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  1. Wow, what a find! I was in Brighton last Tuesday, can't believe I missed it was it anywhere near the pier?
  2. I always thought they had 138 or something like the fiesta metal?
  3. Hey guys, Thought I'd let you know there's a dirt cheap ST-2 going at my local dealership. (UK, Midlands, Stafford.) http://www.arnoldclark.com/used-cars/ford/fiesta/1-6-ecoboost-st-2-3dr/2013/ref/arnbi-u-39054 34'000 miles on the clock in good shape though (I have seen the car in person.) I'd snap it up but not looking to change right now.
  4. I thought it sounded high... where's the best place to PCP a new ST3? Direct through Ford's website?
  5. Hi guys, I'm currently in the market for an ST-3. I've done a fair bit of shopping around this weekend, and so far have been tempted mostly by what Bristol Street have to offer. Here's a link to the car: https://www.bristolstreet.co.uk/used-car/1294564/ford-fiesta-1-6-ecoboost-st-3-3dr-petrol-hatchback/ The car is on at £14'995. My deposit is £2'500. My monthlies would be £272 (with diamond bright...). This is all on a 36 month PCP. Does this sound reasonable to you folk? Many thanks, Ben.
  6. I appreciate these are only rough numbers but this is gold, thank you! How long did you stick it out at AC?
  7. See, I'm used to having to do this sort of thing. I've worked in retail/sales my whole life (I'm only 19 but been working since 15 as I wasn't the most academic of students!) so I'm used to gritting my teeth and jumping on customers pretty much as soon as they're through the door Please could you give me a vague idea of what's expected of a salesman target wise? Eg. How many cars a week are you targeted? I've heard the commission is quite good- is this true? Cheers!
  8. Hi folks... Now, I might get some sh*t for this but... I'm starting as a Sales Executive for Arnold Clark a couple of weeks from now. Say what you want about them, but I bought my Fiesta from them back in November last year without a single hiccup, received great service and got the car at a great price. I'm coming as an Assistant Manager from an equally large electronics retailer, so I'm more than comfortable in a high-pressure sales environment. I'd really like to know if anyone has any advice for me going into my new job/career? Whether you're an experienced car salesman/ woman or a customer of any dealership with some sound advice on how to be successful in the industry then I'd love to hear it!! Cheers guys.
  9. Things I don't like: AQUAPLANING. On the A34 last week heading from Stone to Stafford, pitch black on what is a virtually unlit road, there must have been a blocked drain or something because doing 75 ish mph, out of nowhere comes this absolute mass of water spewing up all over the car. Literally couldn't see a thing out of ANY windows. Back end starts to kick out to the left, try to fight it but absolutely no chance. Hard braking changes nothing. The car felt like it was at at a 30 degree angle at least... This went on for what felt like an age (but was probably about 4 seconds) until I got to the end of the "puddle" (more like a swimming pool) and the tyres came back into contact with the road and I somehow managed to pull it straight again... Luckily it was about 1:00AM and no-one was about. Had there been a car next to me, I'd have surely hit it, as I had drifted from the left, into the right-hand lane. Had to pull over to compose myself... I drove the same route the next day and the water had gone. However, the central reservation barrier (just to the right of where the water one was) was absolutely battered, and the grass all torn up and spewed all over the road... I swear to God I saw the wheel trim off a poverty-model Corsa lying there too
  10. Welcome to the club!! Sounds like a nice car man, well done I've always liked the idea of the 140ps motor in the ZS model, rather than the black/red editions... I'm not keen on red Fiestas and the black edition has a serious lipstick problem As with any new car, I'd take it easy for at least the first thousand (maybe even two thousand) miles... I'm no expert but better safe than sorry!
  11. Easily one of the nicest Zetec S examples I've seen, very classy mate. Did you spec it with the 140ps engine? That'd be the icing on the cake!
  12. Someone's taken the plunge! Did you get a decent deal on them? Best of luck
  13. Haha good to hear man. Was thinking of sending them back but I'm too lazy... They keep my phone, vape, wallet etc all in one place so I guess I'll stick with 'em for now
  14. I can't even imagine the suspense... Hope it comes soon!
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