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  1. fitting an alternator

    thanks, since the message i got one for £20. i found out to my displeasure that the noise did turn out to be the exhaust, as it suddenly came away at the connection to the silencer bit halfway down the m2, fantastic! <_<. however, i think i still need a new alternator because my airbag light is constantly on, having checked connections etc, i had a diagnostic test on it and he suggested a new alternator, should this cure that problem?? but like u say, im nowhere near u, kent infact! does having air con make any difference to fitting it? as this is what mechanics are asking when i ask about fitting an alternator? dave
  2. 1995 Fiesta, locking problems...

    i had a similar problem with my 2000 fiesta. in the end it was a little corrosion on the locking mechanism itself. im not sure if its the same problem but if the key isn't turning at all, it could be that? a new lock isnt too expensive, the only downside is its a seperate key so ultimately u'll have one key for the door and one for the ignition! try taking the door panel off and having a look at the mechnism, might just need some wd40?? may not be the same problem but thought id put it out there!
  3. fitting an alternator

    hi, was wondering if i could pick anyone's brains. it seems i am in need of a new alternator for my 2000 reg fiesta zetec lx 1.25 and am looking to fit it myself but not 100% how to go about it. if anyone has tips please let me know. the car is making an increasingly loud growling noise now when running, i have been informed that this is the alternator but im farely naive when it comes to vehicles, so if you think its anything else please let me know, i appreciate the description is vague! hope you can help me soon, many thanks p.s i have been quoted £85 for an alternator, does this sound reasonable?!?! Dave