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  1. I have a 2006 ford fiesta duratec engine 1.4i. The idle in my car is hunting. There was a pipe that had a crack in it which I fixed but I had to take out the map sensor plug to get to it but now my idle is gone crazy and the engine light comes on. There is another pipe that comes from the throttle body which I had to pull out because it causes the car to switch off when it is on.
  2. I have a 2006 ford fiesta 2 door, when I press the lock button on the key to lock the car, both doors lock and unlocks same time. When I disconnect the central locking pin from the drivers door, I can lock and unlock the car with no problem with the key but the moment I put the plug back on the doors cannot lock even with the key on the door. I would really like some help with this because I have bought new battery for the keys, I have replaced the door mechanism, I even bought new harness.
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    how to connect the passengers electric window to the drivers door switch. Which wires are required. The passenger switch is damaged but the drivers door has a two way switch. 2006 ford fiesta 2 door car