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  1. Help with bolt thread size

    I think they may be a m6x20mm bolt. I've bought the replacement bolt but I'm having the same issue that I can't get the bolt on the left to go more than half way in. One on the right is fine
  2. Help with bolt thread size

    They're stuck half way in the armrest at the minute unfortunately
  3. Help with bolt thread size

    There's two t30 bolts that hold the armrest in the st at the back. Does anyone know the thread size? I need to get some replacements if anyone can help.
  4. Sync3

    Does anyone else think sync3 looks absolutely terrible. I can't understand why when sync2 looks good. Are ford going to be releasing an update to make it look any better as it looks like computer interfaces when they first came out.
  5. Which is better to have. Parking sensors or a parking camera. I'm looking to order a new focus and not sure which one to add. I have sensors on my fiesta and I really like the park pilot display. Is the camera easier to use and does it make any audiable sound if you're close to hitting something the camera hasn't caught? If you get both does the camera totally replace the park pilot display or is there a way to get both on the screen at the same time?
  6. Ford Focus St seats

    Seems a bit daft seen as you can get red seats in any colour on the fiesta.
  7. Ford Focus St seats

    On ford? When I try to click red seats it says I need to change the colour of the car to red to get red seats
  8. Ford Focus St seats

    Does anyone know if it's possible to get your pick of seat colour in the focus ST. On fords website only red focus' can pick red seats as an option etc I'm wanting to get a white focus with red seats which it does let me pick this as an option on carow just not on fords website..
  9. Retrofitting parking sensors/camera

    And do you get the park pilot display come up on your screen? @Ken.K
  10. Has anyone ever retrofitted OEM parking sensors or camera to their focus? I'm looking at getting a focus that comes without either however I'm used to the parking sensors with the park pilot on the display and don't think I could do without them so I need to see if it's possible to retrofit these or a camera before deciding whether to purchase this focus.
  11. Best dashcams?

    As title suggests im looking for a good dash cam, I need to record both front and back and would prefer one that records while you're parked up/ comes on if someone hits you while you're parked. Also where can you hard wire into if your camera is at the back windscreen?
  12. Giving the car back early on Ford Options

    As above, you can't just hand the car back when you like. If you want to get rid of it in July you'll have to sell it back to the dealership and then you're liable to pay the negative equity that comes with it. I've gotten out of one PCP finance agreement before (that's what ford options is). My car was valued at a trade in price of 7,500 and the loan still had 9,700 on (this is made up of your remaining monthly payments + balloon payment - any interest owed on the loan). Therefore I had to pay £2,200 to get out of having the car. If you're buying another car on finance you can put the negative equity in with a hp loan but from what you say you're looking for a personal loan so you'd have to ask for a loan of whatever you're looking to spend on a new car + what you owe in negative equity. In any case your reason for wanting to change is to save money so not sure changing cars before your 36 months is up is actually a good idea. If i were you I'd just wait out the last 11 months otherwise you'll have a hefty price to pay for switching early.
  13. What power can a mountune intercooler run?

    Never seen them in the flesh no, I wouldn't say they're cheap just don't have the premium price tag that mountune products come with. I've already used aet and they were spot on for me. Only ever heard good things about them tbh you're the first negative review I've heard of them. Going stage 2 on a 1.0 engine doesn't seem like a smart move regardless of the tuner to me. The standard power on the ecoboost is already high. I'm surprised they never sorted you out though if you had problems. Presumably they said it was something else that blew your engine?
  14. What power can a mountune intercooler run?

    Scrap that I've just checked and they're back in stock for just under £500. I'd rather just get a vodoo intercooler on sale at almost half the price.
  15. What power can a mountune intercooler run?

    That's good to know, so it will be good option for my map which is running 235. Do you know the price for them i cant find out at the minute cause they're not in stock.