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  1. St bumper fitted

    Wow that's look good, love the colour too
  2. Red Immobiliser Light And Non Start

    Did you try with another key? Defective immobilizer chip may cause this problem.
  3. Mk2.5 Instrument Cluster Retrofit Pats Has No Key

    Thanks for the answer ||Nexus|| I have 2 keys one with buttons and a solid no button key. I can use both with my old cluster with no problem. I saw your topic about the forscan but something confused us, when we try to import files new cluster it gives error about the minimal key number.
  4. Mk2.5 Instrument Cluster Retrofit Pats Has No Key

    Thanks for the answer @JW1982 I ordered a ford elm327 with switch option from eBay.co.uk but it takes 3 or 4 week to arrive. My friend got an elm327 but it hasn't got a switch and uses bluetooth. Can i use the bluetooth one for pats changing operation? Or can I use elm program with vcm2 es6516 device?
  5. Hello everyone, i have a 2007 Focus mk2, i got a problem with my orginal cluster. Sometimes car wont start or when cruising i got an errors about "engine fault", "transmission fault"," acceleretaion reduced". Me and my electrical technician friend try to fix it but re-doing the solders not helped. Couple days ago i bought a used mk2.5 cluster from breakers. Donor car is 2011 Focus mk2.5 1.6 a/t (start-stop). Dealership refuse the install an used item in my car so yesterday i found an independent garage the program my new cluster. We try to install via ids but we got an error says " pats not have an minimum key" and checked the pats, it has zero key on it. I read the related topics on the forum, i know cluster can be converted from keyless to normal pats but i can't find the appropiate software. The shop has an ids and vcm2 device. Technician and i spend 2 hours but i guess ids is not useful for this operation. Thank for any helps **English is not my main language, i tried my best. Sorry about the errors, have a nice day :)
  6. Hello From Cyprus

    Hello chris, i live in north (morphou-guzelyurt) . Have you ever been in the cyprus?
  7. Hello From Cyprus

    Hi everyone, I am Burak from Cyprus, i have a 2007 Focus mk2 1.6 a/t and it's my first Ford. I love this car :) i am planning to change my interior with facelift one. My current mods are: Oem St wheels, St springs Front st brake system Led interior and plate bulbs, Oval shaped stereo surround Morel&Rockford fosgate based sound system I bought a mk2.5 cluster but got some issues, i hope i find the answers soon :) Cheers