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  1. Its just a crank case breather hose, should be a fairly tight fit on there so looking at your engine it might have started to leak slightly if its not been removed in a long time.
  2. Also, is anyone able to give me a ride height measurement on the front, looks quite high, might have the wrong spring or damper fitted etc but have no point of reference etc.
  3. Hi all, Looking to lower my Fiesta to make it handle slightly better on the daily drive - currently on stock springs and dampers which I replaced around a year or so ago, it doesn't inspire confidence as it seems a bit 'wobbly'. Worth noting that all of the bushes and drop links are fine and were checked at the previous MOT for play, planning to swap out to lowering/sports springs to see how much difference it makes. I have found some basic 'A-Max' springs for around £50, might look at some of the better branded springs though but wondered if anyone had tried the cheaper springs. Being a 1.4 TDCi it is slightly heavier at the front, however they seem to be on par with the ST models as they also have a heavier (abit more powerful) engine up front. Is there a usual recommended spring to go for?
  4. The 1.4 TDCi has no issues, its the 1.6TDCi DV6 engine that does, my 1.4 TDCi is currently on 156k miles and still ok, my guess that this issue might have been air in the lines - remove the airbox and check the fuel lines for bubbles, might also be something as simple as a loose connection on the injectors.
  5. How much oil is on the dipstick?
  6. Anyone tried to underboost one at all? I think the base tune is 105bhp, if you under boosted the engine it might make say 75bhp which is still plenty for a small fiesta and should increase the MPG etc.
  7. Thanks for the help on this guys, I do agree with the face that smaller engines do have to work harder to get up to speed and can use more fuel than a larger engine but when on cruise/light load the larger engine might use more fuel. Its frustrating for me coming from having a diesel (which I will keep running for as long as possible) as there are no petrol alternatives that offer the same fuel economy and low down torque. I did choose the 1.4 TDCi as it has no DPF to worry about and its not the 1.6 TDCi which has a HUGE number of issues (although is a very good engine when it works). I will look at a few options, 40mpg isn't really any good as I would be using a 1/3 more fuel than the current car and will also cost more in tax I would recon.
  8. Hi all, I currently have a Mk6 1.4 TDCi which is still running well after 155k miles or so, I have had it for a few years and am looking to change cars next year for something slightly more comfortable (saying that I just drove 4 hours after work on Friday to Bath for the weekend). Looking at the mk7 as it looks like its the sort of thing I am after though - I work around 22 miles from home on a combination of b roads and a short amount on the motorway. The main issue I have is that I will be switching back to petrol after having many diesel powered cars - I do have a weekend car so looking for my next car to be good on economy and be practical in terms of space. My 1.4 TDCi is only averaging low 60s MPG combined for my daily commute, edges closer to 70mpg on a longer run though (but no where near the 80mpg my Clio 1.5 DCi was getting). I am going to have to switch to petrol owing to the fact diesels are being phased out even though they are more thermally efficient, are cleaner (with the right filters) and use less fuel than petrol engines. Anyway, looking at the mk7, will probably go with an pre facelift earlier model owing to the cost - looking to spend around £3k. My main question is on which engine I should aim for, I am guessing I should go with the 1.25 which looks like I am able to get one for around £2k which is good for the budget! Looks like the Ecoboost engines start from around £3.5k which I guess I could stretch to as I do like the styling of the facelift model. Main thing I need to work out is if its worth paying the extra to go from the 1.25 Zetec (listed as doing up to 60mpg) or the 1.0 Ecoboost (listed as doing mid 70s) - I am aware that the Ecoboost can use a lot of fuel but anything with a turbo driven hard will. With all of the issues with the Ecoboost engines at the moment is it worth me simply sticking with the earlier 1.25 pre facelift or should I look to get the facelift model with the Ecoboost - although looking at the cost of the car etc I would be spending twice as much on a car that does only 25% more in terms of fuel economy. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi all, I have noticed that I have a slight knock on the front, I initially thought it might be a worn bush but it went through the MOT no issue and I did specifically ask them to check all joints which they did and everything is tight. Just wondering if anyone else had this issue?
  10. Thanks for that, I will get on it and check the condition of it, its the first time its been flagged up but with the car being on 152k miles there will be a few things I need to attend to.
  11. Hi all, My mk6 1.4 TDCi is standard in terms of suspension, I had to replace a driver side spring a year or two back as it snapped (common fault), and am currently running with new shocks and springs all round. Ever since I swapped the suspension over to new I have found that the ride quality is slightly harder as well as not being as compliant with the road and feels unsettled. I know that the TDCi springs are usually slightly harder as the engine is heavier, however it doesn't always feel planted. There is also the ride height 'issue', the clearance between the top of the wheel and arch is the size of my fist, so I am looking at swapping out the suspension for something else - my car is my daily drive. Basically looking for a simple upgrade to make my commute slightly more fun - I am aware that its a 1.4 TDCi however I might look to remap it at some point, its actually a pretty good engine with lots of low down torque. I will be looking to swap over parts next year so will start getting parts now ready to fit things. I am thinking perhaps just lowering springs and ARB/ARB bushes? Would something like the Fiesta ST suspension fit to the car? Not really looking for coilovers but wouldn't mind a small drop in ride height coupled with a slightly sportier ride - perhaps something like a 35-40mm drop, will be running on stock shocks so don't want to go too low. What does everyone recommend?
  12. The car is now on 152k miles and just passed its MOT, only 2 advisories, one being a slightly corroded rear brake pipe, the other being a slight oil leak - which I believe is the remnant of when I had a failed injector leak off line which chucked diesel over the top of the engine. I have just ordered a modified OBD adaptor so use Forscan so that I can check the injectors in terms of if any of them are getting near the knock limit or see if I can reset the trims etc. I have a slight knock from the steering when the car is stopped - think it might be one of the steering UJs as all of the drop links and track rod ends are good (asked the mechanic to check during the MOT). I might look to do a few handling mods next year, lowering springs and ARBs etc but will see, have also just changed out the cabin filter and its now much fresher in the car with better airflow! I am also looking at fitting some Heko wind deflectors and need to respray the front grill as after 50k miles of driving its a bit stone chipped!
  13. I think if your DV6 has burnt through almost 2 litres of oil there are more serious issues!
  14. Hi all, I have a slight steering knock around the centre point of the steering, with the engine on and parked up, if I more the steering wheel from left to right I can hear a knock of some sort. I have a feeling it might have been drop links or tie rod ends, however it just went through the MOT fine and asked the mechanic to specifically check those parts. It makes me think it might either be a steering UJ or perhaps internal to the rack? Other thought could be the spring top mounts but they are only a couple of years old and it does sound like the noise is a bit lower down. Anyone come across this before? The car doesn't feel as precise as it used to which makes me think its something that has worn slightly causing it to be less precise around centre. Thanks in advance!
  15. My 1.4 TDCi is currently on 152k miles, still going strong, if you are down on power also check the copper washers as they usually leak. On a side note, avoid the 1.6 TDCi (DV6) engine at all costs.
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