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  1. MK8 Fiesta - issues with build quality

    The problem I have been having is the automatic windscreen wipers. Some times they work sometimes they don't . Like losing the GPS on the Satnav , which I have lost the signal too, I just stop and start up again and it's sorted.
  2. New Fiesta, whos got one?

    Me. Had 4 weeks now , fantastic car. Another Ford masterpiece
  3. Sync 3 navigation

    Problems with the Satnav no. Problems with Spotify yes. When you contact your phone sync 3 can't always find Spotify.
  4. What colour?

    Yes the slope is still there but the whole car feels a lot bigger than my old ZS. Perhaps the two extra doors is making a difference. I wasn't too keen at first on the back lights but like you said they grow on you. I still think the front is better on the old model. Even like the iPad now. This car is going to be fantastic as a ST or ST- Line model.
  5. What colour?

    As requested photo's better late than never i say. Note the blue peter handy work
  6. Mk 8 Titanium arrived

    You will enjoy it, a fantastic car worth the wait
  7. What colour?

    Update. Well I went for the white colour Mk8 fiesta and what a motor. Had it for a week now and the car drives brilliantly, corners great and the old 125 engine purrs along without fuss. And of course the 125 engine has rear disc's too which I think has definitely improve the braking. On the Titanium there is lot's of kit too even a camera that displays the speed sign in your instrument cluster( I think I will have to turn that off) auto lights ,wipers etc. Am I happy with this motor even in white with a iPad ( good bit of kit) struck on the dash board you bet I am. Ford have done it again saymyname
  8. What colour?

    That iPad is one thing I don't like about the new model and that her indoors make me buy a four door.😟
  9. What colour?

    Thanks for your replies again. So I am going for the iPad in white as the others colours in stock where pretty nuff and yes l have thought about 17 v 67 plate but like I said the deal is very good. I am not too worried about the sell on price as this car will be my fourth in 4 -5 years and come the 68 plate I might swap again so that I may not lose too much money. My deal was coming to a end in November and I didn't want pay for a service etc and lose too much money on a old (65) model. I already have lost abit already because the dealer said it is a old model now? When I get the car I will post here what I really think of it. saymyname
  10. What colour?

    Thanks for replies. Have bought the white fiesta even though I said I never get another one but the deal I got is one l couldn't turn down. The car has arrived in their compound so no waiting till September or October for me. Should get it next weekend
  11. What colour?

    Hi I have been offered a brand new Fiesta 5dr 125 Titanium but it is in white. Really wanted red as white always looks a bit dirty but there is not many arrived in the UK yet. Problem is the deal is so good I can't really say no or should I wait for a red one.
  12. New Member

  13. I have a nextbase 302. Not bad playback and easy to use. Got mine set up top left of my window screen and ran the wire under the door rubbers and carpet. I forget it's there but you never know when you will need it.
  14. I am sorry to say dash cams are required today ,as ginger flame says there are too many idiots on the road now. Driving in London now is very risky with all these push bikes you hit one your fault or not, and you have got back up. Drivers in the last 20 years have got worse.
  15. Get yourself a good make Dashcam