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  1. Thanks again for the help Clive. I'm not too familiar with how this works so apologies in advance if its messed up or in the wrong section. To replace the ignition switch (not the cylinder) which was worn and bringing up warning lights and messing with the stereo, I extended the steering column fully out and up. Then removed the audio stalk by pushing in a pin at the rear of the stalk and pulling gently then disconnected the wiring. Then I removed the trim underneath the steering column one screw on the right where the diagnostic scanner plugs in, and two on the column. Then I turned the steering wheel until the clips for the trim were visible and opened them with a flat head screwdriver. The ignition switch wiring is then unplugged the housing has two tabs and comes out easily. Hopes this helps someone
  2. Cheers, I will try this today 👍
  3. Thanks Clive, I've removed them both and the top cover as well, still no good. I don't want to force it too much. I wonder if the audio stalk has to be removed? Cheers
  4. Hi all, I need to fit a new ignition switch (not the barrel). I have stripped most of the trim but cant seem to to pry the housing away from the spot under the stereo remote control stalk. I can see the ignition switch just inside the housing where i removed the top section, any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  5. Ya Ian I think this is one for a pro, I've done some wiring and soldering but its a good thing to know your limits. Cheers 👍
  6. Thanks Ian I ran the scan every thing seems OK but i don't know what i'm looking for , My mechanic recons I need a dash cluster overhaul 190 euros and he hasn't even seen it . I'll go to a guy with a scanner tomorrow Thanks for your help
  7. Hi, I'm looking for help with a dash problem. With the last 3 days when starting my 08 focus (petrol engine) the arrow up light (maximum engine rpm light) and the engine light (both on the dash) remain on for about 30 seconds after the car starts and then go out. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the car its running fine. When turning on the dims they won't activate until the two dash lights go out. I disconnected the battery for about 10 mins to reset the system but the problem still remains. Any help would be much appreciated thanks.
  8. Cheers Stephen, I have the trim covers and fogs already fitted (my profile pic shows them after I painted them). Thanks again for your help, much appreciated.
  9. Thanks for the info and pics, the halo/fog looks super, nice job with the install ,would you have a link for the lights and switches please. Thanks
  10. Cheers, Mine is the pre-facelift and the fog trim is not a complete circle so its not an option. Thanks for your reply👍
  11. Great info Thanks for your help
  12. The combined fog/drl looks great, Thanks for the info
  13. Hi all,I am looking for a pure white H11 foglight bulb set for my Mk2 Focus 08( pre-facelift), also wondering has anyone fitted drl's to a 08 focus, the wiring is no problem just cant find a good place to put them. Thanks in advance 👍
  14. Hi All,Just wondering if its possible to remove the Front bumper apron (pre-facelift 08 focus) without removing the whole front bumper.Thanks
  15. Cheers Lenny, sounds cool I'll look them up