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  1. Not seen that before, I would try removing the fuse in the first instance, or disconnect the battery for 5 mins. The code is built into the APIM\BCM so it will reset itself fine. To quote the IT crowd "Have you tried turning it off and on again"
  2. My STline is a 2017 with Sync3 and at 24 (and above) it still increases in volume, it doesn’t appear to be ‘clipped’. The volume climbs, I turned mine up to 26 and didn’t want to go any higher lol.
  3. eBay says they fit, and from experience they look like the correct ones. If it we’re my money then I would get them, you have decide for yourself though.
  4. Here is another set They are both the same fit, but ebay states they will definitely fit your vehicle
  5. Welcome to the gang! Your post says a Mk3 2016 but your bio says you have a 2015 - which one is right?
  6. You need these ones
  7. The guidelines that the camera manufacturer is talking about are the red, yellow and green static lines. it is not possible to get the dynamic guidelines on an aftermarket camera, depending on the year of car the lines are either linked to the camera module itself or the BCM. Either way you can’t activate them
  8. I earthed the camera on a bolt that was part of the wiper motor and actually postered it via a switched live fuse in the rear fuse box. It means the camera is always ‘live’ but the picture only shows up when you select reverse
  9. I don't personally recommend the number plate ones, they look too 'aftermarket' from my liking. Mine looks completely OEM from outside and barely visible. There is also no drilling through panels etc, just the plastic handle so no chance of water ingress or rust.
  10. Enabling the camera was easy enough, just a check box to enable and that was it. I got the harness from Amazon and it was perfect, good quality and a nice snug fit. I found the hardest thing was removing the ***** boot release button with the LED lights on it. I drilled a hole in it and fitted a camera rather than changing the whole thing. ZIZON 54 Pin Apim Connector Sync 1 Ford Camera Input Harness Cable with RCA Connector for Camera Extension on SYNC 2 or SYNC 3 for Ford Wiring Harness 14 Inches
  11. Here you go, the step at around 6m45s can be a bit daunting as you need to give it a good pull!
  12. There is a YouTube video, I’ll find it for you. I followed it to do the exact same job as you, added in a 54pin harness with an RCA jack. Dead easy to remove but can be a little stubborn
  13. I have a few Olight torches, they are pretty good. Well made and a good light output. I have found that with my small baton torch it will only shine at full brightness for 10mins and then it cuts off - I assume it’s a safety feature as it does get pretty hot
  14. This is something I am also really keen to do, what we’re they tanking putting a little ‘toot toot’ horn in!! I was under the impression that the horn is were you said it was too, and that to access it properly you should take the bumper off. I don’t believe you can reach it properly any other way but it May be worth removing the headlight and seeing if you can get down to it from above? would you mind posting a link to the horn you use as a replacement and a little guide if you do it? I haven’t had the time to investigate unfortunately so would like you to do the hard work 😉 seriously though, my next decent time off to look into doing this is the end of June so if you haven the done it I will be looking into it. I used a Bosch EC9 I think it was when I did my old Fabia horn
  15. Yeah, it works perfectly. The only thing it doesn't have is the dynamic steering lines, it has the red\yellow\green lines. My car has Sync3 though, I know it will also work on Sync2 but anything less than that and I'm not sure. You also need to activate the camera service via forscan.