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  1. It basically keeps turning its self on and off then when the engine is turnt off it doesn't stupid things but very annoying the auto elec did say that apparently there's a cluster fault but really can't be bothered to expand on it just want to sort it
  2. Yea I know I couldn't make sense of it started thinking the car was falling apart haha Think my radio is giving up now though doing my head in
  3. Read from the dash test mode but had it checked by an auto elec said basically don't use them codes they're a waste of time updated and and cleared my faults so far so good (touch wood)
  4. Hi all just looking for some info on my s max purchased 9 weeks ago love the car just having few teething problems and starting to aggravate me had a fault code come up c07480 or 7480 not sure as took a pic and its not completely clear, but been getting engine malfunction appear with esp light staying on soon as engines off it goes, any advice would be appreciated Thanks Grant