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  1. information

    @ victory - that's what I thought as well, but I'm not sure it gets used in the Focus. @ JW1982 - fair comment about the connector. I'm going from the wiring diagrams kindly supplied by Preee. They are for the 2011 build (which matches my year), which I thought pre-dated SYNC 2 (which I understood was a capability and not a specific piece of hardware) and 8 inch touchscreen (but I could well be wrong here). I now have the 5 inch MFD (satnav). - non touchscreen. My car also has bluetooth and (sort of) very limited voice control. I suspect that BTVC and sync-gen2 are mutually exclusive. Looking at the diagrams the sync-gen2 appears to be a module (has a connector, pins etc.) There is also a separate module on the same diagram (page 84) which calls itself 'media connectivity module sync 2'. Amongst other things the sync-gen2 module connects to the factory reversing camera, which is where my interest lies. I am trying to work out how that system connects together and works. As far as I can tell from the wiring diagrams, the video signal travels from the camera to the sync-gen 2 module and since I can't see any other way for it to get there, it would appear that the signal then gets to the MFD via one of the CAN busses, The multimedia CAN bus looks favorite because it also goes the rear camera interface module (apart from controlling the power to the camera, I can't really see what else this module is doing, but it is apparently needed). What I'm trying to do is retrofit a reversing camera with guide lines. I want to use the existing MFD screen, as per the oem install. If the HSD connector is a camera input, then I would use that. Reversing cameras that would probably do the job are cheap and easy, but so far I've not been able to find any information about it or mating connectors (in reasonable quantities) or adaptor leads and so on. I've purchased some of the parts for retrofitting the oem camera and removed the entire rear interior and have dissected the wiring looms to work out what bits are missing. The front will have to wait until there's a period when I don't have to drive the car for a few days. The information I have is incomplete and I'm trying to find the missing bits, if anyone can help fill in the gaps, I would appreciate it.
  2. information

    Anyone know what the function of the green 4 pin Fakra like connector is on the back of the satnav mfd screen and also where I might get a mating connector for it, I've tried ebay without much success. If anyone knows where the sync-gen2 module is located, I would appreciate that as well. Thanks in advance
  3. sat nav antenna cable

    Found it. As iantt suggested, it was behind the centre console nearside trim panel just above floor level, in a group with the back and white FM/AM and DAB aerial Fakra connectors. The cable doesn't go down either A pillar, it looks like it comes along the floor in the main floor harness. Not sure I'm a great fan of clip together plastic panels though. To my mind, screws, nuts and bolts seem a lot better (and easier to find where the fixing points actually are) still I suppose it's cheap. Many Thanks both
  4. sat nav antenna cable

    OK, thanks both, I'll have another go at the trims tomorrow. Yes I get verbal instructions from the sat nav (through the radio which has to be on) and the voice command system works (as well as it ever did) so does bluetooth which other thread suggest seems to take hit when you make changes in this sort of area. The GPS antenna I've currently got fitted seems to work OK in spite of the heated windscreen, which I expected to block it. I want to try and get it as close to factory as I can. By the sounds of things you did something similar, any details?
  5. sat nav antenna cable

    Because I've retrofitted the factory sat nav. using parts I obtained from a Fiesta. It all works and I haven't lost anything I previously had, Had to buy the antenna base from Ford along with the bezel that goes round the screen .The previous screen was smaller so I can't see all of the new one and the old bezel doesn't have an SD card slot. I'm currently using a GPS antenna wedged under the dash at the front, but I've fitted the sat nav antenna base on the roof and want to use that. I've partly removed the A pillar trims on both sides. Found a harness under both but I can't separate the trim where it meets the dashboard, surely I don't have to take the dash out to free the ends up?
  6. sat nav antenna cable

    2011 Focus MK 3 titanium X I've found one end of the sat nav antenna cable by the roof mounted aerial (blue Fakra). Has anyone any idea where the other end of this cable can be found? It's not in any of the harnesses behind the radio/sat nav screen.
  7. ST3 seats into a Titanium

    I've done a similar replacement, fitted ST3 seats into a titanium X. Don't assume that the required wiring will be in place, my experience is that it won't be. I suspect you will have to provide wiring to get power to the seat adjustment connections and will probably have to provide interconnection between the heat controls and the seat heater connections. The titanium x has heated seats as standard so that wasn't a problem for me. It only has one powered seat (drivers side) so I had to splice into the wiring loom under the passenger's seat to get a power feed to the seat. The powered seats are fed via a fuse in the boot fusebox straight off the battery, so are live with the ignition off. The seat heaters (or rather the ignition controlled relay) are fed via the BCM and (I am told) require programming to enable them. There is no reason why you can't fit an ignition controlled relay of your own to provide power to the heaters. The heat control modules are underneath the seats themselves and have a pair of wires going off to the control knob on each side, which is just a variable resistor with a switch. I couldn't get hold of inserts to go in either the multipin plug on the seat or the socket on the wiring loom, so I fitted separate ones. I would be interested in the reason you want to change the seats. I had the half leather ones in mine, but we found out halfway through the first long drive that they gave both myself and my wife serious backache.
  8. Bought this about a year ago and have made some changes, some of which have raised questions. I retro fitted ST3 Reccaro front electric seats (and rears as well - if I've got them, why not?) . Easy enough to do, just needed to splice into the appropriate circuit underneath the passenger seat for power for the motors. The most difficult part was explaining it to the insurance company, I did think long and hard before doing so but I thought I ought to at least make the effort. I changed them because I discovered 150 miles into the first 300 mile journey, that the original (half leather seats FWIW) that if I didn't stop and rest for a couple of hours, they were going to cripple me, seariing, burning pain between my shoulder blades and into my neck. They got my wife in a similar manner. I've also retro fitted the factory fit SONY SATNAV to the car replacing the existing SONY DAB radio. Obtained the parts from a Fiesta of the same age. Having read all the issues other people were having with the SONY DAB units, I thought it might be a bit of a gamble but it turned out to be basically plug and play. I changed the radio control panel for the sat nav version which involved some very minor plastic (ha) surgery to one of the mouldings. For some reason the 8 pin connector on the back of the control panel is in a different position on the replacement one from the original one. I don't know if this is because it's from a Fiesta or because it's satnav one. (out of curiosity anyone any idea?) For information there are 4 Fakra connectors on the back of the unit, the blue one connects to the GPS antenna, the black one connects to the FM aerial (so it can get traffic information) and the red one feeds the FM signal to the head unit via a short link lead. I kept my original head unit, there are some slight mechanical differences between the Fiesta one and the Focus one. Changing the top covers over would solve the problem but unless it didn't work, I couldn't see the point. There is also a bigger green connector with 4 pins. Anyone any idea what this is for? I've seen a North American version of the SATNAV and it has a yellow single pole Fakra in place of the green one, which looks exactly the same as the single yellow one you get on the original colour screen. As Preee ( I think that's the right number of 'e's) has suggested in other posts, I think it might be for the reversing camera, although if the video signal has been digitised (by a unit in the wiring harness), then the camera signal may come up one of the CAN busses. If anyone has any ideas, I would like to know. As I mentioned it all works and all the 'features' that the car had previously are also still working. I've got a temporary SATNAV antenna on it at the moment, square plastic blob on the end of 3 metres of co-ax, wedged underneath the dashboard, it seems to work OK in spite of the heated front windscreen. I plan to upgrade the radio antenna to the factory SATNAV version. I don't know for certain that it is a combination unit or whether the 2 are separate. Can somebody tell me and show me pictures? I think it might be, because under the head lining near the base of the existing antenna is a blue Fakra connector with a co-ax coming out of it and disappearing into the wiring loom. Anyone any idea where the other end of this cable may turn up - just so I don't have to remove the whole interior of the car to trace it. I have also heard that there is a co-ax link cable needed between this lead and the SATNAV. Anyone any information on this? I've also bought an OBD adaptor (the tunnel rat one) and downloaded the Focccus, Forscan and ELM config software (and a few others). Still playing with these but they seem to work fine. Ive used the Focccus one to enable the autolocking for the doors. Over the enext few months I'll be going through it to see what can be done so there will probably be more changes. I do want to fit the factory reversing camera. The car has privacy glass at the rear (which I'm rapidly becoming disenchanted with), which I didn't think anything of until the first time I tried reversing in an unlit car park at night - ok the thing has front and rear parking sensors but I still like to be able to see where I'm going.
  9. Links now appear to be broken - the error message suggests that the files have been deleted.