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  1. Another Auto Gearbox Question

    Not when starting to drive off. It's not all of the time but Id like it to be smother If possible, but if others experience the same event the it may be just the way it is.
  2. My wife recently got a 2014 Titanium X Sport with auto gearbox and I've noticed at times when gently pulling away you can get a slight lurch forward at times. Also when driving along at a steady pace of around 40mph you can again get an initial slight lurch when you try to go a bit faster. Do others with auto boxes experience the same affect?
  3. 2013 23K On Clock Frequent Battery Drain

    I have just bought the same car for my wife, so this is a good heads up for me and I will do some battery drain checks. I have a Nissan 350z and had problems with the battery going flat after a week standing in the garage. I disconnected the battery -ve lead and inserted a multimeter, set to measure DC amps, in series with the battery lead. I discovered that with the alarm activated there was a 0.7amp drain on the battery while standing. I've no idea what size the S-max battery is just but say it was a 60A/Hr, and was drawing the same 0.7A then if the battery was brand new and fully charged, it would be flat in 60/0.7 Hrs ie 86 hrs or 3.6 days. Most batteries are never fully charged so it will be drained in less time. I now leave my Z in the garage without the alarm on. Starting the car takes a lot of charge out of the battery and if your doing short runs it can't charge back up so gradually discharges over time. This is further compounded by the battery drain while its standing still with the alarm on. I will do some measurements (if it ever stops raining) and report back.
  4. My First Automatic...advice Please

    Thanks Young man that's useful info. I will instruct the fuhrer and my daughter to take this advice.
  5. Sat Nav - Speed Cameras

    Good info, thanks!
  6. Sat Nav - Speed Cameras

    Many thanks!
  7. Sat Nav - Speed Cameras

    Thanks, I fancy its an SD card, and I've heard it could be located in the centre console somewhere but given that it appears impossible to have the software upgraded to provide speed camera locations I'm not going to bother hunting it down
  8. If your stuck in Start/Stop traffic, is it advisable to drop out of Drive and into Neutral when stopped. I'm thinking that when in drive the car will be wanting to creep forward and if I'm holding it on the brake then something somewhere may be wearing, if in neutral then no wear takes place. Anyone understand how it works
  9. Sat Nav - Speed Cameras

    Rang around a few sat nav/audio repairers. They all say it can't be done. Bugger!
  10. Sat Nav - Speed Cameras

    Do you know if this model sat nav works from an SD card? Just been talking to a pal of mine who works for Nissan and he tells me their sat nav's have speed cameras on. It's not that I'm looking to speed everywhere, but we all go on auto pilot at times and it would be nice to have an audible alert. I'm not holding out much hope though because this issue has been raised before on the forum with little to nothing provided as a solution.
  11. Touchscreen Inbuilt Sat Nav Pois

    Yes, yes, but what about upgrading the sat nav??
  12. Sat Nav - Speed Cameras

    Just discovered the Sat Nav on my Audio System (Touchscreen Navigation Plus system with DAB) does not have speed cameras on it. Rang main dealer and apparently the system can't be upgraded to include them Anyone found a way around this short come. Can independent companies carry out a mod??
  13. Has anyone come up with a good method of securing the spare wheel?
  14. No, no way, roadside repairs are only to get you home or to a tyre repair centre (at low speed) and to save you destroying what might be a good tyre. Unfortunately all options have a downside it's picking the one you can live with best. 1)Use the latex, destroy your tyre, on site repair hassle, not 100% fix, expensive latex replacement. 2)Use slime, save your tyre, on site hassle, not 100% fix, less expensive slime replacement 3)Use repair kit, save your tyre, on site repair hassle, get several cheap repairs 4)Carry a spare wheel, save your tyre, less onsite hassle, storage hassle, no replacement costs 5)Buy a car with a spare wheel, less on site hassle, use savings to buy a couple of pints Option 5 has a nice ring to it. Ha ha
  15. Ive just noticed that the RAC shop sells Slime and their own variant, both can be washed off.