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  1. Old and new for comparison Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  2. I got some excellent gel overlays for my centre caps and they are fantastic. You can get any colour backing, any colour writing, any font and pretty much any wording/graphic depending on size. I’ll post a pic of mine when I find one, the guy is a friend on Facebook.
  3. pretty sure I said about the meter first 😉 when you come to the car it should read 12-12.2v and it will dip to anywhere down to 11v. 14.4v is generally what I see while driving but sometimes it can be around 13v I totally agree with you @Rattus but I’m keen to know if he has the Ford Pass app as it seems that some people are finding that it stops the media system and car going into its state of deep sleep and allow some degree of battery drain.
  4. I understand how the OBD wiring works with Blackvue cams, it was just a thought. do you have the Ford Pass App?
  5. My 2017 has key entry with keyless start, also has s/s and a Dashcam 24/7 hardwired into the passenger footwell fuse box. I have had zero issues for the 1yr I’ve had this setup and my s/s always works as it should. You could try wiring the cam into the fuse box using a piggy back and a new 12v socket, it could be due to it going directly into the OBD port. I’ve never run a camera this way so can’t comment from experience. @Rattus is your cam via a piggyback or OBD connector? This ‘could’ be your problem 🤷‍♂️
  6. I wouldn’t also recommend unplugging the Dashcam when the car is not I need use, that is what I was getting at when I asked about aftermarket things rather than something plugged into the 12v socket. The first thing Ford are going to blame is anything you have added, even if it has a voltage protector on it. I’d make sure it is removed when it goes in just so they don’t try and blame it.
  7. 👋🏻 Does the sound ever seem to come from the IPC rather than the speakers, could that be the difference in the tone? That’s a common thing and can’t often be batter you related. do you have anything plugged in to the car that is aftermarket? For example a Dashcam or charger etc? Invest in a cheap voltage monitor that you plug plug into the 12v socket and you can see what the dip is when you turn the engine over and what it sits at when you are driving along too.
  8. Not in my opinion, not that I have done it to mine. its just like putting a ‘titanium’ or ‘S Line’ badge on a car, it’s a real trim level and the badge is genuine (apart from Darren’s)
  9. Perfect advice from Gav! John, I am admin on a large UK Mondeo Mk5 Facebook page. You will find loads of helpful members and guides on there - Gav can vouch for that. Why not join us, just mention my username when you answer ‘where you heard about us’
  10. He said above he wanted a more stock OEM+ look rather than a showy one
  11. On the mk3.5 they are push pins, not screws but exactly the same principle as described above
  12. Jonro2009

    Stolen RS!

    2 more cars from Tops Cars in inverness were taken yesterday, both high spec Audi’s but 7yr old
  13. How long do you need to cover it for? Might be worth looking into hiring a container at a storage yard? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  14. It’s not fixed on properly at the left hand side is it?
  15. I'm pretty sure the other end is already wired into the wiring loom that goes into the screen. Is it a Sync unit?