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  1. Esp Light Staying On

    Oh and i have a fault code reader, it came back fsult code C1288- chassis... ?
  2. Esp Light Staying On

    Hi, My ESP light csme on the other day and i cant switch it off!! Tried tick or unticking it from my control menu but not having much luck. Anyone experience this issue? Is my ESP unit knackered?? Thanks Will
  3. How To Change Bi Xenon Bulbs

    Hi Gary, Thanks for your reply, Yea, i mean the normal light. Didn't notice any screws but i will check again and take some pictures. It'l have to wait until the weekend. Will update this once i checked it out. Thanks
  4. How To Change Bi Xenon Bulbs

    Thanks for your reply Jake. Everything is secured, and my other lights are working except the main beam. I suspect the lights gone, thats why i purchased another one. Anyone have any ideas? driving around with one main light looks daft! -_-'
  5. How To Change Bi Xenon Bulbs

    Can anyone help?? =/
  6. Hi, I got a focus st facelift 2008 model. and one of my Bi- xenon light has gone off!! =( A great chance to upgrade my bulbs from 4300K warm white to 8000K artic white. however i'm struggling to pull out the d1s bulb. I took the headlight off the car easily. but trying to pull/ turn clock or anti clock wise- the bulb will not come out from the socket, googled around and other models from ford have a black plastic thing you need to remove. I tried to unscrew this but will not move at all. Any ideas? anyone remove their d1s bulbs before? Thanks
  7. Hi, Does anyone know where to locate the fuse for the obd port? Thanks
  8. Newbie, Got the Focus Zetec 2.0 08

    it doesnt play so thats not very good. Really? hum.. i put one in on my last car and was still under warranty. unless u done it? i got the 3 door and the pulling the seat back is a pain! aswell the lever always get stuck! :/
  9. Newbie, Got the Focus Zetec 2.0 08

    hum..might be, duno. engine cant be still cooling down when i parked for ages.. :s
  10. Newbie, Got the Focus Zetec 2.0 08

    Oh, those who have the 2008 focus (mines Zetec 2.0 3dr) have you notice a weird sound coming from your car when you parked up for sometime?? Mine made a little Gerning sound every minute or so- noticed when i parked up at night waiting for sum1. When my engine was off.. Any1? do you know what it may be? A recharging sound mayb??! Will
  11. Newbie, Got the Focus Zetec 2.0 08

    Yeh, it was on offer for me but unfortunately i added few extras, (interior and zetec package) which made it into a factyory order so i didnt get it=( tho my player still has the bluetooth buttons for calling and answering-they made it into MUTE BUttons!!
  12. Newbie, Got the Focus Zetec 2.0 08

    Cheers, Yeh i know about playing my mp3 player from aux-Already using it =) Just i assume new car cd players should also play MP3 disks but it doesnt -__-' Its a pain geting my mp3 out each time i use my car and forget to switch it off when i leave it! Am sure its not just me!=p
  13. Hi, I got the new focus 2008 and was wondering if you's can help me... Anyone know if the cd player model 6000CD plays MP3 cds?? cant seem to get it to work, surely all new cars plays mp3 music..? :s Anyone know which type induction kit is best for focuses? best performances... got some more questions but it'l do for now.. Regards Will