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  1. Powershift box and 1.0ecoboost Engine

    Sorry David, it’s a 2017 build. Touched lucky because it was registered on last day of March so it’s falls 24hours short of the new VED price changes 😁 I am pretty used to it now, getting high 40s when in comes to MPG and that jerky driving is a thing of the past. Today was the first time that I actually tried to change gear though lol. I was talking to someone on here about using the paddles while you are in ‘D’ and then having to wait for the car to start changing again, instead of letting it bounce of the limiter lol can’t remember where/who it was now.
  2. FORScan

    @Dee_82 yes, I do have the extended licence. I don't have access to the PCM, SCCM, ½ of the BCM or PDM/DDM but hopefully that will come. I've not used foccus before, is that worth a try? @Azz899 I have done that, plus changed the menu colours. (I know my car isn't a 'proper' ST but I do like the screen lol) Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. Anyone want bonnet lifters for their mk3?

    Cheers Ian. That makes perfect sense because that's one of the things I could hear, the egf cycling. Not that I knew it was the egf though lol. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  4. Anyone want bonnet lifters for their mk3?

    It is pretty spotless to be fair, I’ve only had her a week though! I’ve noticed a high pitched ‘beep’ which lasts for about 20-30s after you turn the ignition off, I’ve no clue what it is. I may start another post about it cos it’s bugging me, as is the small diameter pipe just hanging under the back of the car. It seems to come from behind the NSR wheel arch liner
  5. forscan license

    Register on the forum Here your request needs to be accepted, that can take ‘up to’ 5 days, there are some handy guides and lists of changes you can make on the forum so have a nose about it. once you have done that go over to Here and request a license, which you receive instantly. The license only lasts for 2 months, you can apply for another one after that.
  6. Retrofit Camera

    I take it both cameras improve when you push the right corner or point it upward? I was going to suggest an Earth/grounding problem but it seems unlikely. Have you been able to try the camera without it in the position it is meant to be in, like just hanging off the end of the loom?
  7. FORScan

    What kind of things are possible with FORScan on a 2017 Focus? Are there any guides available that have lists of which modules you can access and what you can do within them? I had a quick look tonight and I expected to be able to see/access more. I’d like to do the following, if possible; activate auto locking on movement, disable door chimes, control the amount of time the 12v point stays active when engine is turned off and rear lights on with DRLs to name a few. I have a modified ELM cable and I used FORScan to do lots of things on my previous Mondeo so I am familiar with the software. i was able to make a few changes to Sync via the APIM but that was it ☹️
  8. Guess the engine/car (bit of fun)

    I didn't realise it was 'winner stays on' lol. Not a picture of my own, my mum had one!! Pic from google Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  9. Strange plug

    Would that also plug into the circuit for the fog light a too though? I don’t have ACC but I know Ford often have the wiring all laid out ready. I would love ACC though!
  10. Nextbase Dashcam Hardwire Issues!

    Has one of the fuses in the tap blown?have you got 2 fuses in the tap? Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  11. Anyone want bonnet lifters for their mk3?

    This is what I did. I may cut a snip out of the rubber, I'm not sure yet. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  12. Quick question from a ‘newbie’

    Cheers Damian! I’m certainlh getting a lot of info now, cheers.
  13. Weird badging on focus?!

    Best to use a hairdryer on the badge, heat the glue up and then use some fishing wire behind the badge to ease it off and then next some tar remover to get rid of any residual glue
  14. Nextbase Dashcam Hardwire Issues!

    Just try running the earth to one of the bolts on the door hinge, just as a testing point
  15. Guess the engine/car (bit of fun)

    Bought one new, I helped to design it 😂 my gandad was a mechanic and had a passion for old Ford's. He never had one but he had lots of pictures and literature. Can't believe I was right, and to quote a well known phrase