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  1. Mine will be two years old in February, but next week will have 50k miles (I'm a super commuter as they say). For what it's worth....this Ecoboost car is the best car I've owned, not just the best Focus I've owned (of which I've owned 5). For my type of driving the relatively modest power isn't an issue, and I've been able to be in the high 40s for MPG and even broke 50 MPG in two tanks this summer (in America the EPA rating is 30/40). It's quiet and well behaved, and has all the normal Focus traits we all love in abundance. Now my best friend has a white 2017 himself largely as a consequence of mine. In the US it's harder to find manual cars, and when you do find them on lots with the heavy rebates like I did you rarely get much of a choice in color. I'd have preferred a white, red, or blue candy hatch but ended up with a magnetic gray sedan which looks upscale and handsome, but that's my only real issue. Also the manual cars are all minimal spec, and now you can't even get the appearance package without the auto. I'd have also really liked Sync3 and the touchscreen and heated seats and LED DRLs, but what can ya do?
  2. Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    So jealous of all the estates!
  3. Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost Mpg

    Just under 23k on mine now and now that we're back in winter gas it won't be great, but in a mix of 80% freeway (with a lot of tedious stop and go) and 20% city I hand-calculate average about 43 mpg. I really have to drive it carefully, I don't think it's a car you can drive without thought and extract mileage really any better than the 2.0 TiVCT most US Foci get.
  4. My Candy Red Focus Titanium

    Congrats, beautiful car.
  5. Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    I think the sedan is definitely handsome, and especially the dark Titanium cars that have the 17" multi spoke Titanium wheels and chrome upper roof/door surrounds, just so upscale. That being said if I had my choice I'd have a wagon which, unfortunately as mentioned, is unavailable to North America. :( I also completely agree with you on the lighting. They did similar things on the mk1 Focus I had when it first came out, took all the amber out and generally just made the NA lighting much worse than on the EU models. Tuners here paid big money for EU market lighting. Matthew, whew, that car looks amazing. I love that color! Also not available to North America.
  6. Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    Thank you my friend! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!
  7. Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    I also prefer the hexagonal grille to the chrome slatted one, by quite a bit actually. Few more pics after detail day.
  8. Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    So jealous, wish the wagon was offered in America. That's what I'd have, with the same 1.0 and 6 speed manual my sedan has. Loving this one though, a 2016 SE sedan in magnetic gray. Really enjoy driving this car....really the ultimate commuter for my 104mi a day round trip.
  9. Show Us Your Mk3

    Only way to have a Focus IMO. Hard to find, relatively speaking, here.
  10. Show Us Your Mk3

    Hello from the US!