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  1. Hi all, Wondering if anyone can help me and recommend a good induction kit to go for? Its a 1.0l ecoboost 140bhp. Cheers
  2. Need help with diffuser

    Not seen that so will check that out and im just going to get a custom one built to suit the diffuser that way it should be as flush as possible :D
  3. Need help with diffuser

    Thanks i thought it would but wanted to make sure with someone that actually knows.
  4. Need help with diffuser

    Hi all, Im looking for a diffuser that would fit my 1.0 fiesta ecoboost red edition. Im looking at getting custom dual exit exhausts but i cant find just the diffuser that will suit it and fit my car. Can anyone help? The link below is what im after just ot sure what will fit my car: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Fiesta-ST180-1-6-Eco-Boost-KMS-Rear-Diffuser-175-/262573312838?hash=item3d2296cb46:g:PnIAAOSwInxXNPX1
  5. Quick question

    Hi all, Just a quick question that will probably come across stupid but i want to make sure. I have a 65 plate red edition and im buying this rear diffuser but i want to make sure it will defos fit, can someone confirm http://www.sico-developments.co.uk/collections/2012-onwards-mk7-5-fiesta-zetec-s/products/fiesta-mk-7-5-rs-look-rear-bumper?variant=5966104580
  6. Halo lights help

    Hi all, Ive seen halo lights on a fiesta recently and thought they looked awesome. I was wondering if anyone can give me a heads up on where to get them, looking for ones that change colour. Also its the halo head lights im looking for and not the fog lights that ive previously asked about. Thanks for any help
  7. Need a question answered?

    Hi all, I was set to believe that the spoiler extensions below would fit all fiesta including mine which is a fiesta ecoboost 1.0, could some please answer this question and if these ones dont fit, where could i get ones the same that do fit? http://www.maxtondesign.co.uk/product/fiesta-mk7-fl-2013-up/roof-spoiler-extension-ford-fiesta-mk7-st--zetec-s-facelift-primer-painted.html
  8. I seen that one, however im looking for the one like this, will this fit my car? http://www.triplercomposites.com/product/ford-fiesta-mk7-5-st180-front-splitter/
  9. Hi all, The splitter im after seems to only come up for an ST180, its the old triple r one. Would this fit my ecoboost 140, red ed the same way?
  10. Bonnet vents HELP

    looking to put some bonnet vents on my fiesta but dont fancy cutting holes into the bonnet. Ive seen a few pictures with stick on vents and was wondering if anyone can give me advice on how they look in real life. Stick on or cut? Thanks
  11. Need help with lowering my fiesta

    What would you recommend? 50mm would be low which i would like but whats it like while driving? hard to get around?
  12. Looking to lower my fiesta but dont know whats the best out there? I still want some comfort while driving but dont mind some noise etc, ive heard coilovers are good when it comes to looks but arent the best for comfort. I was looking at just buying lowering springs but dont know what manufactuerer and what size etc. Can anyone help me out?