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  1. dsayer

    Norfolk Newbie!

    same here
  2. dsayer

    Norfolk Newbie!

    Welcome to the club Steve I'm also from Norfolk which part of the county are you from
  3. dsayer

    Stalling Focus

    Hi I had a similar problem with my car and it turned out to be cheap fuel I used tescos I had the tank drained and filled up with esso never had the problem again worth trying a different fuel
  4. dsayer


    Hello and welcome
  5. dsayer


    Hi james and welcome to the group I also have a galaxy mk1 only 70k on the clock they are great cars especially for families
  6. dsayer

    Engine light

    Well you have 2 choices replace the sensor of buy a scanner to get the code very cheap on ebay
  7. dsayer

    Engine light

    I'm not sure on a puma if it has one what is the code you are getting I have a galaxy and when I plugged it in I could see it was always running in open loop lean which was down to the pump not running its there to heat the cat up quicker and because it was not seen to be running left the car in open loop all the time and putting the engine light on
  8. dsayer

    Engine light

    Hi does this car have a secondary air pump if so that could be your problem
  9. dsayer

    no lights

    Just an update I decided to get the job done yesterday unfortunately my soldering iron was not working so I had to run a length in and join up I ran from behind the rear seat belt compartment all the way into the boot door so the offending wires have all gone and been replaced fingers crossed this will never need doing again not while I own the car anyway 😳
  10. dsayer

    no lights

    hi there my mk1 galaxy has suffered with the common wiring issue with the boot wiring harness before I look at sorting this out has anyone got any hints and tips I have made a quick temporary repair but need to put this to bed
  11. dsayer

    A Newbie From Bristol

    Welcome to the group lee 👍
  12. dsayer

    Dicky68 From Newcastle

    Welcome to the club dicky
  13. dsayer

    Mot Adviseries

    As far as I'm aware the macpherson strut test has been changed now they have to do it with weight on them as apposed to having the car jacked up mine was always an advisory until the last mot and they took it off :)
  14. dsayer

    Mk1 Galaxy Passes Another Mot

    certainly is its not a bad work horse for the age only done 70k so more life left in the old girl yet
  15. dsayer

    Mk1 Galaxy Passes Another Mot

    sorry still new to all this