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  1. Mk5 bumper removal, 2 different videos for you. Both the same guy, I have to turn the sound off as he irritates me lol. He does lots and lots of helpful Mk5 videos. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=l9y4lrxPHS8
  2. The joys of a Mk5 unfortunately, you don't 'have' to drop the bumper but it's easier. There is little to no room behind the units, some people have managed to do it but not many. The other option is to loosen the top of the bumper and pull it forward, then wedge a 5L screenwash bottle behind it to hold it out the way. There is a good YouTube video I can link you to for reference, once you've done it once you can do the whole thing start to finish in about 45mins tops.
  3. You can indeed, completely plug and play. All the LEDs have inbuilt CANbus resistors so there will be no error messages on the dash. Andy can be reached at the following email address hnasupplies @ live. co. uk Due to the FOC restrictions I am unable to post the email address in the correct format, just remove the spaces I have put in so that it all runs into one word. The pictures arent the best quality but I took them from my Facebook group.
  4. Most likely called Peter. Seriously though, is it the expansion pipe?
  5. That's great, I'm sure you won't be disappointed at all.
  6. You are more than welcome, feel free to PM me anytime I'm always happy to try and help. You're right about the lights, it should be a safety recall tbh. Just for reference the dipped beam are H7 as you say, the main beam is an H15 lamp. If you have the halogen daytime running lights then they share the H15 as its dual filament (12/55W), if you change the H7s then the DRL will look yellow in comparison so it may be worth upgrading the H15 too (unless you already have the LED strips). If you have the halogen DRLs then you will also have halogen side lights, which will also look very yellow as they are on with the H7s, if memory serves then the sidelights are W5W and are pennies to swap to LED. Andy is a top bloke, he will advise you and then let you make your own mind up on what you want. Jon.
  7. It's highly unlikely to fail an MOT if you fit decent quality LED units. HID will definitely fail but LED will be fine. It's my Facebook group that you might be referring to, and not one of the members has had their motor fail MOT based on the LEDs that they retrofit. We pretty much all use the same guy and his units are plug and play, no errors and improve the field of view dramatically. An MOT testwr is not allowed to remove the cap at the back of the light to see what lamp is in there, therefore they can't be sure. And if they can't be sure then as per the handbook they must pass the vehicle giving it the benefit of the doubt. I will say that they can and will fail you if you install cheap ones that have a poor beam pattern, or if they dazzle oncoming vehicles. The ones we recommend do not do either of those things. You may need to take it to a garage once you fit them and just get the alignment checked to be safe though. His main business page is Facebook, but I appreciate you don't use that platform. He also has an eBay page that you can contact him on. Drop him a message, his name is Andy, tell him Jon the admin from Mk5 Mondeo group sent you his way and he'll look after you. He does all the LEDs you might want, side, dipped, main, fog, puddle, side mirror repeaters and number plate lamps. **I receive no financial benefit for putting you his way, I just know how dangerous and woeful the lights are as standard** https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/hna-supplies
  8. I personally don't look at all that software details, they are rarely correct until the car has left the line. You'd think that one system would update all sections but that's not the case - as we saw with the engine. And with Ford winding down ETIS it's less likely to be updated as efficiently now.
  9. The OP has halogen reflector headlamps, not projector. I'm sure the LED projectors need self leveling sensors and motors in place. The CANbus system may also need updated of you swap from halogen to LED as there is less resistance and the system will think there is a bulb outage.
  10. I found that in my MK3.5 that only the fuses being used were powered, none were empty and functional ☹️
  11. By locking it are you trying to stop fuel theft? The easy fuel system has an anti Syphon device built in so you shouldn't need to worry about that. I am unsure if it can be swapped out, I guess anything is possible but it isn't always worth it.
  12. Thanks for the update, they don't make things easy do they lol. Any pictures of the final install? Glad you stuck with it 👍
  13. And then the battery says "no chance mate, didn't you notice the stop start isn't working". You have to turn it on yourself when you want it to work, same principle as the rear screen heater.
  14. The DRLs dim to 50% and act as sidelights, if they are LED strip ones. The sidelight lamps you can see are dummies.
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