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  1. Hi, I've recently bought this How big of a job is the front please?
  2. I fitted one of those a year ago and it seems good.
  3. Could be the heater matrix. The pollen filter is inside, under the dash. You can access it from the passenger footwell.
  4. Christ, I only paid £100 to fix my nsf.
  5. Bearings changed, noise gone 😃
  6. Are you changing your bulbs?
  7. No, I would not be doing it myself, I don't have the knowledge, skills or equipment. Why would it be a waste? I'm after a powerful sleeper with around 300bhp.
  8. Has anyone ever put an RS engine in another mk2? If so, is it an easy conversion? Can the Revoknuckle suspension mount onto a non RS model? Would that involve using RS aftermarket suspension or would other non RS coilovers still fit? Thanks, Simon.
  9. Hi guys, i am getting together some new speakers for my 2010 focus and need to know if these are the correct speaker adaptors please?
  10. So does that mean I can't change it?
  11. I have the 1.6 Ti-VCT. I think it's just hydraulic, though I could be wrong. I was just wondering if it could be improved?
  12. Hi, are all the MK2/2.5 racks the same or do the st/rs have quicker ones?
  13. It sounds like near the front of the car. It does get a bit noisier at higher speeds, say 60mph but it doesn't get any louder than that again, not that i go above 75-80mph. Bearings maybe?
  14. Hi guys, i've noticed a new noise recently while driving along. It sounds like a droning noise. The exhaust doesn't seem overly loud at idle so i don't think its a blowing exhaust. Any help is much appreciated.