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  1. Revo ford fiesta 1.0l 100ps

    Hi, so i want to get my car re-mapped. I was goi g to go with bluefin, but i have been told to go with revo. Can someone tell me if i go with stage 2, what else will i need to change and if so coyld you recommend some of those parts?
  2. My Zetec S MK7 project

    Right so guys, i have had a bit of a slow update, but I managed to get my Cat Back Exhaust system on (will post pics later when I give her a clean) lol I am now waiting to get the blue fin chip. Waiting to get paid lol
  3. Hi, Just after some advice, I have a ford fiesta zetec 100ps. I have done a few performance mods such as new cat back exhaust system and a new induction kit with the silicone hose pipe. I am getting the Bluefin chip remap as well, but was wondering if I should upgrade to the Irtec intercooler? Any advice would help thanks
  4. My Zetec S MK7 project

    Thanks dude, I got her booked in July for a Cat back exhaust system so can't wait for the final touches.
  5. My Zetec S MK7 project

    So I finally managed to fit the ST rear diffuser, was bit of a struggle, but managed to get it sorted. Hope you all like it...
  6. Fitting ST rear diffuser

    Hi, currently i have a fiesta Zetec s rear diffuser. I have the ST rear diffuser that I want to install. The connections underneathe on both the side panels, how do i get them off the look like clip ons, but they also look like I need a set of allon keys. Anybody ever done this before? Would love some advice.
  7. My Zetec S MK7 project

    Yeah I meam currently right now, I have the Zetec S diffuser, but it just does not do it for me lol. Plan on fitting the ST diffuser myself on Monday, wish me luck
  8. My Zetec S MK7 project

    ***UPDATE*** Just purchased the rear diffuser, will hopefully be fitting that in the next few days.
  9. My Zetec S MK7 project

    thanks dude :)
  10. MK7 power folding mirrors question

    I understand that, i know what parts i need. What i am saying is in the fuse box i only have one relay and no slot to put the other one.
  11. MK7 power folding mirrors question

    Sorry, i am trying to fit power folding mirrors
  12. Hi I have a question about power folding mirrors. I was checkingthe fuse box underneath the glove box and notice I have the right fuse box with one of the relays, however I have noticed the second relay is not there, but also the input to put the relay is not there either. Does anyone know why and how i can get passed this? Hope that makes sense.
  13. Upgrade to ST headlights

    Do you have any links, also could you PM as I have a few other questions that i think you might be able to help me out with if that's cool with you. Thanks
  14. Upgrade to ST headlights

    So in the guide it mentions about modifying that port, also gives you the option of buying it from him, do i buy it off him and just plug one side in my laptop and the other in my ecu port underneath the steering wheel?
  15. Upgrade to ST headlights

    Hey, thanks for your reply, just looking at that guide, it does not mention it being for the fiesta.