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  1. Hi there. Gave John a call and he's gone none in and can't help me! The garage are now saying that even if I replace the turbo there could still be more wrong with it!!!!! Grrrr!! Now at a complete loss. Am I better cutting my losses and trying to get another car?? Thanks all
  2. That's brilliant, thank you. Has been confirmed that I need a new turbo. £100 sounds fab. I take it its a used/refurbished one at that price?? Thanks again Emma
  3. Danny Thank you so much for your response. My car was not excessively using/burning oil at all and no other sign that anything was wrong. Yes, I believe the loss of power was limp mode too, so that makes sense. Apparently the garage are still waiting to hear back from Ford re whether its a deffo on the turbo... I will definitely look for one on eBay. The swap thing you mentioned... Is that an eBay shop or just an individual?? Again, many thanks for your help Emma
  4. Hi All I haven't had to use the forum before as my trusty mondeo has always been so reliable. But two days ago the engine light came on and I had partial loss of power. You know your own car's acceleration, and I knew that mine was hugegly decreased in comparison to normal. Took it to my local garage who have taken ages to sort it, thinking it was the fuel filter and other things. They called me this morning to let me know they now think it is the turbo, or a part of the turbo that has a fault! I have done a little research and have mostly found info that states it needs a new turbo and it is very very expensive. The garage say they are going to have to call Ford Monday to see where they go from here but I am really worried that a), they don't know what theyre doing, or B) if it is the turbo where can I get one cheaper than £900- £1500???!!! If anyone has any info I would greatly appreciate it Thank you for reading I'm very worried and missing my car :-( Emma
  5. Hi All My cigarette lighter console has been playing up for a good year now, and last week it died completely . I do a lot of travelling and nearly always use my Sat Nav. I have a 2006 Mondeo TDCI. I see I can get a centre console on ebay for less than £15 delivered, but I would like to know if it is easy to fit myself, or whether I need to get a garage to do it. Any help greatfully recieved. :D Thank you Emma