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  1. condensation

    Thanks for your reply Neil, as usual I would look for a remedy and read the manual later, Cheers
  2. condensation

    Hi all, Both my fog lights have condensation, I have sealed them with silicon after drying them out again and again but it still returns. I have seen on line where its recommended to drill a small hole but I am skeptical as there is a vent under the cap on the top of the fog light and both vents are unblocked. Any advice would be appreciated, Thanks P.S. Cree bulbs 2008 Focus
  3. Engine bay ignition live

    Very helpful thanks for the reply, I went for the piggy back option under the dash on the rear wiper fuse. Thanks again
  4. Engine bay ignition live

    Hi, I am fitting a drl relay harness on my 2008 pre facelift focus, but I cant find an ignition live in the engine bay. There is a pos and neg to the battery, and a blue wire to go to an ignition live. I am unfamiliar with piggy back fuses(apparently they have to be installed a certain way) and don't want to go through the firewall. If possible I would like to tap an existing wire. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Rear window washer problem

    Cheers Lenny, very helpful.
  6. Rear window washer problem

    Problem solved. I disconnected the rear window nozzle, opened the hose connection in the rear pillar and blew out the hose with an air compressor.
  7. Rear window washer problem

    Hi all, I have no water to rear window washer on my 08 Focus after it recently ran dry. I have read the other listed items and I am still stumped. I have water flow at the connection under the driver side rear pillar top, i have checked the spoiler nozzle and it seems to be clear. The problem seems to be the pipe in the headliner or in the top of the door and i cant get access to it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for a little info again. Some Muppet with a toe hitch backed into my 2008 focus mid section grill (just below the reg plate in front). There isn't any paint damage, but the horizontal plastic grill bar is bent downwards. I tried to straighten it using a heat gun but was afraid I would damage the paint. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Water ingress into boot

    I had a similar problem with my focus and after a lot of checking found it was the roof spoiler was letting in water.I used silicone and tightened the nuts to fix it. Don't know if this is the same for your situation.Hope it helps
  10. Pillar trim

    Cheers Damian, Will probably give it a miss
  11. Pillar trim

    Thanks again guys for all the reply's and great help. It is the external pillar / window trims, I was looking for. So sorry.
  12. Pillar trim

    Hi again, Thanks for all the recent help. Would anyone know if the pillar trims can be removed from the 2008 focus for painting. I tried vinyl wrap but it won't stick to the dimpled surface. Cheers
  13. HID conversion kit

    Loads of info guys, it was a big help, thanks
  14. HID conversion kit

    Still haven't found the bulb upgrade thread, any ideas?
  15. HID conversion kit

    Thanks for all the info, it seems a good quality white bulb is a bit like the holy grail. I'll have to keep searching.