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  1. i'm having the same issue, ive had the cambelt kit and water pump but still getting the same issue, anyone found a solution yet, thanks
  2. for some the rear speakers stopped working even thou I had them replaced last year now the only one working is the front passage side but if the turn the volume up loud and then back down again the drivers side front will work? ive checked the wiring and it all seems ok, any ideas, thanks
  3. im looking at getting a performance exhaust for my 1.6 ti-vct, firstly I cant find any for my car as my standard exhaust doesn't sit under bumper as it stops short of it, any suggest on exhaust and how diffecuit it would be to mod the bumper, thanks
  4. I bought it from a used car dealer who's no longer in business, they got the rear speakers working, even thou they died again within 10 months
  5. cheers for the video, I was putting the keys in wrong, took stereo out and there was a lose wire, wriggle it and got the drivers side front one working but not the rears, theres lots of wires going into the cd player so haven't a clue with ref to the rears
  6. hi, my mk2 focus is having speaker issues, I had the 2 rear speakers replaced last January and they have stopped working, the drivers side front works when it feels like it, ive tried to get the cd player out to have a look but cant seem to release the top left clip to release it, any ideas, thanks
  8. yes, and its now done 1000k miles
  9. hi, what does a ti-vct unit look like on a 2006 1.6 zetec? also, had a new cat fitted 1000k miles ago and when I park up it smells like its hot, ie hot metal smell
  10. steplce74


    what about firestone roadhawks? any views
  11. steplce74


    hi, i currently I have firestone road hawks on my mk2 focus 1.6ti-vct zetec. im thinking of getting Avon zv7, any advice would be much appreciated,
  12. just wondering where was the mk2 focus built and mine has the ti-vct engine and have been told they only last 60-70k and mines done 80k but no uk dealers seam to stock them
  13. hi, I have a 2006 focus with the 1.6 zetec ti-vct engine they are meant to be good on fuel? on a run the fuel gauge goes down pretty quick from full to 1/2 then ok driving it around town I get about 240 to a tank, its done 77k miles full history with a recent cambelt/water pump change it sounds throaty from the exhaust driving it around but had it checked and been told its fine the performance doesn't seem as good as ive read on the net, doesn't feel much quicker than a standard 1.6 not as good on fuel