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  1. thanks, hopefully it wont be to painful
  2. ive been having issues with my boot handle / switch, it works every time from the fob, it will sometimes work after i have unlocked the car but that recently it barely unlocks without using the boot button on the fob, been told its the mirco switch in the door handle I know this is a common issue and I phoned a few dealers who don't stock it but can get one £51, just wondering if anyone had a spare one, looked on ebay which are only £6 but cant be genuine, thanks, is this also a guide on how to change it
  3. my 1.6 zetec has a standard exhaust but sounds quit sporty, is this common for a zetec with the ti-vct engine
  4. It's when I turn the steering wheel at slow speeds
  5. I m getting a creaking sound when I turn my steering wheel from side to side especially when parking and pulling out of spaces on full lock
  6. hi its a 2006 mk2 focus, if I did this , will the indicators still flash to let me know
  7. hi I know I have to press the lock button twice on my key fob to double lock it and then the indications flash to let me know its done, I have to press the unlock button twice to unlock lock all the doors (its the 3 button remote) thing is, I don't know if I press the button to quick but when I press the unlock button twice, it doesn't always unlock all the doors?
  8. my air vent on my mk2 focus is broken, how hard / easy are they to replace? its the oval one with the silver surround
  9. hi, i hope this isn't a silly question but I have a key fob that has 3 buttons, one to unlock, one to lock and one for the boot my question is, do I have to press the unlock button twice to unlock lock all doors? same as locking them thanks
  10. steplce74


    what brand of tyre was fitted as standard to a 2006 mk2 focus 1.6 zetec climate?
  11. front 33.36, rear 34.81, would you round them off, it only tells me bar pressure on the door sticker
  12. what are the trye pressure in psi for my 2006 focus 1.6 zetec with 205/55/16 tyres, thanks
  13. hi, just bought a 2006 ford focus 1.6 zetec climate with the ti-vct engine, it had a new clutch fitted last year but to me, the biting point is really high, it this common on the mk2 focus? also, the car has done 75k miles, not sure if its on the original cambelt but the ti-vct engine doesn't exactly feel anymore powerful than a standard 1.6 but my last car was a ford puma 1.6 which felt a lot quicker
  14. Hi now the weather is getting colder, my puma 1.6 is slow to turn over, when it does start it dies straight away, this morning when i drove it, i put my foot down when the engine was still cold, (joining a motorway) it started to pick up then it seemed like i put the brakes on, which i didn't and it coughed and sputtered, then was ok again, i have replaced the air filter and since then its not running as good as it did, its a mann filter so not a cheap one, also, when ever i start the care from cold, my speedo, rev gauge, fuel gauge and temp gauge shot to there maximum, it does this most times, i know my battery is old, it was standing for a year and i think the garage who sold it to me just put any battery in that would fit, i know it isnt a caluim one which i have been told it should have, do you think the battery is causing these probs or have i done something when i fitted a new air filter or is it a puma thing when the temp gets really cold