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  1. A spudger is one of those tools, once you've got, you've no idea how you managed without it before! I bought my Elu ST84EK jigsaw as bucket of disassembled parts for £5 off ebay. It had only been used once, the seller had broken the casing when it fell down 5 flights of stairs on to a concrete floor. He'd dismantled it to replace the casing but then decided to buy another one, instead of reassembling it. He's paid more for a new casing than he sold the saw for!
  2. I don't like how time consuming running Pipper's social media accounts are. When I started in October I thought it would just be uploading a couple of photos daily and commenting on them, per account: 10 minutes daily I wrongly thought! As her 'followers increase the time interacting with them grows. I must spend around 3-4 hours a day doing it, off and on, now I don't like how awkward it is to open some electric items, not sensibly screwed together: but with a multitude of plastic latches that you don't want to break doing it. My Philips shaver that stopped working with a known fault, in this case. Unlike Philips Australia/Asia who exchange the faulty unit even though it's out of warranty for free: Philips Europe, have a non-refundable handling charge even just to look at it! As it's known fault with battery pcb (dry joints) I thought I'd do it myself, and whilst I'm inside it, change the battery for a new one, at a cost of a third of Philips handling charge. Finally got it open using a combination of Bojo tools, a spudger and an old Sainsbury loyalty card. Only broke one latch on the internal battery compartment out of 7.
  3. It's not just cats Japan has another island overrun with rabbits too
  4. I keep motherboard and video card boxes for that: everything else gets shredded as a compost ingredient. Although bigger boxes can also be used to line the recycling wheelie bin: keeping the bin interior pristine. The boxes Pipper's chicken carcases come in are an exact fit for the wheelie bin like bespoke liners
  5. I don't like Twitter posting embedded videos "as Pipper" on her Twitter account. Whilst they are quite funny videos, they're not related to Pipper's content. When you're running a Twitter account as a marketing tool, for a future animal charity fundraising campaign, 2 minutes of people lighting their body gas emissions, or skateboarders being chased by angry members of the public aren't relevant. I can't exactly find what I need to do stop them doing it. I thought was related to 3rd parties accessing the app, if you revoke 3rd party permissions, the app doesn't work. Twitter is a lot easier to use with the app than with a PC/laptop Turning the app off and only posting from one of PCs, doesn't make any difference. So, it can't be the app, anyway Enabling various privacy settings, again, doesn't stop it. When you look at the "media" tab on Pipper's profile, the embedded videos aren't there, just the photos I've uploaded of Pipper. They aren't deletable as they aren't officially my media: but they do seem to expire after about 8-12 hours. However, I would like them not to have appeared in the first place.
  6. I've seen iphone boxes go for as much £20, which is quite remarkable for what is a small cardboard box!
  7. GMX

    Things I Do Like

    The Lexus? Is it a diesel one then?
  8. Molly appears to have gone hunting whilst Pipper and I were out on her morning stroll I've just found a mouse head and some intestines in the airing cupboard a front leg in the bathroom, and the tail end on the 3rd stair down. I am however, missing a torso and the other 3 legs, I wonder where Molly has abandoned them??
  9. Tonight's failed attempt, videoing Pipper reclining on her back, on my lap, whilst she ate pigs ear she'd got balanced on her chest. Cuddling her with my right arm whilst trying to keep the phone steady and in focus with my left. Result, 2 minutes of a blurry moving Pipper, but including such highlights as 10 seconds of a wet nose , 30 seconds of her rear left paw and 15 seconds of her forehead!
  10. GMX

    Things I Do Like

    I do like have a couple of hours free this afternoon, and popping over to the rescue to walk and entertain Izzy the collie x She's going to her forever home tomorrow. Pipper didn't seem to mind that I came back with another woman's scent all over me It's also my birthday today, so I took a load of cakes for all the animal rescue staff and sausages for all the dogs. Pipper now has 34 followers on her Twitter and is following most of the police dog units (who also tweet)