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  1. As per the picture in the post I have quoted above, I have the little white plugs coming from the cars loom. I do not have anything to plug into them though, no LEDs or lens covers if that makes sense
  2. I don’t habe puddle lights so would have to pick up the feed from inside the car and do it that way. do your OEM red lights have the wiring plug still on it? I would be interested in them if possible?
  3. Jonro2009


    Can you do much with ELMconfig? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Jonro2009

    Reversing camera

    You can download Forscan as often as you need it, license lasts for 2 months at a time Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Jonro2009

    MK3 powershift

    I’d have ripped that out before they took it away, it was a declared mod wasn’t it?
  6. You can see a massive difference, there isn’t no horrible faded grey behind the lower grill. Plus it’s not snowing lol. It’s looking really good i spent 3 hours cleaning and sealing my wheels yesterday, very satisfying feeling lol. Wrapped my fog lights in dark smoked film as I never use them anyway, makes big difference. I need to cover the high level brake light and pluck up the courage to wrap the rear lights too.
  7. Jonro2009

    Multi-car Insurance

    I agree about the haggling, if they can sell at 20% lower than the first price then why not advertise at the lower price. I have to say though, I do enjoy haggling. I’ll haggle on anything if I think I can get a better price, you’d be surprised where you can haggle. For example I bought 4 suitcases from Debenhams last month and managed to get 15% off the total bill just for asking lol, the wife normally walks away when I go to the till 😂 My theory on inflated prices isn’t that for every 1 person that haggles there are at least 20 who will pay full price, so it makes financial sense for a company to do it. Home insurance, as with most policies/contracts is easy to beat if you play the system a little. Some offers are for ‘new’ customers only, so put the policy in your name and then the wife’s name the following year which means she is technically a ‘new’ customer 😉. Also, one of my previous cars had tinted windows that were done after I bought the car so were classed as a modification, this increased the policy by £50. I took the policy out without declaring them and the next day rang up and said I was getting them done, I was charged a £13 admin fee to have them covered and that was it.
  8. Jonro2009

    3d printed boot badge

    I like the idea but in reality it doesn’t look good, it seems to have a really poor finish and looks like the edges are bumpy. Almost looks likes it’s been made out of modelling clay. If the edges where smoother and the face was smooth rather than having the rings on it then it would look loads better, just my opinion though. I think the text and lettering looks great though, I don’t think I would change that. very jealous you have a 3D printer by the way
  9. Jonro2009

    I just found this out

    How did you miss the arm rest moving then lol
  10. Jonro2009

    I just found this out

    If you look inside the cup holders in the centre console you can slide the bottom bit back to make the holder deeper, or a secret stash for a £10 emergency fund
  11. Jonro2009

    Multi-car Insurance

    As above. With the added info that you will be given a price for each car at the start of the policy. For instance, and assuming the Focus and due first, they give you a price for 365 days on the Focus then they will tell you that it will cost X number of pounds to add the Qashqai on day 65 of the policy to run for 300 days and then X number of pounds to add the Fiesta on day 200 of the policy to run for 165 days which will mean they all lapse at the same time. Then you decide who drives which cars and the type of cover. I believe it’s worked out as if you take out all 4 policies out on the same day and then they work out the daily charge of the cars to be added during the policy and then charge you that way. There is a lot to think about when doing it with so many cars. They all have to be at the same address, and nothing can change before they are added i.e. points/claims. I’m also not sure what happens if you choose to not add one of the cars as planned when you took out the policy. I have an Admiral multicar policy and the last 2 years it has worked out fine for us, but I have still had to haggle at renewal.
  12. Jonro2009

    Mk6.5 fiesta zetec s upgrades

    Cheers Zain, ill have to have a search around. I’m not sure if the foot rest is the same on the manual and auto but I’m sure that on Daniels RS the rest looks the same
  13. Jonro2009

    Removing this broken bolt

    Top news! Crack on with the conversion now
  14. Jonro2009

    Mk6.5 fiesta zetec s upgrades

    I’m after anything that looks the part, doesn’t have to be OEM. I’m really crap at searching for things lol. I’ve asked a couple of breakers but there are very very few locally. Did you get your stuff local or did you get the stuff sent to you?
  15. Jonro2009

    Mk6.5 fiesta zetec s upgrades

    NIce! I’m looking for a cover for the footrest on my mk3.5 auto, can’t find one ☹️