totally wrong! Tried to look under the passenger side too but again couldn't see a thing. Any idea where the connections to the gearbox are? Don't know if the layout is different on the two litre.
  8. Once I locate the other end in the engine bay is it worth spraying the cables or fixings with WD40 to keep them moving freely? I'll try to find the gearbox connections in daylight.
  9. Hi. Tried the first part and the lever moves freely. Too dark out there at moment to look under the car. Is the other end easy to get at? If it is a selector fault I take it I'm looking at a lot of money?
  10. Hi. Just happened to my car today, exactly the same, stuck in first. Did you find out what it was?
  11. Hi. My wife was driving my 55 plate 2.0 petrol Focus, after she pulled away and went to change into second gear the gear stick wouldn't release from first gear position. She managed to limp it home. I just took a quick look under the gear stick shroud and the bar going directly forward towards the engine will move slightly forward and backward but not enough to get out of first gear. I detached the bar from the gear lever thinking the lever might be stuck but it's not. I started the car with the clutch depresssed and lifted the pedal and it wanted to pull away in first. Can anyone please tell me is this just the linkages, something inside the gear box or possibly the clutch. Thanks. David.
  12. Hi. My engine management light has come on and my fault code reader has given me fault code PO400. I believe that this is something to do with the EGR valve. I have a Ford Focus 55 plate with a 2.0L petrol Duratec engine but have no idea where the valve is located or what I can do to possibly clean or replace the valve. Any help would be very much appreciated. David.
  13. My daughters 1.0L econetic Fiesta has been damaged by someone who drove off afterwards. To save her money and her insurance NCD I wondered how easy it is to replace the whole foglight unit? Is it easy enough for a novice like myself? Does anybody have a step by step guide setting out the procedure? Many thanks. David.
  14. Just used my fault code reader and found one fault (see screenshots). Not sure if this fault would cause the dashboard dials to start working, and the EM light to extinguish, 14 seconds after starting the car though? Or perhaps that's a separate problem?
  15. My 55 plate 2.0 Ghia Focus has a problem with the engine management light. When I start the car it illuminates for approximately 10 seconds and then goes out and doesn't come on again. During that 10 seconds the rev counter, temperature guage, fuel guage and,I assume if I was driving, the speedometer don't liven up at all. When they all come on and start showing readings the engine management light extinguishes. Has anybody had similar problems?