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  1. My wife’s Focus has a similar problem (door not securing & bouncing out); it was the lock sticking and not returning to the correct position. A screwdriver could be used to manually move the lock into the correct position but this had to be done every time. It turned out to be a combination of (cold) temperature and lunrication of the mechanism. I used WD40 Lithium grease (https://www.screwfix.com/p/wd-40-specialist-white-lithium-grease-400ml/46103) and this sorted it out and there have been no issues since (Nov 2016).
  2. Auto locking doors

    It’s there for auto boxes - I have it on my 2.0 petrol titanium x sport - it has the powershift box - obviously no clutch or manual biting point.
  3. Auto locking doors

    Hi Pebblehead. I found the thread that I used to enable autolocking with elmconfig software (not Forscan as I stated previously). It’s pretty straight forward but remember to back up your settings as you soon explained in the discussion. http://www.talkford.com/community/topic/219522-how-to-auto-lockingenable-sat-nav-in-convers/?hl=elmconfig
  4. Auto locking doors

    I like the auto locking doors for the feeling of added security. Whilst I’ve never had some on try to open one of the doors when I’ve been stopped in traffic, it does make you feel a bit safer having your iPhone on the centre console. We have two young children and I like the fact that with autolocking enabled no-one can open the doors from the outside. I used the elm327 cable and Forscan to enable it on my Mk4.5 Mondeo and my wife’s Mk2.5 Focus. It was worth the £15 alone (for the cable) just to enable auto locking. My previous Mondeo (Mk3.5) could have autolocking enabled by locking / unlocking the doors using a predefined sequence. When I upgraded to the Mk4.5 I really missed the autolocking feature, hence my decision to buy the elm327 cable.
  5. 17 inch alloy centre caps

    I've recently purchased both the original and aftermarket 54mm centre caps. The quality of the Ford ones is superior, however there's not a lot in it. It will be interesting to see how they weather with time. I had my alloys on my Mondeo refurbished and new Ford centre caps fitted. I also purchased aftermarket centre caps for my wife's Focus Mk2.5. To fit (on the Focus) I drilled a small hole in the old ones and used an L-shaped Allan key to pull them out - much easier and quicker than removing the wheel.
  6. Using information on this and other Forums I’ve just retrofitted BTVC to my wife’s Focus. I realise there is lots of information out there but I tought I’d share the information on Sony headunit compatibility and BTVC modules as I found this particularly confusing. The original Sony unit in the car was the 6CD (non-BAB) unit which I replaced with a DAB 6 disc unit when the original one broke. The DAB 6CD was from a Mondeo with the Part No: 8S7T-18C939-MB. I purchased one of the later BTVC modules 8M5T-19C112-AP but wasn’t sure if it would work OK in the Focus. Thanks to Wilco (JW1982) who confirmed it should be OK, I then purchased the mic, audio patch cable and voice control column. I fitted it all this morning and the BT call and audio streaming worked immediately. Once I’d updated the firmware on the radio with the 2012 update I could then play music direct from my iPhone 6S. All in all I’m very pleased and the whole lot cost £117 and keeps the factory look. The only thing that doesn’t work is the voice control – I suspect that a different wire/loom may be needed – any advice would be greatly appreciated. Neil
  7. Show us your Mondeo

    It's here: http://www.talkford.com/community/topic/312026-le-package/page-1
  8. Mondeo Zetec business Auto 2014

    Hi Fasak7, have a read of this website & it'll explain what is needed and how to do it. It's pretty straightforward. http://www.jamessimpson.co.uk/elmconfig-enable-ford-ecu-functions/ And some more info here: http://www.talkford.com/community/topic/214738-mk4-air-con-not-as-good-as-mk3/page-8#entry2221474 My elm327 cable was £15 - great value considering I used it to enable auto locking on my Mondeo and my wife's Focus 😀
  9. Mondeo Zetec business Auto 2014

    You can do the auto door lock with Elmconfig - I did mine. As for the auto washers and lights I'm sure you could do this but you may need some parts (and enable it using either elmconfig or IDS), I'm sure someone on the forum will be able to confirm.
  10. Auto Lock On Doors

    Elmconfig and cable worked on 2009 Mk2.5. Also good for our Mondeo Mk4.5. Worth the £15 for the cable just for the auto lock :)

    As Andypsp says. You could also check your alloys aren't dented - this was the issue with our car, wheels were balanced, tracking checked, all to no avail. Vibration at 70mph (ish) - very frustrating, all four alloys were dented ☹️️
  12. Powershift

    The powershift box is spot on. It needs the fluid changed at & every 37.5k miles - make sure this has been done on any powershift you're looking to buy. Otherwise there can be issues - certainly according to the talkford forums. It normally costs in the region of £200 to do - my car hadn't had it done and as soon as I realised I booked it in. A great auto box for traffic and the petrol 240ps tit x sport is great fun to drive.
  13. Auto Locking

    Elmconfig and the Elm cable worked fine for my wife's Focus (59 plate).
  14. A few questions...

    Yes, as far as I know it's just the ST that has this. I can't quite understand why Ford did this, at least with a symposer you know the sound is actually the engine.
  15. A few questions...

    R.E. Point 3 Some Fords have a sympooser (essentially a pipe that conyeys sounds from the engine to the cabin), this is the case on my Mondeo Tit X Sport 240ps. Some of the later Focuses have an engine sound played through the stereo (as opposed to a symposer) which is artificial. I suspect this may be the case for your car.