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  1. Okay, thanks for the information. Okay, I'll get it checked before firing another one in. Thank you, I was going to order one, I may just wait and take it to the garage to get it checked out first.
  2. Yeah, most definitely. Although, the boy I bought it from mentioned something a out him trying to fit a different cigarette lighter and blowing something so it may be that. I don't have the original but it is on my list to get, I just have a PDF that I downloaded that's apparently for my car but I don't think it is. It's of no help when it comes to the fuses. Okay, thanks very much. I'll do another little Google and see what I can find. Easier having a name to search for.
  3. Thank you very much for the reply. Without meaning to sound like a bit of a plank, I was really hoping for a more intelligent answer.I know it's broke, I can see that it's melted. I asked what it was and where to get it. Not if anyone knew what was wrong as I can see very clearly.
  4. Hello! I've recently just picked up an 06 1.8 TDCI. Since owning it, I've came across a couple of problems, all resolved other than the two I'm going to mention. Firstly: I have the very common problem with power still reaching the inside of my car when the key is out and the cars locked. I've ordered a new ignition barrell to try and solve this issue (hoping it's just the contact in the barrell that's faulty). Secondly: I've attached a picture (hopefully it shows), of the fuse box under the bonnet. Notice there's a yellow thing that looks like it's blown. What I'm wondering is a) What the hell is it/are they? I've never seen them before. If it's a fuse, what kind is it? b) Where do I get my hands on one? Other than the battery constantly being dead (which I'm hoping will be fixed with a new ignition barrell) the car runs perfectly BUT I don't want to run it until I find out what it is in the picture and get it replaced. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Shaun.
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