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  1. steplce74

    cool start problems

    Hi now the weather is getting colder, my puma 1.6 is slow to turn over, when it does start it dies straight away, this morning when i drove it, i put my foot down when the engine was still cold, (joining a motorway) it started to pick up then it seemed like i put the brakes on, which i didn't and it coughed and sputtered, then was ok again, i have replaced the air filter and since then its not running as good as it did, its a mann filter so not a cheap one, also, when ever i start the care from cold, my speedo, rev gauge, fuel gauge and temp gauge shot to there maximum, it does this most times, i know my battery is old, it was standing for a year and i think the garage who sold it to me just put any battery in that would fit, i know it isnt a caluim one which i have been told it should have, do you think the battery is causing these probs or have i done something when i fitted a new air filter or is it a puma thing when the temp gets really cold
  2. steplce74

    hoffman exhaust

    what is the bore of a hoffman back box compared to a standard backbox with the oval tail pipe
  3. steplce74

    door warning light

    hi on my dash i have a light that tells me one of the doors is open even thou they are all closed, i have spray the door switchs but its still doing it i have checked the white plug on boot lock and it seems fine
  4. steplce74

    bonnet height

    hi my bonnet sits higher on the passager side than it does on the drivers side, ive had a look but cant work out how to lower it, its about 1/2 higher than one the drivers side
  5. steplce74

    Advice Needed

    hi, i am thinking of buying a puma from a family member who owns a garage have a look at this link put in: Y54 KDY Ford Its £350 is it worth getting? thanks