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  1. Hi, she did it a little on the drive home from work today. I haven't put any cleaner through for about a week now.
  2. Hi, I used about half a bottle.
  3. I've started to have some very random hesitancy while holding a steady throttle. It started about two weeks ago. It doesn't happen on every drive. Could it have anything to do with the fact I've used a bottle of redex recently? Yesterday, I put my foot down and she hesitated quite noticeable. I ran forscan earlier just out of unrest and there were no codes. I changed the plugs last year and the coil and leads about two weeks ago. It feels like I've lightly tapped the brake with my left foot. Can anyone shed any light please?
  4. Bugger! I thought I'd found some decent brakes then! As regards wheels, these are listed as suitable for the RS. What size spacers would I have to buy?"-bola-b10-gloss-black
  5. Thank you so much for all the information. I came across these on eBay yesterday, would these be suitable please?
  6. Hi guys, his time for a new belt as she's on 94xxxmls. Is this a good brand of kit please?
  7. So what offset should I be getting? These are only 1" bigger than my std zs wheels anyway.
  8. We'll these are the wheels I want. Will these still be suitable?|parentrq%3A0aedbdbf16b0ac8938b5c060fff95940|iid%3A1
  9. If I buy wheels to fit my current setup, will they still fit afterwards?
  10. I would really appreciate some help figuring some information please guys. Are the hubs completely different on the RS? Will I be able to change my wheels, brakes and suspension now and have them still fit when I have the engine changed please?
  11. Could someone please help with wheel offset etc?
  12. I think it's coming off because the surface wasn't prepared properly.
  13. Thanks, I just thought I'd double check before I order.
  14. Hi guys , just wondering if this is the correct fitment for a 2010 model please? The listing says it doesn't fit the Ti variant ?! Thanks.
  15. Thank you for the kind information.