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  1. They are selling out quick, Amazon had them but they are out of stock now too
  2. Due to new updates in Forscan a lot of the adapters are being rejected, it's down to FEPS 18V programming. This adapter is recommended on the forscan website, one of my pals has just bought it and will be trying it tomorrow. https://www.bmdiag.co.uk/
  3. Did they reset the BMS when it was swapped over? You can find the procedure on Google.
  4. Does the stop start work? On a 2016 then my guess would be that your battery is on its way out.
  5. Thats good news, sync must have had a brain ***** 👍 I've just accepted a few requests to join the group, some where auto declined for not answering all the questions. What are your initials and I'll see if you managed to join
  6. Simon have you tried disconnecting the battery and forcing sync to reset? Before you did anything with Forscan did you save your AS BUILT settings? If you are close to or can get to Donny then my pal can help in person, and he doesn't charge if you go to him. Just a beer token.
  7. Also, as you said you have a Mk5 Mondeo you should join my FB group as I can guarantee one of the team will know what to do. He is one of my moderators and he installs Sync3 units etc and has acces to UCDS. https://www.facebook.com/groups/693277794183606/?ref=share I you join make sure you answer the questions and mention my name so you don't get declined 👍
  8. That's a strange one. I'll speak to a few friends and see what they suggest, hopefully they are still up lol
  9. So the focus needs to have the Sync3 unit refreshed to match the VIN because at present the VIN on the unit is the VIN from the Mk5. Is that correct? Is the Sync3 working in the Focus, it should be linked to the VIN. When you look at the information on the sync screen in the focus, it shows the VIN for the Mondeo?
  10. If you are going to use FORscan with your laptop then there have been some changes with the recent update. The programme now spits out an error message for a lot of the adapters. Tunnelrat electronics always used to provide the most reliable cables but to use them you now have to roll back to a previous update. *Some of them still work but will be getting phased out. Forscan is now utilising FEPS 18V programming in a beta stage, or similar anyway. The cable they recommend is from Vgate, it was available on Amazon UK but seems to have gone now, it is available on Amazon.com though. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B094Z7PBLS/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_navT_g_5HMWX93YGZ7098YPV0C7
  11. So a 2L diesel will have the DCT powershift, and it should be serviced every 3 years or 37500m whichever is sooner. Its really important to get it done on-time and not miss it. The petrol engines have the torque converter and are pretty much a sealed unit. However people do get a bit twitchy at about 110k miles and suggest you change the oil.
  12. When they changed the bolts did they change the EPAS rack too? Did they show you the bolts they removed? If there was damage to any of the 3 bolts then the whole rack should have been replaced as per the TSB. If you find that piece of information out and go from there.
  13. Sounds like they are going into 'safe mode'. It's not uncommon but I don't personally know a great deal about it. If you join the Facebook group I admin for the mk5 then you will get help there. Two members in particular will know - Malcolm and Alyson. Mondeo group https://www.facebook.com/groups/693277794183606/?ref=share
  14. I'm not sure they actually tap into the chassis, so may not work. There will be an earth point somewhere close, you may need to pull the carpet back a little to find it.
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