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  1. I didn't have the grey connector in my 2017 focus, I fitted the camera myslef for less than £50, I used a 54pin APIM adapter. The camera worked just as OEM would apart form not having the lines that move when you steer.
  2. I can post some footage from my rear view cam later if that helps.
  3. Hi, an internal camera will record and capture fine. I had factory tint on my Mk5 and it was fine, subsequently I've had a focus MK3.5 and a Mercedes A Class both with factory tints and no problems at all. I'm admin on an active Mk5 group, dashcams are discussed a lot and a lot of members run them, anything from cheap Chinese cameras all the way up to BlackVue etc. We will be able to show you footage and advise re fitting etc if you need it https://www.facebook.com/groups/693277794183606/?ref=share
  4. The Aukey is a decent enough camera and it's well priced, it has the same form as the Viofo and looks similar in every aspect. The lens is not as advanced but has a wider angle than the Viofo which has pros and cons, the pros being better field of view but that comes at a cost, the distortion/fisheye effect is more noticeable. It's not a reason not to buy it though, it can get some very good quality footage. The build quality is not as good as Viofo, but Viofos build quality is not as good as Thinkware, it's good for it's pricepoint. I don't think you will be disappointed with it all though,
  5. I can't fault it to be honest. The A129 line up now includes the 4K pro, IR and plus. The IR is aimed at taxi drivers as it has an infra red camera for inside the vehicle. The 4kpro provides excellent daytime footage but struggles with night\dark scenes. The Plus model is a very good 'all rounder' it performs well during the day and is superior in the dark. The A139 that I have has a front facing wedge type camera, a separate rear facing camera that sits on the rear screen and a separate IR camera for inside the vehicle. All the Viofo cameras have super ca
  6. Auto lights, from my experience, is standard on the STline. What does your dial look like? Do you have Facebook? I admin a very active Mk5 page that you may find beneficial to join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/693277794183606/?ref=share
  7. The mk4.5 was the Mondeo pre 2014\14 and the Mk5 went on sale in 2015, the mk5.5 - which is a facelift of the Mk5, went on sale 2020.
  8. Do you have a link to the item? They are bound to promote their item, hopefully it meets their hype. I've always gone for gel overlay badges personally but if there is a good quality metal badge at a decent price then it's certainly worth looking at 👍
  9. I have had a Viofo a129 duo for 5 years without any issur at all. It's been in 3 different cars and on its way into a 4th at the weekend. I've upgraded to the A139 3ch camera, which is awesome too.
  10. I found Osrams to have a much shorter lifespan than the likes of Phillips Xtreme, but I would have thought you would be happy with the light output. I take it you have adjusted the leveller inside the car?
  11. The amount of draw from the battery is negligible, it's highly unlikely to deplete your battery, but never say never 😉 it is a ford after all lol. Personally I'd want to try different LEDs because in comparison to a battery they are cheap as chips. You could use resistors and diodes but in my opinion it's a lot of hassle and probably more expensive than the LEDs you bought.
  12. Yes, the original plate just 'sits in the background'. If you did a reg search for the original VRM then it would come back as a none existent number. I know it was written above that someone unfortunately had a problem with the car not being assigned a DVLA plate because it was assigned a private plate from new, however in all the years of owning my plate and putting it on new vehicles (5) from first reg I have never had that problem. I'm not saying it doesn't happen but it's pretty rare.
  13. LEDs only require a very small amount of power, there must be enough residual power to illuminate them when they should be off. You can either fit CANbus ready LEDs or a resistor to each LED. Probably cheaper to get new LEDs though
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