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  1. Could someone please let me know what wires i tap into to add a footwell kit i bought from Autobeam?
  2. Can anyone please help me? I'm desperate to get these working for my wife. Tia
  3. Surely the drls shouldn't just be on when I connect to positive? I was simply test fitting one side.... I must be doing something wrong right?
  4. Hi, it's me again! I have tried wiring one unit in this afternoon to see if I have the right fuse slot. I tried the fuel pump slot and one or 2 others. The drl slot actually has contacts! The new drl just stays on, even with the ignition off! Can I please have some more help? Tia.
  5. I'm using a cable from tunnelrat along with a licensed copy of forscan. There are no issues with how the car behaves. The eml just keeps coming back on each week after a reset. I did a pcm reset today, so I'll see what happens. I'm just at a loss.
  6. Unfortunately, the light just stays on. I have to reset it in forscan. Is there something wrong with the pcm then?
  7. So why would it be throwing up the eml? There must be something doing it surely? The car runs fine, it's just bugging me.
  8. Can anyone please she'd some light on this message?
  9. It's the airbag wiring complete then? Does it just need a switch please? Will it need activating in forscan?
  10. Hi guys, does anyone know what this wiring is for please
  11. Hi guys, would a short on the earth on a taillight cause the mil to come on please? I've noticed a short to earth on the o/s taillight. I fitted different bulb holders years ago to retain the old autobeam bulbs i had on an old mk2. I noticed this happened once before when the light on the n's was doing the same thing. Foot on brake, sidelight indicator comes up on dash. Its been reset Mentioned something about low voltage too. Tia, Simon.
  12. I would change the leads and coil pack
  13. Can I please have some help with my wife's mk7? The boot wont open and I've just changed the switch. It's just clicking either on the fob or by the boot switch. Has the latch gone please?
  14. I have a noco gb20. I've used it a couple of times. It seems good.
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