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  1. Jonro2009

    Car crashed into me Sat 25th Aug

    Phoning them is one way of ensuring you speak to someone but it’s not the best thing to do. These companies state that ‘some’ calls are recorded and funnily enough its never the ones that you need for evidence. I’d always suggest either email or online chat as these methods ensure you can prove what was said. If you must ring them then always follow that up with an email that outlines your interpretation of the call, and give them the chance to reply if they feel that you have got something wrong. A paper trail is the most powerful thing you can have when it comes to insurance companies.
  2. Jonro2009

    LED Bulbs H7

    The answer to your question is yes, they will fit plug and play. You may need slightly larger rubber boots to seal the unit once the fan is on the back though. If there is even the smallest gap then you will get water ingress and condensation in the lamp housing. That said I would implore you not to do it. The beam pattern will be truly horrendous and dangerous to oncoming vehicles. You should never put HID or LED into a reflector housing. It will undoubtedly fail an MOT and probably attract unwanted attention from the police.
  3. Jonro2009

    Red light?

    Surely the red lights are optional when you are old?
  4. Jonro2009

    Idiot in an Insignia!

    The guy in the outside lane didn’t even seem to notice what was going on lol
  5. Jonro2009

    Focus Head Rests

    Some head ‘restraints’ have a tilt function, the ones on my 17 plate focus certainly do. Do you sit quite upright? Unfortunately some are less comfy than others but they are meant as a safety feature and not built for comfort. Im not sure if you can buy aftermarket ones, an upholsterer may be able to fettle yours a little though? Bear in mind that doing this will reduce their efficiency in the event of an accident and could even lead to an insurance company not paying out on a personal injury claim, should they find out of course.
  6. Jonro2009

    Etis and Auto Lights/DRL's

    It should say ‘plus auto lights’ and ‘plus halogen/led running lights’ if it has them. it would depend what was standard spec on that particular run of titanium’
  7. Jonro2009

    New addition to the family.

    It’s hard enough seeing photos of these beauties and not being able to drive them, it’s going to be even worse for you seeing it on the drive everyday! Maybe you will get a shot on a private road 😉
  8. Jonro2009

    New addition to the family.

    I would have thought there was more than 2 in the whole of the UK, that’s mental.
  9. Jonro2009

    Car crashed into me Sat 25th Aug

    ***** hell, I thought it looked like it had rolled. You injured?
  10. Jonro2009

    New addition to the family.

    Stunning, but 1 of the only 2 for sale in the country?
  11. Jonro2009

    Car crashed into me Sat 25th Aug

    What happened to you? Is that a roundabout you are on, looks like a lot of damage. Hope you and everyone else involved is ok
  12. Jonro2009

    Lock v deadlock

    1st stage of locking still gives you the option to open the car from the inside using the internal handle. You can’t do this with the 2nd stage as it activates the ‘dead locks’. Use 1st stage if leaving someone in the car so they can exit in an emergency, unless it’s the mother in law and then it’s 2nd stage.
  13. Jonro2009

    Email setup/Advice

    I didn’t realise outlook 2007 was still supported lol. You are seeing the strikethrough because of your settings. It’s to do with the ‘purge’ setting on your IMAP account. On the folder for that account click on the ‘edit’ menu and select ‘purge options’ it may be in a sub heading for purge deleted emails. Then tell it you want to automatically purge the emails when you switch folders and that should be it. The headings are possibly a bit more tricky. You can try to minimise the folders under you main email account to bring the other one up or you can try dragging the other email inbox up the list, I doubt the latter will work though. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Not all bluefin remaps are done by the customer though, some are done on the premises aren’t they? Therefore the owner never has the handset in the first place. Also, when I was enquiring about remaps they said that if I sold the car and left the remap on then I could re use the handset for a remap on my next car. They would take the handset back and install the new map on to that. Superchips keep a record of all the cars they remap wether it is on the premises or with a handset at the customers property.
  15. Jonro2009

    focus rear red tail lights

    Doh, it’s Saturday my brain is still in bed lol. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk