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  1. Hi, My wife bought a Focus Ghia (06/06 plate) from a Ford dealer and went to pick it up yesterday and they said they had lost the spare key, but they had got a new one cut. However it was obviously just a normal key, not a key with buttons and so she asked them to get her a proper replacment key with buttons and they were hesitant about doing that because it would cost a lot to get one made and programmed. Fortunately she didn't take no for an answer and so they should be arranging to get a proper key made/programmed. We're going to chase them up in a couple of days to make sure they are doing it, but in the mean time I just wanted to check a couple of things: 1. What type of spare key should actually have been supplied with this car when it was new? Should it be a proper key fob, a master key or just a normal key? Just want to check in case we're pushing for something that wasn't actually with the car originally. 2. Should we actually insist on them changing the locks on the car? Obviously the fact that the spare is missing could comprimise the security of the car, so I'm thinking that we could insist on them doing that, but I'm not sure if its even possible to just change the locks or if the whole immobiliser/security system would have to be changed too. If anyone can help answer these questions I'd be really grateful and if anyone has any general advise about this situation that would be great too. Cheers