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  1. St2 Time

    Thanks Ross, heard lots of good things about it so hopefully I will love it. My dealer said they should get a demo in the next month or so, they will let me know when it comes in. You never know mine might be here by then too :o). Be sure to post pics when you get yours...
  2. St2 Time

    Hi Ross, yep i've just ordered one, I decided to change from my fiesta metal in white which I love to the fiesta st2 in spirit blue. Ordered 3rd week in march, delivery is supposed to be end of may but not sure if this will be the case as there are lots of people who have waited longer. I've not had a drive of one yet, hopefully I will like it :o). Hopefully more pics will start coming through soon.....
  3. Spirit Blue Mk7 St-2

    Thanks, I'll give them a call and find out a bit more about it. Look forward to seeing everyone's pics....
  4. Spirit Blue Mk7 St-2

    At least we should have some decent weather by then, we hope :0) I see you ordered the sat nav, do you know if you have to pay for updates on it and if you can plan a route on the Internet and send it to your car? I was thinking of trying to add it on to my order.
  5. Spirit Blue Mk7 St-2

    Me too, ordered spirit blue st2 with style pack. Ordered 3rd week march was told delivery end of may but looking at other people's deliveries I won't count on it :o)
  6. Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

    If you are in the Crewe area, Bristol street has got a demo one in. They have got a black and white one, one I think is a customer order and the other is the demo..
  7. Strange Noise? H

    Hi, I have a metal too and this does it. I didn't know what it was, I thought it was something to do with the keyless entry clicking on/off/resetting, I just put up with it too. Just ordered the fiesta st, hope this doesn't do it too!
  8. Titanium Sony Radio

    I ordered the white one too, hopefully wheels will look OK. I am sure you will get yours very soon..enjoy it when it arrives... :D
  9. Titanium Sony Radio

    Will try and post pics when I get it, had problems last time I tried but will have another go :D
  10. Titanium Sony Radio

    Also I tried the Sony DAB out in the showroom and compared to the standard one in the zetec S that I had the sound is much better. You only have to turn it up a couple of notches and it is quite loud and also excellent speakers. So if you like your music you will be pleased I'm sure. Enjoy when you get it...any date of when you may get it? I ordered mine beginning of July, it got delayed then there was a problem with the rear axle bolts being the wrong spec, they are being done today, then waxed tomorrow to collect Sat...fingers crossed!!!
  11. Titanium Sony Radio

    I have ordered a metal with the Sony head unit and due to get it on Saturday. I was told that it would be a DAB as it was built in September. I will let you know when I get it. I think it was in cars built in Aug/Sept so I think it depends on when yours was built. Presume that yours was built Aug/Sept if the dealer said you would get DAB.
  12. Rear Axle Bolt Problem

    Hiya, have you had any news on when the bolts are going to be done on your car yet. I am not getting much info back from the garage. I believe my car is still in the compound it hasn't even got to the garage. I went into one garage over the weekend and they told me that there is a chance that it might have to go back to the factory!!! Does anybody else know of this problem and what is happening??
  13. Rear Axle Bolt Problem

    Hiya, you got more information than I did I was just told that there was a rear axle bolt problem and they were launching the FSA on Monday 17th. Not been told when I am getting the car yet either. More frustrating is that they have taxed the car and I have the registration document and it is insured!! and I still have no car. Hopefully will get it soon though... What colour did you go for?
  14. A Big Hello

    Thanks for that. Look forward to seeing pics when you've cleaned it
  15. A Big Hello